the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic IV

Hi Ozzie 12, Hi Ivi Welcome aboard! :wink:
Wish u two many hours of happy dreams and lucid dreams!


oh, he he… :shy:

thanks RF and Jeff.

sorry, I didn’t even notice how big my avatar was!
I guess I don’t know as much about this place as I thought.

I fixed it now, so… yeah.
Thanks for pointing this out!


Hey Ivi! :shy:
Happy dreaming!

(Nice job on the fixin’s zelda fanboy!)


Hi! I am ( Read my account name :cool: ) - meh…call me Mimic though. I have many interests right now!:

Lucid Dreams (Trying to become a lucid dreamer, as you may have read my posts)

Video Games :wink:

Making good grades ( Must…get…smart…MONEY )

I love this forum guys and gals, and I never expected to find this amazing site. Up until a day ago (Registered on the forums today) I was using other sites, that were all samo-samo and kinda worked. Well, thanks for reading! See you in the forums :wink:


It’s nice to meet you! Welcome to ld4all forum! Please feel free to explore around! We won’t bite. :wink:

Have fun! :wiske:

<3 to all :smile:

Welcome mimic of distortion :wink: Say your name 1o times super fast lol!
Hope you enjoy all your dreams!


<3 <3 <3

Lol, that’s my and ehm… my friend’s secret smiley code. Where did you get that? :wink:

Welcome to ld4all again and it’s a great forum! Go and explore… there are so much to explore. :biggrin: Have fuuun on your journey!

<3 Is popular in a game I used to play called Graal Online :eek:
Haha, this forum is too friendly :smile: Thanks Again! And to anyone else who welcomes me nicely =o. I will try to help everyone and try hard to succeed in LDing :wink:

Graal Online? Never heard of it. If I may ask, what is it about?

:biggrin: I know you WILL succeed in LD’ing! I have faith in you! :wink:

ew, it wont cookie my logging in (i keep checking the box though…)

Its like Zelda games, the Birds eye views (Above head) but online.
It used to be called Zelda Online, but nintendo made them change it :open_mouth:
Its p2p now :sad: I paid, it was well worth my time (or a waste of my life…1500 hours on ONE account on ONE server!) about 20 dollars i think


Please refer to “staying logged on”

It should be helpful. If not, please let us know. :content:

Zelda game sounds interesting. :biggrin: 20 bucks? I’m too poor. :crying: Hehehe.

Rar, thanks again :open_mouth:
I dunno why it didn’t work for me the normal way :open_mouth: I own a phpbb board (Schools actually) and yeah wutever :smile:

Hey Mimic!
…What DOES <3 mean? I can’t figure it out! I guess DM7 and Micic-Of-Distortion are too 31337 for my deplorable skills. :cool:
Your school has a forum?

lol <3 means personal to me… let’s see what mimic has to say. :content:

Sorry… <3 has to still be a secret between my friend and I. :biggrin:

Youre all to nice to a guy who has never had a lucid dream :content:

Err, I still clicked allow o the things and it says I am still blocking some ;\ I cant login permanently!

<3 is a heart sideways. it means love/personal…or just a heart
</3 is a broken heart/arrow through heart

Hehehe :wink:

Here ya go. :biggrin:

Anyways, Mimic, try enabling all cookies. It’s just a cookie, it will not affect your computer or anything because it is just a text file.

I had similar problem like that before and only thing I could get it fixed is by enabling all cookies. I have no problems so far now.

Enjoy your cookies… :cookiemon:


my cookies ARE enabled normally…it must be the IE6 version. I tried fixingit but uh…

Wait a second :smile: its working, yay? Whys it workingsuddenly…oh well rofl