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I just got into lucid dreaming some weeks ago, so I haven´t really had a “true” LD yet. But I´m trying hard with reality checks and all. I have had several sleep paralyses though, and they kind of scare me, since get get more and more intense.

oh yeah, I guess what really made me interested in LD was Waking Life…that and reading some other people´s experiences of course :smile:
See ya

Greetings all, new member.

I’m 21 and from the US. I was brought up in a very small “box” and also was a very serious christian for most of my life. I fairly recently have become a phychonaught (sp?) for exploration purposes, and had my initial realization that there is “so much more” about 3-4 months ago. I am a huge TOOL fan, which was what originally inspired me to think for myself. I have come to realize that there is no “God” as we think of him, or the devil or heaven/hell either for that matter, and that this demension/reality is simply one of many. Anyway, not to ramble on, my brother recently had a LD out of the blue. That got us started looking at websites and reading about lucid dreaming. Lucid Dreaming has now become my (and his) #1 priority. However, we both have virtually NO dream recall. I’ve started a dream journal and am learning to constantly increase my awareness and performe reality checks, and know it’s now just a matter of “time”. I’m looking forwared to posting my first LD here on the boards.

When I was a kid, I had vivid dreams every night, and I still remember them clearly. And from what I can remember, EVERY DREAM I HAD WAS LUCID! I thought everyone always knew when they were dreaming. Man, if only I knew then what I know now. I never really tried anything other than flying. Do you think that since I used to LD all the time that that will help me on my quest to become lucid now?

Sweet dreams, :wink:


Greetings all! Just a bit about me… I’ve always been interested in dreaming. My dreams are usually very vivid, very “real”. I have pretty good dream recall–I can still remember dreams I had as a little kid, over 20 years ago! I’ve had two really good lucid dreams (that I know of). One involved a flying van and the other, I was a general in the army. It’s been several years since those dreams, though. There’s been some scary ones also, where I was having nightmares and realized I was dreaming and kept trying to wake up and couldn’t, I tried to scream so someone would come and wake me up, tried to move to wake up and couldn’t (I didn’t know about sleep paralysis then). Then one night it happened again and after trying really hard I woke up (it was like rushing from the bottom of the ocean to the surface, really weird). But that event was like a light switch–it flipped off and I haven’t had any more lucid dreams since then (and this was probably about eight years ago). I’ve gotten interested in lucid dreaming again after reading about a writer who uses her dreams for working on her books and since I do some writing I thought it would be a neat thing to try. I’ve been working on it for a couple weeks now. Still haven’t had an LD, but on the nights when I’m concentrating on having an LD, I do have better dream recall.

Hello, I was born in ‘66’ and am from the USA. I have been LDing since early childhood. I love to swim, and spend my summers searching out new swimming holes.I just recently got on the internet and was ultra pleased to find this site,thank you pasQuale. :tongue:

Hey everybody! My name is Colin. Im 16 and live in California. I have been interested in lucid dreams for a while but just recently took up a dedicated routine working towards lucidity. Im new at it but I hope with the help of all of the knowledgeable people here that I will be guided in my adventure. As for the whole DraQula thing, I’m not a vampire nor do I assoicate the name with them very much, I just like how it sounds and the way I spell it - kinda how handles are. As for the Knight, I always wanted to be one :content: I hope I can be of some help around here someday but for now - happy dreaming while we’re sleeping.


Hiya everybody! My name is Dave and I live in Australia, I guess Iv’e always had a vivid imagination and when I found out about LD’s (from this site) I thought it would be a cool way to explore my mind.
I haven’t had a LD yet but hopefully I will get one soon, iv’e had a few close calls, must be getting close :smile:

Hey every1 ! i’m ‘Kat’. I just signed up yesterday i think :eh: …well anyways…One of my friends told me about this site and said it was good and encouraged me to go there, so i did. I am now a member. I think its a kool site ! I have spent the whole day today posting replies and asking questions. Its fun ! I learned couple of new things about LDs that i didnt b4!..I havent exactly had a LD b4 but hopefully i will… with a bit of practice.

P.S good luck to all new members on their first experiences with LDs !!


The Amazing Jake here. I’m a writer/musician from Dallas, TX. (I write pretty much anything and I’m an amateur horrorcore rap artist) I’ve been interested in LD’s for about three weeks, when I first read about them on (which is where I found this neat little site!). I’m 20, about to start college and clinically insane.

Amazing Jake

I’ve just joined today. I’m a music student from England and am really interested in lucid dreaming. The thing that got me into it was reading the Carlos Castaneda series. After researching I discovered what lucid dreaming actually is. I have recently started keeping my dream journal, although I keep forgetting to write my dreams down in it. I am halfway through reading a book called “Creative Dreaming” by Patricia Garfield which explains how different cultures use dreaming to guide them. I am really determined to learn how to lucid dream. I have read that people use lucid dreams to practice things that they do in waking life. I would like to try to practice my instruments in my dreams to see if this really helps in waking life.

