The BIG Cat Lover & Dog Lover Topic II

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14 Days Old
The grey ones eyes opened first, at about 7 days, the white one opened them at about 12 days. The white one still has one ear folded over…awww!
LoL…I still can’t decide whether they are male/female for sure. :eh:


!!! :happy: SUPER CUTE! Haha. Great pics!

Neo crys that he cant have a cat

P.S. This makes 50 posts…

Ahh! The little grey one looks so cute with his? eyes open. It looks like he’s experimenting at washing his paw! You will have to post one of the white kitten with the eyes open. Is mum still camera shy? :wiske:

They are cute!

On tv in Australia there was an IQ test, testing the whole country (it was very popular for the second year running-highest rated tv show for the whole first year, but it was optional) And when it was done they look at the average scores of the owners of dogs compared to cat owners. There was a difference but there could have been cheating as people sat next to each other. But anyway i’m sure you want to find out who is smarter. That’s why i’ll tell you later.

Just kidding, it was the dog owners who got a higher average, but only by 1 or 2 points. Oh and by the way people who prefered neither a cat nor a dog had an even higher average!

They also compared things like different professions and male vs female. Quite entertaining.

Maybe this is lame but I love them both for their respective prperties and personalities. Dogs have their plusses but so do cats. They’re both sweet animals.

Alex, I’m not sure what you think you were watching, but the National IQ test that was on last week in Australia had cat owners 1 point above dog owners (110 and 109 respectively). :smile:

oh, maybe i was wrong about that but i’m pretty sure that the neither category was higher.

Check the results here:


Aww how cute! I love those kitties! I wish I could have them all! I can’t… :sad: It’s banned to have an animal in apartment. Oh well.

Cute anyways. :content:

Trouble lived upto his name at the weekend. We were all in the kitchen when there was a crash in the living room…then we heard a cat galloping upstairs and a lot of thuds and clanks! :eh:
I went upstairs after him…he was trailing a playstation controller after him, which he managed to lose in the bedroom by jumping up onto a piece of furniture.
Apparently, he had walked through a loop of the lead, which then pulled tight. The cord was pulled out of the console and a clock knocked onto the floor.

I hate to think how the christmas tree is going to fare this year! :tongue:

The cat at my place knocked ours over last year and looks set to do it again, climbing half-way up the wall to grab a bit of tinsel.

It did get knocked down the other year…and some mornings you find a bauble on the floor that one of them has been playing with overnight! That’s why we don’t use electric lights on the tree.

They know to wait still everyone is in bed. :happy:

Hello RF. I was just wondering about your cats. Did you find them both good homes or did you end up increasing your little cat population?

I love both, especially cats. I have a brown tabby called Tigg. She talks, actually she moans constantly lol.
My favourite type of dogs are Boxers.


I will take some piccies of them later in the week and update my links.

The little white one has slightly changed colour. She has pale grey paws, tail, face and ears. She also has a grey stripe down her backbone and very pale grey tiger stripes on her lower legs. She shows off her long snakelike tail by wagging it at every chance she gets. Her personality is fantastic. She has attitude. She doesn’t like being picked up, probably because she is so hyperactive and wriggles around so much. Her eyes have changed to a very pale blue, almost white in certain light. She folds her ears back and looks totally evil. I think she is part elf!
I named her Cy / Sigh / Psi …lol, I’m unsure how to spell it, but you get the idea.

Her sister is the cuddly one. She loves being stroked and picked up. I named her PK. Her eyes have turned into a lovely golden yellow colour, it was nice to look into her eyes each day to see what colour they were during the change from blue to yellow. She looks the exact copy of her father (who still prowls around occasionally, even though we got Tricksy spayed). Her coat colour is still silvery grey. She is shy but playful. I love her tummy, she has a fluffly little paunch, her coat is short, like her sisters but is very soft and kitten-like still.

Tricksy was spayed 2 weeks ago. The vet warned me that ‘siamese types’ tend to rip out their stitches, so to keep an eye on her. So what does she do the minute she gets home?
I had to spray her with a water bottle to stop her going near the stitches, they had given her a pain killer so I guess it didn’t hurt to rip at them. Ouch! I woke up the next morning and she had one left!! The wound was still closed so I just left it be. She ripped the last one out that day. When the kitties were old enough to play, she would always be really rough with them. So now, the three of them go into attack mode, stalk each other and make a heck of a racket running around the house.

They brought a baby brown snake into the house this morning! :eek:

Piccies to come soon!

They brought a baby brown snake into the house this morning!
Was it still alive? I thought worms were bad enough! Mine have all brought earthworms into the house to “play with them”. Cleo even brought a LIVE mouse in once…I thought cats were supposed to keep houses clear of mice, not bring them in!
I’m looking forward to the new photos. :smile:

eathworms :no:
My cat, Tigg catches lots of mice during summer and leaves them on the doorstep (only one at a time thank goodness :tongue: ) She’s never actually brought us a live one though. It’s a shame, they look so sweet.

I have a list of victims of my kitties hunting instincts:
Very rare to have them bring in any of these guys…
Snakes (Yesterday was the first time I have seen any of my cats silly enough to catch a snake! I suspect it was the mother that caught this one and brought it in to show the little ones.)
Lizards - big and small
Rats - at least I hope they were rats!

These guys get caught and played with almost daily…
The little ones even chase flies…LoL

I haven’t seen them catch one yet, but their enthusiasm is never ending.


Come on, haven’t you ever eaten take-away before?

I’m sure she was just bored and looking for a little excitement.

I think what happened was…it was the first time she had caught one and didn’t know what to do afterwards! She must have brought it in to get help from the other cats. :eh: The trouble with the earth worms is that my daughter has a phobia about them because when she was younger some boys in her year at junior school threw earth worms near her.