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This topic is to prevent the forums from being cluttered with individual “Hello, I’m new to this forum, nice to meet Y’all” topics.
So now we have a whole BIG topic where everybody can introduce themselves.

So if you are new and want to say ‘Hi’ to the rest of us, this is an excellent place to do it!
Of course, anyone is welcome to post in this topic, not just the new members.
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Hi, I’m also new here… After doing a report for my school on sleep, i stumbled across lucid dreaming and found this site. It seems very interesting.

I have had only 1 partially lucid dream… believe it or not, it was based on that new movie Dawn of the Dead. Well, I went to see that movie before I went to bed, so that could explain alot.

Anyway, It starts alot like the movie, I’m in my house but i’m woken up by gunfire in the distance. I go downstairs, my house is empty :confused: I look out side and see fires and people cahsing other people and i’m like “Huh?”…
A zombie thing runs up to the window and starts pounding on it, scaring me :cry: :help: So I go to the garage and start driving away, even though i’m only 14. So look at the clock on the dashboard of the car and its all screwed up… I keep driving and pick up my best friend, he’s just standing in the middle of the street like nothing happening out of the ordinary…

Then a shotgun falls out of the sky into the car and not paying attention, i crash the car and wake up… :eek:

That was a really scary dream…

Thank, you’re so kind and no i don’t haven any expiernce with LDíng, but i’m practicing :content:

Welcome EmperorPsiblade! :happy:
Wow that’s a pretty intense almost-first-LD :eek: It looks promising though for the future. Then you might use your lucidity to do some zombie fighting :tongue:

Good luck with your next LDs! :wink:

Well, I usually refrain from doing these intro posts on most forum boards, but since you have a nice neat place for them, I might as well bore you all with another “Hi! My name is…” post. :wink:

Where to begin… well, I first heard about Lucid Dreaming from my Dad a few years back, but I really didn’t know it was so big. Well last night, while searching for a little psychology info about nightlights, I ran into that NightLight research thing, and decided to investigate… And I was lead here. I attempted to write down my dreams this morning (after being woken up by a dream), and found to my astonishment, that you could practically force yourself to remember dreams, I always thought that if you remembered them, you did, and if you didn’t you didn’t. Pretty cool. I have always been fascinated by dreams and sleeping, the fantasy side of it and the scientific side as well, but never even heard about LD until I found these sites.

Well, there ya go, I hope to work at it, and become a LD master, I am on spring break right now, so I figured it would be a good time to start, considering I don’t have anything else to do :smile:

Welcoem to the forum. Don’t worry with practice and patients you will get lucid dreaming in no time. So with a bit of practice and patients you can make it easy for yourself.

I see. Just wondering, how muc have you read up on luycid dreaming? Not that it matters. I’m just wondering wether reading less makes it easier or harder. That’s all?

Well, I only read from “The Lucidity Institute Inc” website, specifically these pages:

but then I found the old version of this site, which linked me to this one! I am not sure what you mean by the more/less reading to make it harder/easier, I wouldn’t have been trying any of this stuff without the reading, so I guess I could say easier, also I never would have organically come up with RC by myself.

Hello to Suus (going by your avatar another cat lover :happy: ), EmperorPsiblade (I think I read somewhere on the forum that nightmares can often help you get lucid) and Quickbeam.
I agree with Quickbeam information is power and the best way of attaining information is reading.
Hope you all become regular posters of the forum. :wiske:

Welcome Quickbeam

You have found the best forum on LD ing. There are people who are just starting like your self as well as more advanced dreamers. Feel free to ask questions of us and we will all try to help you succeed. There is a lot of information on this site about the different techniques. All of them are powerful and do work. Decide what you want to start with first. If you keep practicing and don’t give up you will become a Lucid Dreamer.

Happy Dreaming

Hi All!

My nick is Ev which stands for my initials.
I’ve discovered this forum few days ago. It looks great!

I’m not new to LDing, I started learning it about 4 months ago. I had great progress, with frequency of my LDs greatly increasing.

I hope I’ll become a part of this forum.

holla EV, welcome to the forum. Trust me you will love it here there are so many people here that cna share so much on this stuff. well done on the increase of ld as well. Take a pos around and see what you can see and you may find that they are increasing faster that you are here as well

Welcome EV :partying_face:

Great to have another new member.

Feel free to ask questions. There are many people here who will be more than willing to assist you in exploring the world of lucid dreaming. Though it sounds like you are already doing quite well. Great to hear about your LD ‘s.

Like every other person who posts to this message I’m new here.
I’ve had lucid dreams in the past but not recently, I believe the lack to have something to do with some recent physical trauma. Recent being almost five months ago now, but recovery will be another year or so. Anyways I miss the lucidity and started looking around the web for something to help get it back. This is the best site I came across so we’ll see how it goes.

