New here? shake hands with the rest of us :) [II]

This thread is for newbies (and oldbies) to introduce themselves.
Since it became too long I’ve started a new fresh topic – welcome to the club everybody :cool:

hereyou can see who has been shaken already :xmas:

Here is part III

I’ve been meaning to sign this thread for some time. What better time than at the start of a fresh new thread. :smile:

I’m a 24 year old male, I was born September 1978. I’ve been interested in dreams for as long as I can remember. I’ve been practicing for lucid dreams for over 10 years. I started naturally LD’ing when I was a child, and have used LD’s to abolish nightmares from my life. Dreams are a big part of my life and I love being part of a community that shares the same interest. :love: :blush: I stumbled across pasQuale’s website a few years ago, and have been active in the forum for some time. Thanks to this forum and it’s members, I’ve been able to advance my LD ability far beyond what I thought was possible. It’s a unique source of information and feedback that can’t be found any where else. :thumbs:

Well, I’ve been lurking here for about a year now mostly reading and not often posting. My previous identity was “lotus Esprit” on the old bbs. The lotus esprit is a lambourghini-ish sports car of the 80s. I’m not into cars… I just liked the name. Having forgot that password, I then recently moved on to “octavius.” I use that handle at several other message boards.

I am 18 years of age, born in the United States on September 9th of 1984. I am an agnostic (not athiest, and not necessarily christian anymore) I consider myself to be a well-rounded person with a good head on my shoulders. I’ve had a few lucid dreams throughout my childhood and have been fascinated by them ever since. Discovering this awesome type of dream had a name with piles of research behind it thrilled me. I enjoy experimenting with herbs and the like (yes, i do my research before diving in). Like DreamAddict, I have been opened to many new ideas and experiences through this forum and members. Thanks!

oct out

I come from England but now live in New Zealand.I’ve been interested in Lucid Dreams for about twelve years. Have gone through phases of keeping a dream diary a few times, but now have developed a fairly consisent habit. Probably average an LD once every 10 days or so.
I constantly dream about my schoolfriends which should be a good cue, as they are all still in the UK, but it doesn’t normally trigger a LD.
Have a tattoo of a question mark on my wrist which reminds me to RC regularly.
nice to meet you all.

I am nitau, or as a matter of fact nitau is what i call my subconscious. I am 15 years old, from Peru, had a few lucid dreams, and i am new here. hope i learn a lot from this site and i hope i deserve my title of “dreamer”.

Hi all the way from sweden :content:

New at the forum, and want to thank the owner of it…

For dreamers like us, this is a great place to be :content:


That’s what I’ve wanted to say!

My names Albert and I was born in '84 in Romania. My sudden interest in LD came to me this year, and luckily I stumbled across pasQuale’s truly amazing site.

I’m in the commercial aviation program, and I’m aiming to make a career out of it. I’ve lived in many places around the world and I was able to experience many cultures. I like many types sports, weightlifting, love nice girls, cars and planes, books…I also have an amateur interest in scientific ideas, philosophy, psychology, and I’m still trying to discover myself.

See ya around

Hi I’m Cam I’m 15/M/AR and just learned about lucid dreams.

Greetings, I’m Martin from United States. 19, very interested in lucid dreaming and psychology. Since my first lucid dream, I’ve had other prelucids and awareness dreams, but never as clear and as in control as my first.

i love ice and im called dro by my frens i have not had a lucid yet,but i have had a sleep paralisis once and havehad odd occurences at night like waking up with the light on then turning it off anf falling back to sleep then waking up in the morning and the light is on again wierd huh :bored: so nice to meechya all

Hey I’m Sanne and I come from the Netherlands, normally I am at the Dutch forum, but I see this is a great forum too! So I will be here more often now. My passion is dancing. And lucide dreaming too of course.

well i’m new to the forum, thought i’d stop by and say hi.

i’m chris, 21 from the UK. So far i have only had 1 lucid dream which came shortly after reading this site. Though i have had several dreams though in retrospect realised they where either Lucid dreams or Astral projections. My main goal right now is a conscious astral projection.

Hi I am 24, live in the states.
I have been practicing “natural light” all of my life.

Hello, everyone. My (false) name is Arree. I am 14 and I live in the United States. Yippie.

I have had two lucid dreams that I can remember, one just recently.

looks around the forum I like this place. It seems Newbies are more welcome here than at any other message board I’ve been to. :content:

Yeah I love this place. I never understood why so many boards are really rude and nasty to the new people. It seems unessesary.

Hello everyone!
I just found this website 2 days ago and had a LD last night, after doing some of the techniques listed here (not my first, though.) I have also had those near OBE’s where you accelerate at astronomical speeds, hear a strange hi pitched sound, feel fully conscious, and it is very scary (I have never gotten to the part where you “pop” out of the body though.)

This is a great service to the world community, and will be here before I go to sleep a lot because I think it will help me have many more LD’s! I believe LD’s are a great way to connect to one’s spirituality. You can accomplish a lot in your dreams.

Glad to be here with you all!

howdy strangers :happy:
i’ve been reading posts for a few days now and they’ve been getting me really excited- i just wanted to jump in and say hi and thanks for the words.
i’m from ny, i’m a philosophy student, i’m a stereotypical pisces.
and i’m a beginner in the dream world… i was telling a friend about how frustrated i was that i don’t remember my dreams, when i remember having amazing lucid dreams as a kid and in incredible detail. so he got me hooked on the idea of lucid dreaming, and now I’ve got a small group of friends interested are we’re trying this all out together. so far it’s been a week and i’m amazed at how much more rich and detailed my dreams are getting… anyway, i’m truly enthused. and i look forward to meeting you,

:wiske: Hi, I am a 16 yrs old and frm New Zealand and I have recently just found out that lucid dreaming exists and trying to find out as much info as possible on the subject because it all seems very fascinating and I’d love to be able to do it.

Ok ok, I never have introduced myself so here I am!

I’m DM7 aka DreamMaster7. Age 18. A high school student (senior) and will graduate this year (2003). I’m deaf which mean I can’t hear anything (it doesn’t mean I’m retarded alright). I have been dreaming since I was very young. I even play out my dream with my friend and we were in a contest to see who can recall their dream the most. After that, I never can stop recalling my dreams. I’m a very avid LDer. If I don’t recall my dreams for a while, I feel something is missing as if I have lost 1/2 of myself. I have discovered the world of LD before I knew it was called lucidity. I just can’t stop dreaming! I also have several artworks inspired by my dream. I’m working on a lot of pictures in pastels, I haven’t scanned them in yet. I’ll tell you when I have them scanned. :happy: For my future, I’m planning to become a cg artist (animator). Umm, what else? :confused: I can’t think and I think it’s enough already. :shrug:

Hi! I am a 17 year old male and live on the east coast of the USA. I have heard about lucid dreams before but never really looked into it. I have decided to start a dream journal and to try to achieve LDs in an attempt to relieve stress, sort some things in my life out, and to just have some fun.