Anyway, bye for now. :wiske:

Hi! I’m a 19 year old male from Australia. I’ve been trying to LD for a few weeks no success as yet. Anyway, my main hobbies are music (fav bands: radiohead, flaming lips, the cure) and reading (fav writers: chuck palahniuk, irvine welsh, hunter s thompson). I’m a uni student, studying journalism and trying as hard as i can to LD :happy:

Hello, I’m 19 and I’m from Canada.
I’ve had a few lucid dreams and a bunch of lucid moments and I never knew what to call them. I just finished high school, so I have some time and today I finally did some searching and stumbled onto this site. I used to tell people that I had realized I was dreaming, took control and had lots of fun (flying, battling evil as Conan the Barbarian, etc). Now I finally have a name for it :content: Great site, I hope to use some techniques to have more LDs in the future.

I read most of everybodie’s posts so i think i get the gist of it. so here it goes…

My name is (blank) and I’m an alchoholic. It all started on an early spring morning. The dew was still fresh and glistening from a cool night with a full moon. My uncle walked in and already had his hand over my mouth before i could shout out and… oh man, wrong forum… i’m sorry. lucid dreaming, right??? okayokay… i’m not sure if i’ve had one. a few days ago i had a dream where some people were pissed off at me and i ended telling them “chill out, you know this is just a f!@#ing, right?” and then the next night i knew it was a dream too. my brother said i was crazy and tried to get me committed, i didn’t take it well and broke his jaw and both hands… i have six weeks while his jaw is wired shut to convince him not to tell the police. well, i have to go feed him now and take him out for a walk.

P.S. I was just kidding about my uncle…


P.S.S. I just noticed I spelt address wrong in my name…

Dragon wrote:“I would like to try to practice my instruments in my dreams to see if this really helps in waking life.”

Keep using your instruments in both lucid and reaal life.Its so much fun!:slight_smile:

Yea, in EWLD they tell about these experiments and yes u can still practice and gain skills IRL when in a LD! :content: there was this one story of a kid who had a big tennis tourament the next day(he wasn’t the best player at all), at night he had a LD, he wanted to fly but he realized that he should practice tennis, he did and the next day he one the tournament!

I meant sex:)

Hello everyone

At first glance this looks like a great forum.

I’m from Liverpool (UK), born in 1969. As you’d expect from a Scouser I’m mad on football and music - In that respect lucid dreaming is great because you can play footy like Dalglish, sing like Scott Walker and play the guitar like Roger McGuinn !!!

Seriously, I’ve been actively lucid dreaming for about 5 years, although I’ve pretty much had them since I was a kid without fully understanding what was happening.

I’ve experienced dreams at a pretty blurred level where I could hardly focus any images and the dreams fade pretty quickly to absolute crystal clear visions where I could smell, taste, hear and feel everything with absolute clarity - the simplest things like blowing onto a window - forming condensation - feeling the cold air hit your lungs then drawing pictures on the pane of glass with the wet drips trickling down your finger - simplicity but exhilirating nonetheless.

Also enjoy flying (of course) and other physical pursuits !! - sadly these dreams never have the clarity of the simpler ones mentioned above !

Here’s hoping I can learn more and enhance my powers (ha !!)

Hello all!

I’ve been reading your posts for a long time, but couldn’t think of anything I wanted to ask that hadn’t already been asked…
I’m 22, live in Greece , I’m a computer enthusiast, also like music (used to play the piano) and psychology (and for some reason yet unknown to me, I study applied physics)
I have had about 6-7 LDs so far, but none of them lasted more than 2 seconds - guess I have to keep my enthusiasm down…
Also had an OOBE once, but that didn’t last either (too scared, I prayed to Everyone begging to stop elevating)
I’m really interested in everything alternative (well except for New Age stuff) , and hope eventually to find my own “Unified Theory of Everything”!

Hi, I’m a 24 year old male from New Zealand. I rarely have lucid dreams but recently had an exhilarating one where I felt fully lucid and had quite a lot of dream control. It reminded me of how real and fun lucid dreams are and why it’s worth encouraging them. I chose my nick, Flyingaround, because I often have flying dreams - flying feels so natural that I never stop to think it must mean I’m dreaming.

I hope to make at least one positive contribution to the group, which is making all the posts from the old network54 forum available for download in standard html as well as in Plucker format for viewing on a handheld device such as a Palm.

The advantage of downloading all the pages in one go (3300+) is that they’re faster to access from the hard drive and it’s possible to search them for keywords. The advantage of having the forum on a handheld is that it’s convenient for reading in bed and you can read in the dark as well.

I’ve uploaded all the files to a website and only have to do a front page, which I’ll probably have done soon. I’ll post the link when it’s all finished.

Flyingaround (first post)

Thats a great idea:)Thx heaps,we would appreciate it lots.A lot of good info left there and also it would be nice to refresh the momories of old members and all the beginnings:)
Good luck:)

I’ve got a new avatar and I’ve changed my nick to the one I use everywhere. :smile:

ex Sputnik