Good luck and welcome to all the newcomers!

This LD4All is an amazing site. I only discovered it about a week ago, during yet another search on Google for something related to lucid dreaming.

I’ve always been a vivid dreamer with fairly good natural dream recall. As a kid, my bro/sis and I would often exchange our bizarre dreams at the breakfast table over corn flakes. I still have strong memories of a handful of dreams I had as a youngster.

I never understood what lucid dreaming was until last fall, when I discovered “Waking Life” by Richard Linklater. In short, the film pretty much blew me away - I must have watched it at least 6 times so far. Since then I’d bought “Lucid Dreams in 30 Days”, which I find is a bit iffy. The info I have found on the web seems vastly better.

Also, since last fall I’ve moved to South Korea temporarily (I’m Canadian). It’s a good spot for reality checking, as life can sometimes get pretty surreal here. Often things look similar but… different. McDonald’s with Korean script all over it, for instance. Baskin Robbins. Taster’s Choice. Another bonus: I don’t start work until the afternoon, which keeps me from being rushed in the morning and gives me plenty of time for journal writing.

I now keep a journal, of variable quality. Usually I have decent dream recall but there’s no way I can write the kind of detail I usually remember. Anyways, I’ve had some lucid and near-lucid moments:

(1) Spontaneously, about 3 months ago, I realized in the middle of a dream that I was dreaming. Losing my composure, I instantaneously tried flight, and it worked, for about 10 seconds. I then zoned back out and finished the dream in a non-lucid state.

(2) More recently, after my first WBTB attempt (thanks DreamAddict), I got lucid at the final instant of my dream. My brother was being hanged, to my horror, and I realized it couldn’t be. I yelled out to him “this is impossible”, and another copy of him is suddenly standing next to me. (“He” was also still at the end of a rope.) I guess it was the relief combined with the realization: I woke up that moment.

(3) Another time, I dreamt my brother lent me a CD. Impossible, since he’s in Canada and I’m in Korea. Nevertheless, I go through a false awakening, and I’m back in Korea. Yet I still have the CD. The setting is largely rational. Yet something vaguely seems off, and when I start questioning the possibility of having this CD, my girlfriend is somewhat evasive. I don’t get lucid beyond that.

I guess that gives you a good idea of where I’m coming from. It’s nice to see such a huge community of people interested in LD!

Seeya later

Hi Ultravisitor :smile: Welcome to the LD4all community! Seems like you’re doing pretty good in dream recall and you also have the right critical attitude towards dreaming, which makes you become lucid. Yeah seems promising for the future :happy: Enjoy your stay!
Also welcome to Kimochi, Ev and Quickbeam :content:

Hi i’m new here!

I’ve been interested in dreams since forever but I only got really interested by lucid dreams since about a month when I found a lucid dreaming site by mistake. I’ve searched more and I found this site. I lurked the forums for some times and yesterday I got a LD. (lasted for only a few seconds, I realise it was a dream after I found out I just drank a complete vodka bottle I one shot :open_mouth: ) I decided it was good time to start posting, so yeah… well i’m starting…

I’m interested in LDs because in my youth I had many LDs, but it seemed I lost a part of my imagination while growing up : ( I’ve just started making a DD and I’m also starting to make RCs a couple of times a day.

Some more info about me: I’m 17 and I live in Quebec, Canada. I takes me a long time to fall asleep, but it also takes much for me to wake up. Oh well, can’t think of anything more to say. I hope my time spent here will be fun and informative and will help me make more LD :happy:

PS: pardon my poor english :bored:

EDIT: I’d like to know what is in your opinion the best book about dreams… Plz no books about spiritual world and those kinds of things :wink: I’ll only believe when i’ll experience it :happy:

Welcome to the forum

and congratulations on your first LD :clap:

As for the best book there is a hole topic to this but :

Creative Dreaming- by Patricia Garfield
Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen Labarge

Hey, I just stumbled over this forum and it looked pretty spiffy, thought I’d join :smile:

I’m an 18 year old uni student from australia, to put me into context. Dreaming is fun, what can I say? Sometimes better then reality what with the limitless potential, no barriers and all that.

Just joking, living is good too^^ I’d miss my mates and reality if I slept all the time.
Although I did once sleep for 17.5 hours straight…

anyways, hope I get some good advice and am welcome!

Welcome to the LD4ALL forum shianra! :happy: Hope u like this totally awesome forum and get some good advice as well :wink:

Welcome :thumbs:

This is a great site and I hope you will enjoy your visits here.

Lots of good advice here. The best thing I can tell you is to keep your exploration of lucid dreaming fun and don’t make things hard on your self. Everyone can learn to Lucid Dream just stay persistent and practice.

Enjoy :smile:

Happy Dreaming