the "art style" of dreams

I notice in my dreams, that the world around me isn’t always as it is in RL. Sometimes I see the world in different art styles. Sometimes the people around me are “animated” and the backgrounds look like paintings or drawings.
Do other people have this? I’m myself do a lot of drawing and watch a lot of animations, so perhaps this is it.

I don’t… My dreams usually look like real life, but somewhat more intense.

But for sure there is a common sense that dreams are more “artsy”. For a good example you could watch the movie Waking Life.

This happens to me all the time-- it’s a running theme that my dreams are animated, especially the people in them, like cartoons.

Not surprising considering how much I draw cartoons and basically breathe animation.
I think it’s real neat.

it used to happen to me sometimes when i was younger, i used to draw a lot, draw comics too. those dreams were pretty cool.
doesn’t happen anymore though, i don’t draw as much.

Cool…, You could use that as a dreamsign! :rc:

I sometimes have animated dreams. The reason I don’t reality check is because I’m actually watching tv in the dream.

I only tend to have animated dreams on occassion. More often than not my dreams will take on the art style of one of the many video games I may be playing at the time.