the BIG "HI, I'm new here!" topic

[color=red][mod] Hello everybody, This is the continuation of the "new here, shake hands with the rest of us" topic, but i have changed the title.

This topic is to prevent the forums from being cluttered with individual “hello, I’m new to this forum, nice to meet Y’all” topics. So now we have a whole big one where everybody can introduce themselves.

So if you are new and want to say HI to the rest of us, this is an exellent place to do it!

(If you are a longtime visitor, you are of course welcome to say a few words here about yourself too :cool: )


i’m new here and i just wanted to say hi to everyone, so hi everyone! :bounce:

Welcome sykadelic trippn,

I wish you many lucid dreams :wink:


Welcome trippin!

I think you’ll find this an extremely informative LD’ing site. Feel free to ask any questions you may have on the subject, as there are some really knowledgable people here!!

Have fun and happy dreaming!! :grin:

hey SyKaDeLiK TRiPPn, welcome. so how did you find out about this site? or lucid dreaming in general? or do you already LD? just curious, good luck with your LDs. :smile:

Hi SyKaDeLiK TRiPPn,
Happy dreams! :tongue:

hi again :smile: nice to meet u all! i came across this site through a link on erowid…GREAT SITE!!! i spent hours on this page last nite and i’m glad i came across it :happy:

as for LD’ing i don’t think i’ve ever had a total LD…however, when i was younger i remember that if i was having a dream and i wanted to get out of it i was able to get myself out of that dream immediately, as if i knew that i was dreaming and that my body was lying there on my bed, safely.

i’ve never had complete control over a dream though :sad: my mind tends to just follow the path that my dream has set for it. i remember most of my dreams too, both recent dreams and dreams i had a long time ago so i guess i have a good start for LD’ing.

i tried explaining lucid dreams to some of my friends and they thought that i was crazy!!! they said that there is no way u can control a dream and that it was impossible! i believe u can though and hopefully i’ll get to experience one :smile: well, sorry i rambled on and on…take care everyone!

SyKaDeLiK TRiPPn: Welcome to the ld4all forum! Yeah, not a lot of people believe in controling their dreams. We’re not open minded… not just yet. :grin: It’s fun and it’s sad to see how many people are missing out from not remembering their dreams or even miss more from becoming lucid. At least… you’re lucky. You get this opportunaty. :smile: Good luck on your journey!

Hi, everyone. I actually registered here a while ago, but for some reason I’m just posting here now. :shrug: I’ve had a couple low-level LDs, nothing special. Well, I just thought I’d drop in to make my presence known. :content:

Hi Cosmo112! Enjoy your stay and don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have them. That’s what we’re all here for! :grin:

Happy dreaming!

Hi there everyone.Im new to this board myself.Ive tried lucid dreaming once, it worked for a little while(seemed like 10 minutes).It was wierd because I was flying through the air like I do in many dreams, then all of a sudden I realized I was dreaming ,so I went to the ground to try and do something cool.In this dream I used a technique I read somewhere on the net(to look at my hands,in order to stay lucid longer, it seemed to work).On my first quest I was encountered by a strange character who inturrupted my quest to fullfill something and the lucid dream very quickly ended. Ive got a question for you guys. How do you all become lucid in a dream? Does it just happen as it did for me?. I had read about it on the net and wanted to try it ,but wasnt really sure how it would work, it just sorta happened. Thanks for any answers given

Hi all,

Hope to learn loads about Lucid dreaming from you all in the future.

catch you later, happy dreaming.


Hi all. I"m relatively new here (although I’ve made a handful of posts today). I’ve been a “metaphysical” kind of person for some time, but for the longest time, I had put the trippy stuff on the shelf, so to speak. But this website has taught me a lot and for me, it has made the trippy stuff very tangible. I’ve had LD’s before, but they would just be accidental. I’ve learned about reality checks and inducing LD’s. This stuff is just a trip, seriously. To other newbies, I’m telling you, it’s for real. I remember reading about how electric appliances and light switches don’t work in dreams. Sure enough, the other day, i tried to turn on the lights in my bathroom in my house in a dream and it didn’t work. I didn’t go lucid because I actually believed that the light burnt out!

But, for you guys who think LD’s are a trip, you need to at least read about OBE’s (out of body experience). This phenomenon seems utterly unbelievable. Even to believers of LD’s it can probably seem far-fetched. But it’s for real. I know i’ve been redundant, by bringing this up so many times today in different posts. I aplogize, but I just can’t seem to get over the trippiness and excitement of it all. :grin: I didn’t actually get to walk out of my body and experince things, but I all the symptoms you get when you try to pull your dream body out of your physical body really happened, just like I’ve read.

I’m going to post the link to the Suneye method, which is just one way of trying to become lucid, but it is very informative about OBE’s. …

Sorry to ramble for so long, but I know that everyone who knows what I’m talking about can understand my enthusiasm, and everyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about (yet) can probably benefit from this. Thanks for reading.

A big hello to Cosmo112, Dave14, kayos and mellowman76,

Welcome to the site and good luck with your LDing! :tongue:

Howdy everyone. Iam new here. Hope to have many lucid dreams in the near future.

Hi Aj,
Welcome, and I hope you have many LDs too! :tongue:

Hi All,
Another newbie to the site. :smile: I have been LD ing all my life and do it pretty frequently without effort. To be honest for a lot of years I thought that is how every one dreamt. Now I know differently I feel sorry for those missing out. Dreaming is just the best fun. :grin: I have some great Hollywood blockbuster type dreams - i swear I should write movie scripts out of some of them…lol. Had to laugh reading about the lights not working…I have tried getting around this by getting candles but then cant make the lighter work…lol… foiled again. I think I OBE too, but I am looking in to this more atm.
Last nights LD was a pretty non eventful one but I’ll post it over in the dream section and start my little collection. :alien:

Yeah, another new one.

It’s been just couple weeks since I first heard about LDs, but I must say that lucid dreams are already an obsession for me :smile:

I haven’t seen any LDs yet, but I’m not worried about that. In last two weeks I have seen many great, wonderful, juicy and beautiful dreams, and I’m feeling I’m getting pretty close to the gates of lucidity. And I even have been able to remember my dreams better than i used to, just because I’ve found out that there’s something called Lucid Dreaming :wink:

Well yeah, thanks already for the nice words and wise tips you’re going to give me in the future :content:

hey there,

im new to the dream world, but i suppose ive been coming here for awhile.
ive been lucid for a short time in one dream, thanks to this site and many others.

ive seen many “how to’s”, and was wondering if anyone had any “dont’s”…


Hello bza20, Glaurung and Tripper,

Glad you’re here!


Don’t assume you’re dreaming just because you are naked in public. :tongue:

what i mean is, does anyone have any theories on stuff that makes it impossible to lucid dream…like stuff to avoid in my little quest…