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Welcome to The Big “Hi, I’m new here!” Topic - part 14.

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This topic is to prevent the forums from being cluttered with individual “Hello, I’m new to this forum, nice to meet Y’all” topics.
So now we have a whole BIG topic where everybody can introduce themselves.

So if you are new and want to say ‘Hi’ to the rest of us, this is an excellent place to do it!
Of course, anyone is welcome to post in this topic, not just the new members.

hi all, im steven, im 17 from australia, can’t think of anything else to say so thats enough

:wave: Welcome to ld4all evil_kenshin :grin: Have you experienced any lucid dreams yet? How did you find ld4all?
You will find it’s a really friendly forum and a mine of information is available by reading the various topics that can be found in the different forum sections.


in low voice

She’s right you know.

thanks, many times i’ve had luciddreams. also i found ld4all since i used to be a member here but forgot my username and no longer use the e-mail account i registerd with, but i first found it with google several years ago

sorry took me so long to reply but was busy and still am with the whole holiday thing. i love the beatles too…go figure. lol. highest point of my life was seeing paul mccartneys “back in the usa” tour concert…WOW!!! anyhow…“strawberry fields forever” is just how i am…im a dreamer…and just finding how much of a dreamer i am. so if i dream something and remember every bit of it like its a part of my life…is that one a lucid dream? cause most times i dont dream at all and others i dream and remember bits and pieces…but i have a few i remember like …it actually happend. like christmas with my family kind of remembering. the first one was this guy i was crazy about…biker, much hair on his face, lol. i talked him into shaving his zz top beard, and omg! he was georgous! we broke up but stayed close enough friends to have lunch ever week and he bought me presents for christmas and one yr i did a painting for him…when he died…i was accross the country, couldnt be at his funeral. the day after i went to bed. and he woke me up. sitting on my bed, he just smiled and said he wasnt mad at me for not being there. then he patted my tummy ( i was preggers, and he always wanted a baby but never could have one) thing is i remember this like it was real…but the vibrations…wow i dont even know~! im trying to go with it and let it all go…ive even been told i make premonitions in my sleep but i dont know…im asleep! am i crazy as hell or what??? the paralisis thing scares me even though i havent seen bad people…but i feel like im being restrained and hear doors opening and closing. tell me what youi can k???

Hi evil_kenshin! Welcome :wink: That’s great that you already had lots of LDs! Hope you’ll share some of them (and the techs you used) here :smile:

Happy LDing!

Hello everybody ! I had another username ( PROKA ) but it said that it’s not activated, talk to the administrator … so the lazy me decided to create a new one. proka_ro because I’m from “Romania”. I had my first LD about 2 years ago. By that time I’ve never heard about it … and it was a pretty intense one. The next night I searched on the google the exact words “Lucid Dream” because … that’s what I had the night before :razz: and I was :open_mouth: WOOW there’s so much documentation about it out there , but I’ve never heard of it … and the adventure started … I started to write down my dreams … never used techniques but I had a period when I had 4-5 LDs / month . Now I’m just too lazy to write them down, but I’ll start again, I promise :happy: . I have around 4-5 agendas with my dreams LDs or NDs. HELLO EVERYBODY :smile:

Oh the only technique I used is mnemonic , but not for LDs but “i will wake up after each dream and I will write it down”.

:wave: Hello proka_ro you seem to have been doing well with your LDs … if you begin to use some techniques too you will experience more and higher level LDs.
Welcome to ld4all :grin:

hey, just starting into this lucid dream stuff.

1/4 century guy living in los angeles…got some q’s that will be going up in sec.

Hi espedia! Welcome to LD4all! :grin: I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here :wink:

Good luck with your LD quest!

Hi everyone!
I’m new here and i want to say hi to everyone. I used to have LDs, but i stoped practicing them after a 2 weeks. I had my first LD after first week then. I don’t know why i stoped practising, but i want to start it again now.

-Qki :smile:

Welcome to ld4all

You will find lots of great topics and information here. You will also find that people here are friendly and eager to help new dreamers. Hopefully ld4all will help you find the motivation to renew you practice.

Best of luck and Happy Dreaming. :smile:

I am new to this site and i think it looks very nice. I’m so glad I found you all. I’m excited to have my first lucid dream.

Welcome to ld4all

While you are here feel free to drop by the big hi I am new here topic and introduce your self.

welcome, and this is really place for dreaming.
You’ll see, if you need any explanation just ask, there are a lot nice people here with a lot of patience.
Somehow just being on this place improved my dreaming significantly, from almost no lucid dreaming to 3 last month, I am more then happy because it is kind of technique, and when you follow right pattern you’ll easy have your lucid.
ok, at least one if you really try.
When you get lucid stay calm, and try to do some exloration, there are a lot ideas on these pages to think about…

welcome again and just post it

Hi everyone! I’m The Fuzz, though people ususally call me Fuzzball or Fuzzy… It came from a nickname my friends call me. :content: I’m 13 years old and I’ve been interested in dreaming since I was about 8 years old.

I found out about lucid dreaming through Wikibooks. I wasn’t even searching for anything – I just hit the random button and I found that interesting book on LDing! I’m rather excited to start LDing, it seems very fascinating and fun! :content:

I think, for me, LDing will be hard at first, my dream-self tends to be… stupid. :tongue: I’ve been trying to LD since I was about 10 (though I didn’t know the name) but I only realized today that there’s actually a whole community about it! I’m glad to be a member here!

:wave: Hello espedia, Qki and The Fuzz. Welcome to ld4all, I hope you all experience lots of lucid dreams really soon :wiske:
It’s a really friendly and welcoming community and we always try to help new members :content:

Welcome to ld4all LonleyGirl, I merged your introduction into the sticky “I’m new” topic. :peek:
I wish you good luck with your lucid dreams and hope you share them with us in our dream diary section. :grin:

hey everyone, my name is yehuda and boy am i glad to have found this site. i was reading all the advice and forums for a few week, and started up a dream journal of my own. i’ve mostly been using MILD, but also VILD too, and the other day, after two weeks of trying, i had my first lucid dream!!! :smile: it was awsome, although a little short. i just want to start out here by thanking everyone who’s posted info that has helped me out so far, and a big thanks to pasquale for putting the whole thing together (the new site design looks kcik ass!) keep up the good work,


Hi everyone!

My name is Rudolf, and I’m 24 years old.
I stumbled upon this forum while searching about LD. I had lucid dreams since some years. But they came always natural, whithout any work form my part. In the begining I didn’t payed too much attention, I just learned to fly.
Then at a certain moment of my life (I was about 15-16 old) the character of my dreams changed. It comes hard to write about this, because there’s no way to talk about it without describing the dreams themselves.
Anyway, I had a period when I experienced extremely weird stuff in my dreams, sometimes being lucid sometimes no.
Then everything stopped, I got grabbed by the everyday life for some years, until for some months ago.
I had a “big” dream, and since then I have lucid dreams ona a regular basis.

  After these years I found myself more receptive about what was happening in my dreams, so I decided to do some serious "dream work".
  That's why I am here now. To learn to lucid dream by myself. To control when, where and how I enter in a dream.

My main goal is not to control my lucid dreams but to have them at will. :smile:

Well, that’s me. I’m looking forward to learn and share my modest knowledge and experience.