The BIG Fav thing to do in a LD Topic - Part III

This is actually pretty hard to me to answer, because I do cool stuff in my normal dreams all the time! I’m really not sure what I’d do differently in a lucid dream - I’m happy with things the way they are already. :content:

The only thing I can think of is to revisit some of my past dreams, because I really miss them and they never come back a second time. :sad:

Things I want to do in a LD… Hmmm…

  1. Walk into the ocean and be able to control the water. As in make streams of water fly around.
  2. Do same with fire.
  3. Jump into a mirror.
  4. Look at the sky. Make sky wierd
  5. Solve all the worlds issues. Get big parade.
  6. Break into a graveyard armed with a lot of grenades. Kill zombies.
  7. Nuke something. For no particular reason.
  8. Create a stargate, and go through.
  9. Morph. Morph a lot.
  10. Sex.
  11. Jump off really freaking tall building (heard it was a bit of a buzz).
  12. Fly.
  13. Own a pokemon. (Props to Ivanthecat for a cool idea)
  14. Get into a fight with a 40 foot tall jelly Joe Frasier. Bite his ear off.

Thats all I can think of off the top of my head. Somehow I think that accomplishing 5 is gonna need me to also do 7 and 14 too.

Lately I’ve been hooked on the thought of beein in ancient Rome, or some other place/time in history…

My recall and LDs have gone down the last couple of weeks though… so we’ll see.

it’s all about the rush.
jumping off of tall buildings , running across walls.
my ld symbol is when bam margera shows up in my dreams .
so alot of my ld’s are extreme cky with the west chester crew.
(feels good to be back)

when I start LDing i would like to…

  • eat cookies and sweets and stuff…
  • look at myself in different hairstyles :spinning:P)
  • pick up my friends
  • transform to a fish and swim into a coral reef
  • meet a spirital guide
  • make my voice beautiful and sing

Here is my checklist of things I need to try and do in lucid dreams.

  1. flying - attempted and done. Even with my own style, truely awsome.
  2. Create a dreamgirl - attempted and failed.
  3. Run impossibly fast- not attempted yet
  4. Ask DCs about myself, to see what my subconcious thinks of me - not attempted yet
  5. controll terrain, be able to make the ground im standing on raise me into the air, or create golems or somethin - not attempted
  6. Go into my TV - attempted and succeded, however it cuased me to lose lucidity.
  7. conjure up various objects - not attempted yet, I keep forgetting to do it in my dreams
  8. Be a rock star in concert, who wouldnt wanna do this - not attempted yet
  9. Relive stress, throw people I dont like through walls and stuff- not attempted yet
  10. ask my subconcions questions that I cannot decide the answer to. Ex. Im trying to decide if I should change schools next year. Im seriously considering it but i just dunno If i rally wanna leave my friends behind. I would be able to get my subconcious opinon of the situation - not attempted but will be as soon as I get “create dreamgirl” working.

I have a big list :cool_laugh:
for example:

  1. jump off a skyscraper (I’ll do it tonight)
    2)go to an amusement park and take the wildest ride there is
    3)see my worst fear
    4)meet my spirit guide, see my past life
    5)freeze time and live in my dream castle
    6)create some DC’s.
    7)sex :content:

those are the things I’m planning to do in the next LD’s

This is stuff I did already…

  1. Opening a locked door.
  2. Changing the color of the walls from white to purple.
  3. Moved objects out of the way by waving my hand at it (this was a LD in my apartment and I thought I was awake until the stuff really moved lol).

Stuff I want to do…

  1. Fly.
  2. Speak with my spirit guide.
  3. Visit with friends and family who have crossed over.
  4. Travel through space.
  5. Visit the cities in the Hollow Earth.
  6. Play the piano.
  7. Visit the Otherside/Heaven.
  8. Visit with my soulmate on the Otherside.
  9. Meet up with some friends and have a party and just do some really wild stuff together.
  10. Have dream sex (who wouldn’t right? lol).
  11. Fly a spaceship.

There is more but this is a good enough list for now.

