The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic XII

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Welcome to The Big “Hi, I’m new here!” Topic - part 12.

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This topic is to prevent the forums from being cluttered with individual “Hello, I’m new to this forum, nice to meet Y’all” topics.
So now we have a whole BIG topic where everybody can introduce themselves.

So if you are new and want to say ‘Hi’ to the rest of us, this is an excellent place to do it!
Of course, anyone is welcome to post in this topic, not just the new members.
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This forum is hot !!
i luv it

Lucid Dream party… go !!!

Thanks Streetspirit, a forum is a collective input from all its members :smile:

Welcome btw :smile:


Hello everyone. I’m Eclipse, and I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, and filmmaking. Always liked this site, finally decided to join the board. Very interested in persuing ld’ing. :peek:

Hi Eclipse :smile:

Welcome aboard!
Interesting hobbies! and also like dreaming!

Good luck with getting lucid dreams and i wish you a good time here!


Thanks. I’ve never had success with ld’ing in the past, but with my recently renewed interest, I’m sure I’ll have some luck! :tongue:

Hello everyone-
I found this site a few days ago and finally got around to joining up. I have been having vivid dreams all of my life, some of which involved dreaming about future events which would happen exactly as I had dreamed them.

I never really thought about talking about this with others or doing any research about it until Richard Linklater’s film “Waking Life” played at the movie theatre where I was a projectionist. I was blown away by the movie and immediately went to the library to see if they had anything on lucid dreaming. I picked up a copy of Stephen LaBerge’s “Lucid Dreaming” and since then, I have been keeping a dream journal, doing dream experiments, and incorporating lucid dreaming into my writing. Unfortunately, I haven’t really had anyone to talk to about these things- until I came here! I’m looking forward to talking to other dreamers and hopefully improving my own dreaming skills!

Hiya sawin! That book is somewhat out-of-date. Check “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming”, the wikibook (see my sig) and, of course, the forum! Especially if you like reading dream anecdotes. :smile:

hello r3m0t-
thanks for the tip but don’t you worry- a now dog- eared copy of “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming” sits on my shelf! I picked it up right after I read “Lucid Dreaming.” Now its time to check out this wikibook you speak of…

I’m another new guy. Being in college requires lots of work, so if I can have fun while sleeping, being awake won’t be so dull. I guess that’s why I went here.

Hey, :wink:

Just joined today, fresh from a forum collapse. This place looks good, heaps of new things i gotta read now :tongue:

Im 18/M and live on the west coast of Australia. Interested in everything, practice Astral Projection/Oobe and want to luid dream but so far no sucess.

Guess ill go look through some threads.


I’m Rosee :grin:
I had some LD’s and I want more, so that’s how I get here :smile:
see ya

Welcome Beefotronx! :smile:

Wish you much fun here and happy dreams!


Welcome friendly Xisdence, hope u feel at home here and enjoy all topics and posts!

Wish you many lucid dreams!

Hi rosee great that u already experienced what lucid dreaming is!

Welcome and happy dreams! :peek:


hey, im iandude. yeah, im new here, but im not new to lucidity. I usually have a lucid dream every night. I do other stuff to, but i night im all about lucidity. Just thought I’d say hi, so, hi!

Hi iandude welcome aboard!

Great to have such a talented ld dreamer here then!
Hope you like the forum and all topics.



Welcome :smile:

Lucid ever night! Awesome :cool:

I look forward to reading your posts.

:eh: Lots more new people. :grin:
Welcome to the ld4all community
StreetSpirit, Eclipse, sawin, BeefotronX, Xisdence, Rosee and iandude :wiske:

It’s a really friendly forum with a lot of information about luci dreaming. :content:

Hey everyone,

My names Luke, I am also Puppet Master on Sea Life, and I’ve been really interested in Dreams for a while now, and I think it’s great to have a community of people with the same interests, especially with something as great as dreaming :smile: My hobbies are Drumming, Basketball, BMX, Music, and DREAMING :content: Hope to get to know you all better :smile:

  • Luke

Hi everyone, :smile:
I like the site and the forum very much, I had many many lucid dreams since 4 years ago aprox. not every night (unfortunatly) but in average once a week, but my mind tends to “normalize” the dreams and what i most often dream is a semi-lucid dreams in wich I can do amazing things and play around but then when i awake i know i was’n’t fully lucid because i would do other planned things. Also I find for me very easy to start the process of astral projecting but I actually have never done it this way because of fear. And I knnow is no sense to have fear but being in the moment is different than thinking reasonally about it. That’s why i joined to the forum, to share my expiriences and try to break throu that invisible barrier with your help hopefully.