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For everybody who wants to introduce themselves…
Not only for newbies but also for oldbies :wink:

i’ll start :wiske:

Most of you will know me already as the maker of the site.

pasQuale is my real name, only shifted the Q a little around.
I was born in march 1973 and I am a real pisces. (you know, sensitive, dreamy, emotional, spiritual, intuitive etc :smile: )
I live in Amsterdam with my husband and our turtle (or is it tortoise?) Poppy.

My interest in LD started when i was about 21, when i borrowed the book “creative dreaming” from a friend. In there i read about LD and I thought: “I must try that!”
That night I had my first lucid dream and I was hooked.

From then on i have had loads of LD’s. My favourite pasttime is exploring dreamworlds and chatting with dream characters.

My personal dedication is to spread LD through the world, because I think it is one of the greatest skills a person can have.

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Hi! I’m a 24 year old male from the US, currently in Georgia, but soon to return to Pennsylvania. Dunlar isn’t my real name, but it’s such a neat, random-generated one that I just had to use it. Yes, I’m a programmer… :bored:

I write videogames, in the past as a hobby, but now I’m starting to do it professionally (Bungie didn’t want me… sniff… sniff…). I trained as an artist at college, so I’m capable of putting a whole game together by my self (which is handy since I can’t afford a team of helpers). My last videogame (about 2 years old and unfinished) is at … I even have my own fanclub! :crying: What is the world coming to?

Anyway, I got into Lucid Dreaming several years ago, and I realize that it has the potential to revolutionize the whole games industry. So after I make 30 million dollars off my next game ( :content: ), I’ll have to settle down and start work on a LD induction device… Yeah, right…

If you’d like to see more of my work, I have an old resume at

hey there, chris is my name in real life and in the dream world… but on the internet i’m CCHawk… i’m 16, live in california… and am really interested in dreaming :content:

about three years ago a friend of mine told me all about how he could control himself in dreams after realizing it was a dream and about how cool it was. i thought that sounded awesome, but he didn’t know how he did it he just said he could. so i figured he was probably just making stuff up, then about four days ago i saw this site and read about lucid dreams. i got interested again and i actually had my first , yet short, LD last night.

i hope to build my skills in becoming lucid and i have to dedicate all my thanx to this site… i couldn’t have understood that it was possible without it. thanx pasQuale! your site is the best! :smile:

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I am Martin,17 year old german pupil.
I started lucid dreaming when i was very young,i had bad nightmares and so i needed a way to “escape” them.But i somehow lost this skill,for many years i did hardly remember any dreams.
What i never lost is that i like philosophie and discussing other “abstract thoughts”.
I think i am interested in different realities for a very long time,first i liked those stories about wiches and giants and stuff.Later i got interested in the heritage of Tolkien :wink: .And finally i am at a point where i really want to get there,the two big possibilities seem to be drugs and dreaming (Or related stuff,such as trance).I am a quite careful person,so dreaming became my first choice,and this is how i discovered my lost skills…
I don´t have lucid dreams often,perhaps 1 LD in one or two months,but i still love it.However,these dreams come without using a special technique,so i hope i can improve the frequenzy.But either i am too lazy or i haven´t found the right technique yet…
I consider myself as open minded.I like poems,surreal drawings,books and music: hiphop,rock,metal,triphop,reagge etc.
About my name (already posted this):
On the old forum i called myself “dreamwalker”.

I first came to this when i just replaced the word sleep in “sleepwalker” by dream.Then i recognized that dreamwalker is also used in (aboriginee?) mythologie,So it´s kind of bun.
But cause this forum is so international (which is very cool,imho) i decided to change it to “Traumgänger” (that´s the word for dreamwalker in my own language)


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I am AJ, a 15-years-old pupil, and I live in the Lofoten island group, Norway. More info:

Earlier I have had a little felling of that LDing was possible, like that it was possible to “control your dreams”, but I didn’t have any actual experiences with it, and I couldn’t find any more info on it, so I didn’t get any interested in it. Until… A few months ago, I was browsing on the site, and found a link there. I instantly became interested in LDing through this site (I highly recommend it for newbies), and now I have been into LDing for a while (4months). I have tried WILDing a bit, but I didn’t get anywhere with it (I don’t have all the patience in the world you see), so now I am trying on DILD. “Lucid thinking” is becoming more and more a part of my every-day life. My lucid dream curve is very unstable, so I can’t say how many LDs I have per months, the best thing to say is that I have them now and then. And I also have a lot of lucid awakenings (when you awake directly after realising you’re dreaming). Earlier I considered dreams to be like “another state”, like, unclear, not-real, but now I have discovered that dreams can be as real as reality, and you’re even more certain that you are awake in dreams than in reality. So there’s no wonder not everyone is LDing now…

My nick comes from the “Lucidity X 1000” command which is used to increase lucidity.

Hey, I’m 16 year old guy called Dane. I have schizophrenia, and dealing with it has lead me to think about alot of things more deeply, the world of dreaming and the likes being one of them. But apart from that I’m pretty much a typical teenager.

I’ve been interested in dreaming for as long as I can remember, but I only found out about lucid dreaming just under a year ago. And yeah, thats probably all you need to know.

Hello Peeps, my real name is Joe, the reason i use hubbs b/c that name is my hero and i like it as a nickname. I am 19 years old and i live in South Florida (oohhh what a great State). How i’d get here? Good question… I think it all started back when i thought a Ld was real and i was really dreaming and vice versa. But before all that, i always loved dreaming and i awlays use them to escape reality and play in my wonderful head of mine. I did not know what i was doing in dreams were lucid untill i saw things about lucid dreaming. I saw that movie Waking Life and it had so much conversation…i loved it and i understood what i can do in my dreams. Then some how i found this web site. I thought it was cool b/c its people talking about dreaming and real private thoughts not much people like to talk about in the real world. So it made me comfortable to talk about things like now. Well i didnt know the things i were doing before in dreams were lucid, untill i read about it. I have read lots of different cases and other great stuff that i have never reached yet. But ever since i have thought about dreaming and talk about the subject , it hasn’t been as easy to take loose in my dreams anymore. But every once in a while, i become fimilar that i am dreaming , but i just fall back asleep . Well talking about the subject made it loose my senses of fun dreaming i guess. When i thought a Ld was real, wow what a crazy night. I remeber waking up from my bed 3 hours after the whole night ended thinking it was a dream, and didnt happen. Their is more about that subject some where else on this web site, so i am not going bother typing the story again. But anyways thats who i am and nice meeting you all and hopefully i am not way out their to see your point of views. Peace!!!

Hello all.

I am a 28 year old mother of two and I live in Bath in England. I work part time as a database programmer.

I have been interested in my dreams since I was a young child and I used to write down ‘interesting’ ones from an early age. Dream recall is something which I am quite good at, and I am using this to build up my lucid dreaming skills (hopefully).
I found this web site a few months ago and it has really sparked my interest in dreaming all over again. I have had about 7 lucid dreams this year, but I am hoping to improve this. My main problem is lack of time, stress and not enough hours in the day (not to mention disturbed nights!).

I have been trying out different dream induction techniques and have had a bit of success with some of them.

Well, that’s enough about me - l look forward to finding out some more about you others :content:

Hi everyone. “The details of my life are quite inconsequential.” I am into dream yoga which is why I use Tulku as my name here. I have schizoid personality disorder so me and Jabber are similar that way. This causes me severe social anxiety at times and I try to alleviate some of that with LD techniques. I’ve been doing dream yoga for about two years now and still feel like a beginner a lot of times. I am a student majoring in mythology and I am also a born again skeptic. On that note, I have recently become interested in remote viewing and its connection to LD (while still remaining sceptical). I look forward to sharing information with everyone here.


I was born in 1971, so I guess I am one of the older people here :smile:

Anyway, years (1992-1994) ago I wrote down all dreams I had, just for fun. I had a short period with LDs back then, but I didn’t know much about it. To me they just were some special kind of dreams.

In March of this year I started to experience some very strong Hypnagogic Hallucinations after waking up. At first I found this somewhat disturbing and I did some reading up on the Internet. This is how I got interested in dreaming again. I read some about LDing and recognized my ‘special kind of dreams’ I had in the past. I wanted to have those again and this is where my quest started. :smile:

Furthermore, I am a webprogrammer and musician.

I have always been interested in the area where philosophy and science meet. Since I got into LDing this has shifted somewhat to philosophy of consiousness, neurology, psychology and related area’s.

My name is Ulrik and i live in Denmark. I’m 15 years old and have been interested in LD’s for about 1½ year. However, i haven’t had much succes :-
(, only about 5 LD’s i think.
I’m very interested in computers, have done some programming but at the moment i don’t code much, but play around with photoshop and such.

I think that’s all :smile:

I was born in 1973 as Sex God.Since then im on the sexuall crusade trying to fulfill my mission on earth.Im doing very vell according to many sources.I envy my mistresses,but have to live with the fact ill never know their everlasting pleasure.

Ok enough of total honesty:)

When im not busy with everyday activities im totally into lucid dreaming.Had maybe 15 all togheter ,some of them i tend to see as obes.It all happened about year ago and now for over 7 mnths i havent had any:(
Besides that-i work at school as swimming instructor and in internet cafe as hmmm…dunno actually what im paid for here.My education is Sports University(unusuall uni for most countries,but we have it here).
Im very happy,very lucky and you wont believe it very pesymistic person.I mean i come from good family,i dont really have to worry for money for bills, and i consider myself really lucky.
Its just i dont really like this world and human specimen.Also i dislike the future which prolly holds aids or cancer or a stroke for me.Hate hospitals.I mind hospitals more than dying.
I believe life after death is everlasting obe.
And i like the sentence" absurd amount of sex"
Take care:)

Hello folks

I am 16-year old male student from Nurmo, Finland. My nick is FVM for Fucking Voodoo Magic. Those of you who have seen Predator 2 movie may have a clue what I’m talking about. Or then not :smile: . Anyway, there’s a scene where some guy shouted " Fucking Voodoo Magic! " with that kind of voice… You can’t describe it:rofl: .
My hobbies are hunting, fishing and photographing. I’m interested in art and architecture, especially modern. Although Skit has tried to brainwash me, I’m not into hiphop q-: .
I heard about lucid dreaming month ago. From Skit. Thx, man :content: . I had my first lucid dream three days later, and it was far out :cool: . Since then I haven’t had any, but I keep trying…

Hello every one, My name is Michelle and I am 14 years old. My starsign is Cancer.
I live in aus, in victoria. My fave things to do are horse riding (but i dont have my own horse yet :sad: ) and wicca, street hockey, doing things outside like gardening and bushwalking, and i like drawing. I can draw some pretty cool pictures :cool:
Since last year I have had an interest in witchcraft. All of it, like spells, blessings, holidays, dreams, the earth. I have always wanted to do something to do with dreams since ive never done anything major with them. (other than dream spells) and I stumbled upon this site from a link in some one elses guestbook. Well that was only two days ago and since then I have recorded two dreams and i cant wait untill i get my first lucid dream!
Bye :content:

Willows_Wicca, aren’t you also vote_rossy69? I am almost certain you are the same person but just checking :smile:

Anyway, while I am here, I might as well introduce myself…

My real name is Ty(ler), I am 16 years old, male, and live in Wisconsin, USA. The name tcomm comes from quite a while ago when I used it for this computer game called Total Annihilation. Actually, it was by browsing the TA (Total Annihilation) Universe boards that I first heard about lucid dreaming.

I have been interested since March of this year, but since then my interest has gone up and down at times, currently it is up :smile:. My “starsign” is Gemini in case you wanted to know, personally I don’t believe in that sort of thing.

My interests include Tennis, Computer Games, Graphic Design, Animation, Video Editing, Atheism, and saving the world! My ultimate goal is to figure out a way to fix the messed up culture in which most of us on this planet live our lives. Hopefully LD-ing will offer me the key to this problem.

Anyway, I look forward to posting on this forum, it certainly is the best LD forum that I have come across. I also look forward to meeting all of you and having some lively discussions. :cheesy:

eh all, yea my name is Corey, total n00b to the whole “experience” of LDing.