So what i wanna do :

  1. fly into space, maybe to another planet
  2. meet the “part-of-myself-that-knows-evreything-about everything” and ask him plenty of questions
  3. I tried sex once, but it didn’t work out… :sad: , so try again and succeed…
  4. teleportation
  5. sing perfectly “mary Jane” in front of 2millions persons…lol

I want to interview some DCs and work on pausing time (stopping the stuff that’s going on around me).

I would like to visit my spirit guide in a relaxed environment. My mind will decide the place. There will be chairs for us to sit and lounge upon. Then as we smoke and make impressive visions with the smoke, we will talk about all the things in the world and enjoy that moment.

I like to be rich in my LD’s. like go into a huge mansion, have it be mine, dress eleganly, have a fine party with a piano player… then that gets lame and I fly out the window and into the sea, swim down into the abyss to see what is there, something like that, or better; explore space…launch off in a rocket and be an astronaut.
But sometimes I can have a thrill of a time just staring at a leaf in a forest. Just Knowing that I am lucid in a dream is one of my favorite things. :content:

The first thing i’ll try doing when i get my first ld that lasts longer than… my past ld’s (2secs :/)will probably be flying or running at the speed of sound :smile:
It would also be cool to be in some of my favourite movies, but one fo the coolest things would be to have superpowers like in DBZ >:]
Ah, and i would make a copy of myself and have conversations with myself, asking crazy stuff like why i dont get ld’s very often :razz:
…but that will be once i get a “real LD”…

I havn’t really vividly remembered my lucid dreams much yet, but the most fun thing to do is become Jonathan (without the initial depression…), and go to Mythica, the Great Continent of the Sky!

Becoming a writer (even if you completely rely on spell-check) can definately have an upside!

From the few LD’s I hace, I aleady know what I like to do best: Telekinesis.

It’s so fun to move things with your mind, especially when you get into a fight in your dreams. You could just push any attacker away telekinetically. Its also fun to do it with everyday stuff like just opening doors and the like.

I hope to (haven’t yet had a LD… I get to about 20 or so using the WILD counting method before I drift off):

  1. Take form of Clark Kent (superman) and reveal to chloe and lana the real CK (if you watch smallville, you know what I’m talking about… and kick some badguy arse at the same time).
  2. Fly.
  3. Sex.
  4. Go Dragon Ball Z style and shoot a few kameha-me-ha beams and stuff.
  5. Run around the world in under a minute (and across the oceans).
  6. “I know jujitsu” - go all crazy on a group of 50 agent smith programs.
  7. Pyrokenesis (and other things you can do in Psi Ops).
  8. Find my inner self to really figure out what I like (no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get to the center of what I desire most).
  9. Explore stuff.
  10. Do random stuff in a crowd of people and show off and such…

Oh, one last thing. Split water, Moses style.

What I did:

  1. Dream sex.
  2. Fly.
  3. X-ray glasses.
  4. Telekinesis.
  5. Change my sex to female.

What I want to do:

  1. Create a nice place where i can go whenever i get lucid.
  2. Talk to DCs and ask them questions.
  3. Make rain (i already did that in a ND).
  4. Do some Matrix stuff.

Don’t know if this has been mentioned before: let yourself be lifted into the air by a tornado

They mentioned meditating in another topic, and it sounds really incredible. It’s definetively on my to-do-list, once I gain some lucidity again…

I haven’t had a LD yet, so this is a list of stuff I’d like to do when I’ll manage to LD successfully:

  • Magic: I will destroy everything
  • Sex: c’mon, in LDs you can do everything, why not giving it a shot? Let’s rock baby! :razz:
  • Transform: into something big and bad to:
  • Fight: thousands of enemies for my D-D-D pleasure. It will also be a good anger-releasing exercise. :cool_laugh:
  • Explore: space and other worlds
  • Fly: I’m afraid of heights so I’ll try to get rid of it this way
  • Act in movies: yes, from the Lord Of The Rings to Star Wars and any other fighting-related movie
  • Simulate RPG-style battles: turns only, no ATB :wink:
  • Explore the dark recesses of my mind
  • Confront my fears: dreaming of stuff I’m afraid of and owning it
  • Annihilating the people I hate: do I need to explain? :happy: