The BIG "Hi I'm new here!" Topic XIII

hey everyone :happy: guess what im new
have browsed this and other sites in the past but now i really want to focus my energy on dreaming, both recalling and lucid

Hello redset :wave: welcome to the ld4all community. Is your avatar referring to the red and blue pill in The Matrix?

There is a sticky topic about improving dream recall in “Lucidity Intro” so your recall should improve in no time. :content: Once your recall is slightly better there are lots of topics about techniques and advice to get lucid dreams.

I’ll look forward to reading all your future posts. :wiske:

i used too be a natural also but then i was told about lucid dreams and now only everyonce in a while i ld

Hi! I’m Chantal van Son (that’s why I call myself Sonnetje :wink: )and I’m new here at the English forum. I’m 14 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I already have an account at the Dutch forum, but I also wanted to read the posts here. My English isn’t that good, so excuse me if I make some mistakes :content: . But I think you will forgive me, right? :tongue:

Welcome to ld4all ( English Site)

How do you like the new format?

Don’t worry about your English we will figure out what you are trying to say.

I look forward to reading your posts.

generic welcome message and emoticon

I’m fourteen too! ITS A SIGN!!!

:cool_laugh: :eek: :thumbs: :cool_laugh: :happy:

…So yeah welcome, why not. To the english forum. I’m nice and fluent, so ask me some english questions. That’d be pretty neat, actually…

Welcome redset, Sonnetje, mindfield and Ekray to LD4all! I hope you like the forum and all of your dream goals are reached! :smile:

Hi all! :smile:

My name is Stefan and i come from Umeå, Sweden. Watching movies, listening to music and hanging out with friends are my biggest hobbyes in life. Im kinda new here, started reading about Lucid dreaming this morning after i heard about it from my little brother. Sounds pretty interesting actually. Im gonna give it a try someday, but im not hoping for too much… hopefully it will get better later on :grin:

My little brother has a user here too, his username is Bollo.

Welcome to ld4all Sonnetje and Deppa. :wave:
When I visit the dutch version I only know a few words :smile: I am always amazed at how well everyone speaks english as a foreign language. :eh:
I know your brother very well, Bollo often visits #sealife chatroom
I wish you both many lucid dreams :dream: in the future.

buonas díaz Ekray, and welcome to the ld4all forum :wave:
*or should I say “buonas noches” :wink: *

mindfield, you have nothing to fear. Lucid dreams have helped abolish all nightmares from my life, and every night is a pleasant night. PM me if you have ANY questions. (this applies to everyone) :smile:

Hi and welcome redset, I hope you can focus your energy and start your quest for lucidity tonight! :happy:

Sonnetje, your english used in your post here was perfect! :content: We have much patience for people whos mother tounge is not English. Feel comfortable and make yourself at home. :smile:

Hi Deppa, welcome to the forum. I think I have seen the username “Bollo” in the chatroom. Good luck for when you decide to try lucid dreaming.
Now that you know of the topic, your brain is ready to create the experience for you. You might have one tonight without an effort to try. :smile:

Welcome to everyone and enjoy your time spent here.

Thank you very much! :smile:

I had a dream last night actually, but i couldnt really control it like in a lucid dream, but im gonna keep on trying. Got any good advice in addition to those on the site on how to get lucid?

Hello :smile: I’m Trish from the UK, I’ve been interested in Lucid Dreaming for many years but only recently (the last 2 weeks) started to seriously “train” for them :wink: I’ve always had really vivid and realistic dreams with all my senses fully in tact, and excellent dream recall without effort (usually 2-3 a night). Last night I tried the hands exercise from LDExchange and actually managed to realise I was dreaming, although then I immediately woke up with a start :sad:

I’ve found these forums really helpful in my quest for LD, so thanks to you all for such a :cool: community! :mrgreen:

Deppa … you may like to look at the wikibook on lucid dreaming too :grin:

:wave: Welcome to ld4all AngelPHiSH. Since you have good dream recall and are managing to realise that you are dreaming. It’s just a matter of trying to keep calm when you realise you are dreaming so you can prolong the dream. :wiske: There are lots of topics about techniques to prolongue LDs and to stabilise them.

Thanks for the tip! :smile:

Thanks moogle :smile: I had a nap in the afternoon and once again managed to realise I was dreaming :happy: This time by doing an RC (can I fly?) I stayed calm and managed to fly for a few seconds, but this came at the end of a really long dream so things faded, but the feeling was great :smile:

Hello nice, fluent person :wink: . What kind of questions do you want me to ask? :grin:

I dunno, just questions you’d want answered about English, but it looks like you’re already very fluent, somewhat! :cool_laugh:

Alright then :cool_laugh: Thanks :content:

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