The BIG "Hi I'm new here!" Topic XIII

Welcome to The Big “Hi, I’m new here!” Topic - part 13.

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This topic is to prevent the forums from being cluttered with individual “Hello, I’m new to this forum, nice to meet Y’all” topics.
So now we have a whole BIG topic where everybody can introduce themselves.

So if you are new and want to say ‘Hi’ to the rest of us, this is an excellent place to do it!
Of course, anyone is welcome to post in this topic, not just the new members.

BIG Hi to all :wink:

So I am Future Girlie and I just registered here… hehe
I didnt even know that there was a english forum… :\
But damn there’s alot of members here!!

I’m a girl/ almost 15 (in december) and I live in The Netherlands :smile: too cold country :sad:).
I havent really got any LD’s yet… I hope I will get one soon… maybe tonight… ^^

If you got any tips for me… feel free to post them :wink:.

Oh btw im known as FutureAngel in the dutch forum.

Welcome FutureGirlie!
wish you lots an lots of great LDs :grin:

Welkom FutureGirlie
We have a big sticky “I’m new here” topic here

I hope you enjoy the english forum as much as you like the dutch one. :grin:

Hey FutureGirlie! Welcome to the English forum :smile: Hope you like it here.

Happy LDing! :happy:

Hi, Sarah here! Nice to meet everyone! I learned about lucid dreaming when I was in Britain this year from some friends and now I want to learn more after having what I think was maybe a small lucid dream.

Speak to you all soon!

Hi :wave: and welcome to ld4all, if you go


you can introduce yourself in the “official” I’m new here topic :content:

Hey (sarah) light-and-dark, Welcome. Have you had any LD’s yet?

I’ve had a dream where I started to become lucid as I was having doubts about my reality but I didn’t actually decide I was dreaming… So I don’t believe I have yet…

Greetings everyone, i’m new here. I’ve been browsing the forums for a couple days now and finally got my registration completed. I stumbled upon this forum by a topic i found on the forum which intrigued me.

so lets see, umm my name is will, i’m 17, i’m from connecticut, USA and i’m trying to see what all the hype is about LD.

Over the past two nights i’ve tried. My first try, i tried doing the WILD approach. I started off by getting extremely comfortable, slowing my breathing and heart rate and concentrating deeply. I could feel the SP stage setting in but i was unable to become lucid, and eventually i fell asleep to a normal dream that sucked :cry:

Last night, did the same thing. Then since i was unable to reach lucidity I tried the MILD approach and still no luck. But i’m gonna stick with it and i think i might get lucky with the WILD approach because i can feel a low level of lucidy, way i see it, it’s only a matter of time!

There is a thread for posting your welcome messages. :wink: It can be found here: ! Welcome to the site though. Good luck with LD. They take practice, so don’t expect to have one your first try. :>

Hi and welcome to LD4all :wave:

were you having problems registering?

Good luck on your quest for lucidity. It seems some people try to enter lucidity directly through the WILD method when they learn about LD ing. The most common LD are DILD or MILD and you notice you are dreaming after hours of sleep, and while you are in a normal dreams. You don’t really notice a “transistion” from waking to dreaming with these methods.

Try reading over the WBTB method and give that a shot. :smile:

sorry i posted in the wrong place

nah it’s just i’ve been busy and didn’t have the time to. Got my email immediatley :smile:

:wave: Welcome to ld4all TranceFantasy2k
You will find a lot of informative posts that will help you in your LDing quest. :grin: I look forward to reading about your first lucid dream. :content:

Hi, I’m new here,
I have quiet ordinary LD expirience, I didn’t notice a pattern of how I know I’m dreaming but I just now, also I had these hyper reality dreams, and backward dreams, and time shifting dreams also.
Where to post all of these things.

Also I’m interested in topic: dreaming of dead persons alive in dreams and communication with them, very realistic.
Where should I put it, or where is it?

I’m 31, from Serbia, sagittarius.
Vanilla Sky is one of my favorite movies, Matrix of course.
Have you sometimes urge to awake while not sleeping???

hello Manko :happy:
you will be able to post these dream experiences in “The Stuff Dreams are made of” section here you can get responses to your experiences.

Or you can create a dream journal in our dream diary section , so you can keep your dream experiences together.

I look forward to reading your posts :wiske:

it seems I remember an already exisiting thread about communicating with the dead in dreams, but I can’t find the URL at the moment.

YES :smile:

here it is :happy:
“meeting the dead in your dream”
[Meeting the DEAD in your dream)

wow, you are great moogle :smile:

and Manko, don’t worry about posting in the wrong section. That’s what us mods are here for. :smile:


Hi !