Thats so annoying!!!!

Ok I have to vent on a dream pet peeve I have. For some odd reason whenever I have dreams I lose my ability to look up. It is one of the most annoying things because sometimes I really wanna look up and see the sky but I cant. Its not a constant thing it really depends on the dream but man is it annoying when i does happen.

Anyway has anybody ever had a problem similar to this? While Im at it go ahead and post here if you have any dream pet peeves of your own.

So this is just in non-lucid dreams? That’s interesting. As far as my own pet peeves, I guess sometimes I can barely open my eyes and so I walk around like a zombie for a long time. I also hate it when I can’t fly in my lds and end up falling down and scraping and cutting myself (and it definitiely hurts). I hate it when people morph into others while I’m talking to them and I hate dream characters that won’t give me the time of day. Other than those “minor” things that don’t drive me that crazy, I love dreaming. Before I go to sleep each night I think about how some new and different scenario is going to be a part of my frame of reference by morning. Dreams are so great. I love my sub-c.

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whoa you can actually get hurt during LD’s??

You can experience pain in LD’s, but you can’t suffer any kind of harm after the dream is over.

what does LD stand for?

… oh… my… GOD…

PLEASE tell me that was a bad joke.

Please, oh dear god please, tell me that you’re joking.

I mean, who comes onto and registers at ONLY to ask what LD means :eh:.

But… in case you were joke (ie. you are thick), it means lucid dream.

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If you notice words with dotted lines underneath them like this _ _ _ _ _

You can hover your mouse over top of them to get a description of the acronym. I hope this helps! :happy:

This is the Intro section!

… by the way, Intro stands for Introduction :lol:

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Ok, I have two things to say. First, about pain. Actually, I have felt myself running around or something (it was a while back) and when I woke up, my head hurt. I figured I bumped it on the edge of my bed. However, for some reason I didn’t think I did, I thought it was all in my head. Then I read something similar on this site, except it involved hands instead of arms. A false pain, in which the source is not experienced in your dream or in real life…weird. It also makes you think, what happens if you hold your breath in a dream? Or somehow trigger a real heart-attack or something…scary.

Second, what makes you so special DreamAddict? haha. You have more stars then any moderator, or even the owner.

Um, Poultry King, the most likely explanation is that for some reason you got a headache (or similar) and this was translated into some painful experience in a dream. Like knocking in RL turning into a hammer, or bedwetting turning into a swimming pool.

Actaully I have one that was even wierder. Before I knew about LDing I would have a ND where I could control my actions to a slight extent and I would dream i had magic powers. Well in one of them I was having a magic fight with some guy in his fortress when I went to throw a fireball at him. My concious for some odd reason gave out right as I was about to and th flame fell onto my hand and began to burn it right as the fortress alarms went off. Well the fortress alarm was really my alarm clock and i was pulled back pretty quick to reality but I sware I could still feel a slight singe where the fireball had fallen for about 30secs after I awoke.