the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic IV

Hello everybody, This is the part 4 of the “Hi, I’m new here!” topic.

Part I
Part II
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Part IV

This topic is to prevent the forums from being cluttered with individual “hello, I’m new to this forum, nice to meet Y’all” topics. So now we have a whole big one where everybody can introduce themselves.

So if you are new and want to say HI to the rest of us, this is an exellent place to do it!

(If you are a longtime visitor, you are of course welcome to say a few words here about yourself too :cool: )

Ehh, that was an awkward and less-than-humbling welcome. Anyway, I’ve been lurking for about a year. Most of my questions could be answered by just reading others’ posts and I never saw many places I could contribute. I don’t know why that is threatening to some people, but I’m done now.

Hi Relic, Emuwarrior and Odd2k welcome here! :happy:

Emuwarrior you can fly inlds hmm thats great then you will also be able to do much more in your lds and dreams…so go for it! :wink:


eheh sorry if you didn’t like that welcome. I’ll give you a Firehorse style one, then.


Welcome to LD4All! I see you’re pretty experienced in LDs already, so I won’t go into where to start. If you’re finding it hard to contribute, it might be fun to check out the experiments people suggest and try them. Also check out the Lounge once in a while. Lots of fun threads fly around there.

Good luck to you and your LDing! Hope to see a new dream diary thread up soon… Well, good luck and cya around the forums from now on!

by the way I was joking about the whole lurking thing… I play Starcraft too much, see.

hey all, im Glenn from the UK, great community here, just started this weke on looking at LD’s, not had one YET! :alien:

hello, relic, emuwarrior, glenn, and anyone I’ve forgotten!
welcome welcome. :smile:

hello, thanx for the welcome.

Hey Glenn, welcome to the forum. Don’t worry an LD will come in time for you. At least, we hope… I’m a pessimist… anyway don’t forget the WBTB and setting your intention!

Sup Gleen.
Welcome to the forum.
I’m still new here but the people here are the best,and will help you have an LD in no time.

my name is Glenn, lol :content: :content: :content:

Hi Glenn sounds almost like a good malt whiskey lol!

Welcome at the forum! :smile:


Welcome to the forum everyone! Good luck with your LDing in the future!

Infection0 – Oh, sorry, I thought someone asked what lurking was. Guess I just imagined it.

Sorry that was a bit of a delayed reaction :tongue:


Hi everyone, great stuff on this community.

I’m from the Netherlands and I’m a newbie in LD… :cry:
I had one spontaneous LD a long time that was real fun :smile: . I only learned a while ago that you can learn this stuff, so here I am.

Counted 6 fingers this night and then woke up at once… Still writing down what I remember from my dreams, I properly have a long way to go….

So Hi to yo all and lets have some fun!!!

I’m surprised this is the first time a duke nukem fan has visited this board… but I don’t like duke nukem much anyway.

Hey, Nukem, welcome and have a great time! I see you’ve been lurking a little too :tongue: so I don’t need to tell you to do WBTB and to take those vitamins and whatnot. Whenever I think of “Netherlands” I always think of Peter Pan. Stupid Peter Pan. Well I hope you get some fairy dust soon.

Yeah, so Hi, I´m new here! how ORIGINAL! XD

Anyway, yeah, I´ve been reading this forum for a while, but I finally got around to registering…(I finally found the activation email ~_^ j/k )
I think I have a fairly good know-how of how this is going to work, but I have yet to have a lucid dream of some kind, short or long…

I´m writing this in the middle of a WBTB session, so you´ll have to forgive any grammar errors XD

So, yeah, nice to be here, and hope to make my stay here a valuable one :grin: <------Best.Smiley.Ever.

Hi Nightwish, registering and talking often here will definitely improve your dreaming abilities! (You LURKER!! tHIS IS A WARNING TO YOU LURKERS!! :smile: ) Anyway, we’d love to get to know you all. Post often, PLEASE! This board needs more liveliness.

Welcome Nightwish :happy:

Wish you many lucid dreams!


Welcome, Nightwish! Good luck with your LDing in the future. And yes, :grin: <— that is one of my favorite smileys too :tongue:


Hey! How’s it going? I joined a week or two a go, but then it got deleted in the recent troubles, so I re-joined!

I guess I am like most others here, I’ve been reading this site and forum for a year or two, so I know pretty much how everything works and know everyone here on the forums, and have seen their avatars change numerous times and have seen others stay the same… :content:

So I’m looking to put as much back in this forum as I got out of it in the past!

See ya!


Hey Ozzie, glad to have you join us…again!! :tongue:
Speaking of avatars…isn’t yours a little big?

It is a pity that all of the newer members have to re-join.
Good thinking of yours, to re-introduce yourself.


:peek: hello…