The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic XI

Well the stupid forum thing blocked out the word “poop” so i couldnt make my name right, so i had to use two zeros…

Anyway i am pOOp from Dreamviews, and i have came here to continue my journey in lucid dreaming.

I have set up a temporary DV replacement, … dont forget the 3.

Nice work poop!
i sure will take a look there, already did but will do again!
And become a member!

Lord soth has posted this at dreamviews lifeboat also.

Great now ppl wont feel so lost anymore!

I’m thinking of New Zealand today as my kid sister turned 30 and she’s now living in Welington.

I’ll stick a link to your site on the next upload of my site Tom.

As long as all the LD websites are well linked then its not a problem and its nice when those websites come from a personal perspective cause everyone experiences these altered states differently.

hello all im new to this community and my name is mike, i’ve been a lucid dreamer since i was younger and i have a interesting lucid dream experience to share, that has effected me for years, since i was younger i’ve always had some experiences when i take controll of a dream i would walk around and see my own body then i would fight my own body in some lucid dreams from fist fights to straight out brutal fighting, i’ve even killed my own body in some of the fights, sometimes my own body has even killed me, when it does kill me i wake up or go into a really nasty sleep paralysis for a bit then wake up, well time is against me at the moment i’ll post more of my experiences when i get the time, hope to share some nice experiences with you all !

:thumbs: WELCOME TO THE FORUM! This is a great place to be to learn about LDs and to share/see other peoples experiences. Enjoy your stay here!!![/img]

Welcome GuiltyKojin :wink:

Great that you already know what a lucid dream is.
Then you also can share your lucid experiences with us!

I moved your intro to the gathering!
The link below is called The BIG "Hi, I’m new here! where we all introduce ourselves when we are new!
So ppl can read that you are arrived and say hello to you and welcome!
Plz introduce yourself there. :smile:

Click this link!

Hi! I’ve been lurking this site for a few years now. I stumbled on it after my first lucid dream long time ago. My lucid dreams have become more frequent lately, so I’ll start posting them. :smile:


cool…hope you enjoy being a member :smile:

Once you put your head in you`re hooked:)

lol Jack i love your icon!

and me your taste:)

Hey Chris

Welcome, I’m new here too. lol, Jack’s icon is hilarious :lol:

That’s far too long to lurk. But welcome!


The adventure continues.

Or begins, rather.

Enough spooky-talk. Welcome to the forum, lookin’ forward to seeing you.

Hello swm, and WELCOME.
“The adventure continues”…I like that. Reminds me of having a full memory of a past life.

That’s got to be the shortest introduction post I’ve ever read here :tongue:

Welcome swm! I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here (with lots of LDs ofcourse :wink: )

Happy dreaming! :happy:

PS. We actually have a BIG “Hi, I’m New Here!” Topic. You can find it here.

Wow U lurked for years. That is a long time. Well you joined now and we are glad to have you. Welcome. :smile:

Glad to hear your lucid dreaming is progressing. I look forward to hearing about your experiences.

Welcome and have a lucid dream!