Im 16 yrs old and im from (<----)Toronto, Ontario, Canada. And yes, i do say “eh”, but not at the end of every sentence, and its not really hick-like either :tongue: .

my sign is Virgo (representin’ September) and my hobbies include sports like soccer, baseball, volleyball…what else?well most sports, except basketball. I like Exploring new places (and i need a new place to explore, so i figured, “hell, why not my mind”). Oh yeah, i like buildin stuff, but i dont get many chances to do that, hey i build a table once (yep,useless info). alright…well im outiez for the nite. see ya all l8er

My name is Kyle McDonald (hence kmcdonald, boring, I know) and I live in San Diego, California, am a senior in highschool and interested in: science and math [psychology, philosophy, neurology, chemistry, physics (+quantum, +superstring theory), artificial intelligence (main interest)], art (+photography, +painting, +drawing, +video, +audio, +graphic, +design, +digital), and aggresive skating (pretty good) and skateboarding (so-so). I spend most my time using computers to expand my interests in all these areas while learning more about many different programming languages, (Perl and ActionScript being favorites, but also Perl, ASP, LotusScript, Javascript (server side and client side), most of the **ML languages (ie, HTML, XML, Yahoo! RTML [evil], etc) and other things like QBasic that are so outdated I am not sure I want to mention them.

I first became interested in lucid dreaming a little over a year ago. I was lucky enough to have a 10th grade humanities teacher who was very into philosophy. I had never met anyone like that because I have been raised in a Christian home (and I am Christian) and most Christians tend to not be very open minded (in a bad sense, I guess a “good” sense of being open minded is when you are willing to except anything but base your beliefs on personal experience at what you can deduce for yourself). She taught the entire class practically the entire history of philosophy (and only myself and maybe two other people cared enough… :neutral: ) and I managed to get her to let me read a bunch of good classic novels pertaining to philosophy and get credit for it. So, we were talking one day about evidence for our existance and how we percieve things. She mentioned that a student she had once used what I now know to be dream control (basically like MILD but without becoming lucid, only controlling what is going to happen your dream before you go to bed) to find a coat she had lost (which was dropped behind a washing machine). I was amazed, but didn’t know anything relating to lucid dreaming at the time. As fate would have it, while looking for “The Repbulic” by Plato at the local library, I stumbled onto a book on lucid dreaming. I forget what it was called but it piqued my interest enough for me to go home and search the internet. Lo and behold, this site popped up and I read through it as fast as possible. I kept a dream journal and did reality checks for a week until I had my first lucid dream on the night of July 4th-July 5th. I had about 6 more lucid dreams over two months and stopped for the rest of the summer for no apparent reason. I regained interest in the winter and kept up a dream journal for about a week, getting lucid twice over two or so weeks. Recently, I have been able to keep a dream journal since a few weeks after I got out of school (dream diary>[My Dream Journal]) and have had a very succesful amount of lucid dreams. After an experiment was suggested to me by another user, however, 7 day period with a total of 9 lucid dreams, at least one per night, had ended. That was over a week now and I haven’t had a Lucid Dream since. I attribute this to my lack of reality checks, as I am only at 30 or so a day right now, the fact that I am having trouble remembering my dreams, and that I haven’t been having good (long) sleep recently. I predict, therefore, that tommorow (friday) I will be able to lucid dream in the morning using a 5 minute or less wake-back-to-bed method and do the experiment (pull a photo from my pocket and step into it). Wish me luck.

yes, i am vote_rossy69…but im so sick of that name ive used it too much. Any way, im gonna delete that other account if i can figure out how…is it possible?

kmcdonald, I find it interesting how you say most Christians tend not to be very open-minded. I couldn’t agree with you more! I too, was raised in a Christian(Catholic) household where any thoughts out of the ordinary were looked down upon.

Thankfully, I broke past that barrier and now I have my own perception of the world and think for myself I guess you could say (hence the term “freethinker”).

Also, good luck with your return to lucid dreaming. I agree that if you lose interest for a while it all goes down the tubes… happened to me and now I’m just coming back again. Hopefully you and I will be able to commit to it a little more this time. :smile:

My name is SKit (No, that’s not my real name :content: ). I don’t no where I picked that up, but there it is. I live in Nurmo, Finland(read: In the middle of nowhere). I’m interested in hiphop-music, and so is FVM, but he won’t admit it.