The 11th lucidity challenge winner: Tundra


Il join if theres still space

there still should be spaces left, I’ll join too and now you can start the challenge ebil shrimp :smile:

Hooray! I’ll get my dreaming cap on!

:peek: :content: Let the games begin huh, nothing like a challange to get me motivated.


I reckon I might as well join… Might help get me dreaming.

EDIT: Also, I agree, ES… The cake is a lie.

I’ll keep reminding Dream Lucid of that fact at school. (yes, I know him IRL)

you of all people should know that the cake is not a lie theres even a cut scene at the end showing you the cake and companion cube! :tongue: :tongue:

sighs oh dear gosh, this should certainly be a very interesting challenge…

now because HB and Magnus joined there will be 11 members,
so lets get this on!

The first challenge-City of Angels?
in this task you will try and get to LA in any way possible except by car foot train or aeroplane.
if you get there by flying, 20 points
if you go by boat, (yes i left it purposefully) 10 points
if you see an angel 15 points
OMG if it’s inhabited by demons instead 20 points!
bonus points
if theres a war betwwen angels and demons 30 points
if you get lucid 10 points

you have until saturday 12pm GMT or points may not be count (lolz) just kiddin
good luck every body

Cool! Sounds very interesting…

Wish us luck! (I think I’m going to need it!!)

Sounds interesting though you missed out a very important little detail. It’s the 11th LUCIDITY challenge. That means that you only get points if you complete the quest while LUCID :wink:

nope, that’s wrong, you get points even if you don’t do it while lucid, but if you do it while lucid you get extra points for the lucidity.
Ps. Look at the 10 previous challenges :wink:

success, I got really lucky I guess :tongue: what do i have to do now?


Do you mean LA as in the city in America?

i think he does!
i kinda had a dream about that once before but i got a car :eh:

You need to post your dream, so ES can tally up points.

I dreamed of travel, guess i’m starting to get close.

What, LA?
Not easy if you live in Belgium, looool!