the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic V

Hello everybody, This is the part 5 of the “Hi, I’m new here!” topic.

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This topic is to prevent the forums from being cluttered with individual “hello, I’m new to this forum, nice to meet Y’all” topics. So now we have a whole big one where everybody can introduce themselves.

So if you are new and want to say HI to the rest of us, this is an exellent place to do it!

(If you are a longtime visitor, you are of course welcome to say a few words here about yourself too :cool: )

Hi, I’m mamalama and I love to LD and I love to write way too much about it because it’s THAT GREAT.

I wonder if there’s a thread on this form addressing shamanic journeying (SJing)…? It’s like a HLLD (hyperlucid LD), yet different, most noticeably due to my observation that the tiki (dream environment) doesn’t change while you’re in it, or after. You can “toggle out”, rock back in, and it’s still the same.

As a Dream Art Scientist, Onieronaut, Team Dreamer and Left Fielder, I’d love to discuss the different levels of LD and their various qualities, especially their power to Create Reality (my favorite topic).

Mmm, there used to be a thread on shamanic esctasy, but it is lost in terror; 2 weeks of posts were lost due to the nasty crash.

Perhaps you can start one in Beyond Dreaming section. It won’t hurt. :biggrin:

Welcome to ld4all forum by the way! Please feel free to explore around, we won’t bite ya. :wink:

Sweet dreams! :wiske:

Ivi it isnt about if you have had a lucid dream or not, it is about being interested in all forms of dreaming and sharing your experiences and interest! :wink:

Wish you happy dreams, lucid or not :smile:


I’m going to copy this into my stupid clipboard in case the stupid browser fails again.

Welcome mamalama! I love to talk a lot too, so I understand it’s fun. A llama once spit on me so I won’t be too fond of you anytime soon. :wink:

This forum’s a lot of fun.

yea, i know… still i feel kind of weird. imagine - i discovered lucid dreaming only two weeks ago!!! i had seen the movie “Waking Life” before, but i thought it to be just art you know. Fiction. But then there was this guy at The Shroomery forum. He posted how happy he was about his first lucid dream. And I thought - wtf is it!!!
Then i found some information on the internet. like LD4all, Lucidity institute, van Eedens text etc. And I have discovered a whole new world. Now i have been writing a dreamlog for a week already. I use that DreamScape program and im so excited but i havent had a lucid dream yet…

k me edit this… I was SURE that the old topic had more than those pages though :tongue:

The ALT code discussion now has it’s own topic. :cool_laugh: Please reply to that topic here in the lounge:
fun with ALT code

Let’s welcome our 5th page of visitors! :smile:

Welcome mamalama!! please make yourself at home! :content:

"The ALT code discussion now has it’s own topic. Please reply to that topic here in the lounge:
fun with ALT code "

x.x I made that post DAYS ago…on the other topic likethis? rofl

Welcome Mamalama i saw you already at Sealife also!
You sure seem to be interested in lucid dreams and such things.
Hyper lucidity mm yes those are the best…can be awsome :wink:

Happy dreams,

nice to meet you!
I guess i’m rather new here, i don’t post so much. but of course i read and watch.
shamanic journey, ok… i refer to it as Shamanic Ecstasy.
I fallow the path of shamanism, it’s my true calling. it’s how i live
check out my webpage if you like, lots of info.

You can catch me on IRC as well :razz: i’m litefooT
nice to meet you! i don’t go into great detail about shamanic ecstasy, but i will soon. there is some information in the webpage here and there. no section for it. in time i will sit myself down and explain what it’s all about.
in the mean time you can contact me if you like.


Greetings litefoot.

Welcome to the place where dreams come true. :dream:
You know you are welcome here.


Hey, litefoot, welcome to the greatest forum in the world!! :grin:

It’s too bad I don’t know a thing about Shamanic Ecstasy. I guess I’ll find out! It’s nice to see you contributing already! :smile:

:dream: Is that a new smiley i spot?!

Greetings litefoot!

Welcome to ld4all forum and don’t be afraid to dreaaaaam! :wink:

Your website is coming along great! :biggrin: You can do it! I know it!

:dream: (Yes it’s a new smiley, I suggested Q to add it to our ld4all smiley list and she agreed. :wink: Thanks Q! :wiske: )

yeh, hey guys. some of you know me from the irc chat #ld4all, and some of you are saying “wtf did this guy come from? green hell?”. but anyway, hallos, i am teh here.

charming kin, really. where did that come from?

wazup Alayambo? :puh:

Im here too!

Dude, your picture has nudity in it if you show the rest of it right? :devil:

I seen it once before, and couldt tell if it was CG or not…

any way… zup!

Welcome to the forum, but you’re SUPPOSED to introduce yourself in that large thread over there! And I don’t like that avvie’s face. Ew.

Hi people! I’ll state the obvious: I’m new here.
I first heard of lucid dreaming about 2 weeks before summer ended. It would have been much more useful at the beginning of summer, but there’s always next summer.
I am an aspiring writer, and my main ld goal is to meet my characters in my dream, and talk to them. I especially want to meet my main character, because she’s cool. (I’ve only had a dream involving one character, and that was Shadow. He’s a wolf, and he stole my sword!! It was quite mean.)

…And if anyone’s wondering, I picked Some1special as a name because I was really tired… and thinking of Ralph from the Simpsons.
“My cat’s breath smells like cat food.” Yes… Ralph is great.

Cute name.

Welcome to the forum.


Hi kin. I hope you’re planning on making more than one post. It would be cool to see you around here. Welcome to the forum. :content:
And look at my new avatar too! :cool: