the BIG "Happy Galactic Birthday!" Topic

Today march 19 - Blue magnetic Eagle

Happy Galactic Birthday Moogle :happy: :cheer: :boogie: :smile:

Happy galactic birthday, AstareGod! :cool:

thanks Siiw! I don’t really know what I’m going to do to celebrate, but today is the last day of school before spring break for me, so I might stay out and party tonight :content: I’ll just have to wait another 260 days before doing it again :smile:

If it’s still yesterday in the US, Happy galactic birthday from me too AstareGod.

lol, you still had one hour left. :smile: Happy Birthday, AstareGod. :partying_face:

thanks everybody! I’m planning on going bowling tomorrow with a few friends to celebrate my galactic birthday! It’ll be a blast!

As this is the “Happy Galactic Birthday” topic, I guess it wouldn’t be appropriate to post your birthday plans unless it was your birthday (heh) so I’ll start up a new post with “birthday plans”.

Hey happy glactic birthday Astare God! I said it over at Sea Life, but forgot to mention it here!

Well today, is pasQuales galactic birthday, “Yellow Planetary Seed”… Interestingly. One of the keywords for the Seed is “targets”, which is related to the way in which a seed targets and grows towards a goal.

Well today, I woke to the sounds of my family playing a game of darts, and immediately got involved in some accurate “targeting” :smile: It is a very unusual thing for my whoel family to play a game of darts together…

Have fun out there pasQuale!


It’s 2 minutes past midnight where I am :smile: Happy galactic birthday pasQuale! :thumbs: have fun out there!


lots of Hugs, wamrth and everything what is wonderful and satisfying :smile:

mUAH on ur Forehead :smile:


Yeah, Happy Galactic Birthday, Q :smile:

thnx :content:

i’m not doing anything special today, i will try to incubate a cool dream tonight :smile:

hey, my internet’s been down lately, so

Happy LATE Galactic B-Day, Q!! :partying_face:

Hey Q, first chance I’ve had to post in this topic… but I did alter the topic in #sealife earlier today. :happy:
Happy Galactic Birthday Q :partying_face:

(29 March)Red Spectral Serpent is jack’s Galactic Birthday.
Happy Galactic Birthday Jack. :cheer:

Hey cool moogle. I’ll have to add jack to our “book of kin”. happy gallactic bday jack!

Happy Galactic Birthday Seandop. Today we have the Blue Cosmic Hand; the transcendent healing power that completes the Blue Eagle Wavespell of VISION…


Kin 247: Blue Cosmic Hand
I Endure in order to Know
Transcending Healing
I seal the Store of Accomplishment
With the Cosmic tone of Presence
I am guided by the power of Magic

It’s Sean’s GB-day! :happy: hah! what will you do today, Sean?

Hey, thanks everybody. I didn’t really do anything special today, except bowling, I suppose. I’ll have to celebrate later on. :wink:

Haha … you went bowling too! Just like astare god…

That’s so funny. On my 21st Birthday (my most recent birthday) it was a YELLOW MAGNETIC STAR. Today, at least in Australia, it’s the very same signature, 260 days later, YELLOW MAGNETIC STAR. Guess what I did on my birthday?



we’re just a bunch of bowling freaks, huh? hehehe…

lol, what could be better than bowling and LDing, eh? :wink:

Blue Self Existing Monkey
Happy Galactic birthday Fix :boogie: :cheer: