That Unknown Girl and Dream within a Dream

true story of a Dream I can’t forget

I was being Chased by my Ex girlfriend for no reason and suddenly I woke up from the dream. i was not able to move my hand,unable to speak , had no perception of body, thought i m dead but my brain was alive, i looked at the clock at my side table, it was “12:30 in the daytime. i fell asleep again.
after having a blur dream i don’t remember I woke up from the dream again and checked the clock, it was 10:00 in the morning, I started wondering…
“ 1 hour ago this clock was 12:30pm and now it’s showing 10:00am, how is that possible ? ”
Assuming that last time i woke up within a dream i fell asleep again thinking i will wakeup after one hour from the, Sets the alarm at 11:00am.
2 minutes later i fell Sleep and the Fantasy started.

Dream started… i m in an unknown valley and there was a war going on between two territory.
Bloods,Darkness and Screaming everywhere, no sign of Light, like there was no god in sky.
An Old man approached and yelled at me, Boy what are you doing here? run and leave this valley right now if you want to live your life.
With a Scary Consciousness, I wasn’t aware wtf is happening, I listened to that Old man and left the valley, started running running running continuously in an aim that i will never stop until i see the light. I don’t know what happened next but i woke up from that scary dream and got a feeling that there’s a girl sleeping next to me, i again started wondering….
am i still dreaming? girl was so beautiful with a breezy smell and big boobs that she influenced me in seconds, i thought its a dream right? so let’s play with her —thought in a naughty mind
and i started playing with her body , she suddenly awakened like snake and kissed me on my lips, as soon as she kissed me i lost my consciousness (awareness) and felt like i m entering in a state of comma, i don’t remember what happened next but what i remember is there was a mark near her right boob.
Next dream happened within the state of comma and dream continued from the running for light, I ended up in a valley , I saw light for the first time , people of that valley were good , but there was no sign of Women or Girl, only Men everywhere.
I was hungry and decided to take a job and get settled in this valley, i approached a store for job, the only store in the valley, it was a book store and an Old man was store keeping, this same old man whom i met in previous valley,
I asked “ have we met before? “ he started laughing and said “I never left this valley, what are you doing here? we never saw you before? “
“I left my home, i am alone, i am starving, i need a job” — i said with a sad facial expression
“You seems to be a good guy, there’s a job of salesman available and you can sleep in this store at the night” —the old man said.
The old man gave me food, I was feeling so happy and started eating the food like i was hungry for years.
After working in the store entire day, closed the store from inside and went to the bed on the floor , in asleep mode, i felt that someone is kissing me on my lips, i become aware that it’s a girl, she was kissing me madly and i started enjoying, next moment did put me in wondering mode when i came to know that she also had a mark on her right boob.
wtf? i started feeling like i have met this girl before. i was already arousing and the moment went beyond sex, after that she said “ Thank you, I love you” and she left the bed,

I woke up from the dream wondering about this strange dream and checked the clock (as usual), it was 10.30, I checked my mobile if there’s any WhatsApp msg, There was a msg of my Ex Girlfriend, saying
“ I am sorry Arshalan, i hurt-ed you, I miss you”
(she used to call me Arshalan), I thought she is in a trouble, i replied, “u OK?”.
i fell asleep again, thinking that alarm will wake me up at 11:00.
After 30 min alarm started ringing and i woke up checkin the phone,
I was Browsing Gallery of my phone and noticed that there’s a video of all the dreams happened last night; this didn’t made me wonder , i don’t even realised that i m still in a dream.
I called my friends saying , hey guys i want to show you video of the amazing dream i saw last night, they took my phone and started watching the video, after 3 minutes, they became bore and asked me “dude, where’s the sex scene ?”
“WTF ? how do you know i had a dream of sex ? “ —i said,
“We know everything…hahaha” —they said and left the room laughing.

I was feeling lazy to wakeup, i again set the alarm at 12:00pm and
I fell asleep again and had a dream that i am in a computer lab , my phone was connected to the computer , like i was copying something from the phone,
Next moment i was trying to figure out Where did that sex scene go?
Suddenly a group of girl came and started laughing and screaming in fun, while looking at me,
this altered my focus and made me uncomfortable ,
“What are you doing with my computer ?” —one of the girl asked me, when i looked her closely, i got a strange feeling that we have met before,
“Have we meet before? “ —i asked.
“No, i never saw u before” — She said.
“Do you have any mark near your right boob?” —i asked without thinking anything.
“WTF? how do u know? , who are you man? and what the fuck what are you doing with my computer? who allowed you to enter in this lab ?”
“I don’t know how did i came here” — i said
“Get lost, and we should never see you again in this lab” —they said.

I left the lab feeling insulted, what happened next i don’t remember.
I woke up from the Dream, sweats were everywhere on my body, electricity was gone.
My heartbeat was beating very faster and i was having a strange feeling , my mind was blank.
I checked the clock and it was “8:00am” in the morning.
“How is that possible?, wtf is happening? am i still in a dream? will i ever woke up in reality? have i lost in the dream? is this reality or dream?” —i started wondering, this made me both confused and scared, to confirm this i pinched my hand i felt pain,
it’s Reality —I Confirmed
I checked the Alarm history, there was no alarm set at 11:00am not even at 12:00,
I checked my WhatsApp , there was no msg of my Ex.
I checked my Gallery, There was no recorded Dreams.

I was Dreaming within a dream and i wakeup 4 times within a dream, having awareness that i am dreaming within a dream. this made me feel good, and my mind was clean and active like never before.

What was the meaning of this dream?
Please write your views on this

Ha ha! That was a treat to read…thanks Mohatirbin. Totally crazy dream…all those false awakenings :happy: It must have been an interesting feeling to actually wake up from that one!

I’m not going to attempt to tell the meaning of it though. Mainly because I don’t know what it means for you. I know what it would mean for me, maybe…but that’s not the same. I think the meaning might be different for each person dreaming this dream.

What do you think the meaning was?

I don’t wanna sound blunt but dreams usually can be like that and that’s what makes them awesome and irreplaceable to us who can appreciate them for what they are.

Like glypheye said, saying what it meant wouldn’t have to much effect because you lived the dream, we only read it, you went through physical and emotional change while in the dream and only you can say what it meant.

When the dream is intense like when you were in the middle of the fight we usually aren’t calm enough to question the state in which we are so when we are in a dream like that it’s not strange that you didn’t figure that you were dreaming, happens to me all the time, but when the action comes down rational mind strikes in and I can figure that I’m in a dream. Of course if you “lose” the dream before that you always have a chance again because of the FA or chaining technique.

Same goes for sexual dreams or any other dreams where emotion(strong emotion) is involved. Extreme happiness, fear, anxiety, arousal and so on are main reasons of not realizing that we are in a dream because emotion drives the dream…

Good luck in the future though! :content:

Is it not a DC?

I have a DC too but it was started as a white wolf. She was chasing me but when I got trapped, I fought her and defeated her. Then when I’m about to finish her, she transform into a very beautiful lady. The weird thing is that I can’t control her in my dreams. She ask me to follow but my body can’t say no.

Weird but she keep showing in my dreams often.

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False awakenings. They’re a thing. Very annoying.

They truly feel like you’ve actually woken up, and there’s not much to enforce otherwise. They are nearly impossible to tell from realilty as the vividness and sometimes even accuracy of things around you is completely on the ball.