The BIG Fav thing to do in a LD Topic - Part IV

…doing this in my Lucid dreams always end up with intresting results … :content: …last time I tried it they said I was the fake one :eh:


Though–I prefer a machete to a knife–or a shashmir :wink:

And, I prefer to eat them whole whilst still being my normal-self–it seems for funny :content:

Can you tell me one person who doesn’t like sex in LDs :smile:

TAG in LDs! You’ve done it, too!? :happy: How does your method work? I like to play tag with power-advantages or melee weapons–I did the hide-n-seek thing, too–that was weird :bored: All those staircases and infinite doors and hiding spots…:eek:

Breathing fire is cool :yes:

I prefer to mess with DCs–but telling them how much more I know that it’s a dream than they do is cool, too! :ok:

  1. sex
  2. be in a scene from the matrix
  3. sex
  4. go to outer space, travel the universe
  5. sex
  6. play a game of one on one against Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant
  7. play in the NFL and NBA
  8. Box against Mike Tyson
  9. sex
  10. sex
  11. sex
  12. sex
  13. fly
  14. sex

My mind’s so clean. :razz:

Okay–that’s one :content:

LD showdowns!!

linked to huge image instead of having it show directly :truit: Huey

I keep a list of my “LD accomplishments wishlist” at the back of my notebook. Everytime I do something, I “check” it in a box.

My list is:

  1. Fly (done).
  2. Meet Snape (done).
  3. Go to Hogwarts (done).
  4. Do awesome skateboarding tricks.
  5. Ice-skate around everything, “loop” the bridges.
  6. Become a vampire and bite someone.
  7. Have Trent Reznor and Maynard Keenan perform for me.
  8. Hang out with Trent Reznor (done).
  9. Hang out with Maynard Keenan.
  10. Meet Richard Ramirez.
  11. Paint the sky.
  12. Morph into an animal.
  13. Morph into a man (I’m a girl lol).
  14. Visit one of my teachers on his free time (done).
  15. Drink a good-luck potion before waking up.
  16. Drink an “ability to LD potion”.
  17. Fly a dragon.
  18. Walk through a mirror.
  19. Materialize something out of thin air.
  20. Visit an “adventure park” I saw in my dream last night… (it was beautiful, with these mountains, cliffs and huge waterfalls, located in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by mist, and full of challenges)!

I almost did the vampire one, but for some reason I thought the person I was going to bite was going to scream… and I really didn’t want him to scream, cause it would bother me lol.

Dream on. // Olesia

More recently:

Freaking out the DCs by doing something crazy like drinking Uranium :good:

That was awesome! I totally freaked out my DC-biology teacher by drinking Uranium-laced water :lol:

Watching them freak out is the best! :thumbs:

Oooh that sounds like a lot of fun, I gotta try that sometime! :grin:

Here’s a second. :content:

Okay, that’s two :content:

its better in reality but hey its good in dreams too…but no i dont do it lol…i dont really think about sex thats why…so i’m 3

Addition to my list: take part in a video game such as Tomb Raider and be the ultimate woman! XD

In that case I’d be 4 since I have yet to :uh: no wait…:razz: Nevermind…

Oh! I had an ND where I was in a Tomb Raider-esque video game! :happy:

It was like a mix between Tomb Raider and Duke Nukem :content:

Heeey…next time invite me too, mmkay? Mmkay! :grin:

Mmkay! :content:


Kissing :yes: Not sex–but kissing…it’s something about kissing that sparks this magic–the feel of it (amazing how sensation works in dreams–like it’s real–realer than real…) :cloud9:

I like trying different scenes and ways of kissing :yes: Shocking other DCs :eek: or just shocking myself :lol:

Kissing in dreams is fun! :thumbs: More than sex? Well…:roll:

And here’s a third. :smile:

I think sex is a waste of Lucid Dreams. Losing lucidity is so much cooler.

(I mean it.)

Thats not necessary a waste , they are far more less interesting thing to do while your lucid like kissing…

I disagree–kissing is very interesting in dreams…

Well, I don’t have any favorite things to do in LD-s yet, since I haven’t gone lucid enough to do anything without problems. looks down :sad:

The BIG “Fav things to do in a LD” part V will be found here.