The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic - Part XXI

Welcome to The Big “Hi, I’m new here!” Topic - part XXI

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Part XXI - You are here :hurray:!

This topic is to prevent the forums from being cluttered with individual “Hello, I’m new to this forum, nice to meet Y’all” topics.
So now we have a whole BIG topic where everybody can introduce themselves.

So if you are new and want to say ‘Hi’ to the rest of us, this is an excellent place to do it!
Of course, anyone is welcome to post in this topic, not just the new members.

Hi there. I am new here I had just joined up today. I don’t know why I just said that being as I just said I was new here. Anyways ummm just thought I would say that. How do you like my sig saying?

Hi everyone.I’m not “that” new,but I
forgot to post here and say hello when I
first signed up.So HELLO!!

He He.The fools.They’ll never suspect this as
being just another attention seeking ploy of
mine.:plotting: Well not unless they’re
smart enough to scroll all the
way down here. :bored:

Hello Sasskitten and Spreaderoffear welcome to LD4ALL. I hope that you have fun here and enjoy the message board. There is alot to learn and enjoy. Im still relatively new here myself. I hope you have fun and welcome aboard.

:wave: hello Sasskitten
I always have trouble coming up with intro posts too. it’s always hard to think of what to post :eh:
btw the yellow text in your signature is a little difficult to read… orange would be easier or a different colour.

/me waves to Spreaderoffear and tries not to be afraid :scared:

:eh: /me spots Spreaderoffear’s attention seeking ploy but it is too late :tongue:
/me has replied :user:

my name is dan - but i got my stage name danny viper while playing music for a while in the twin cities - land of 10,000 rules. People thought the name was pretty over the top…i think it’s pretty funny…

i’ve been interested in lucid dreaming for several years, but have never really put a good effort into making it consistently happen. i read a book by stephen labarge (sp?) - and i started having a few lucid dreams here and there a few years back - after doing some of the exercises - reality checks, etc.

then for some reason, when i wasn’t even practicing or paying attention, i had some really great lucid dreams - usually in the morning when i slept in…then, after i had a really good one, i’d get into this pattern of trying to do the exercises, and nothing would happen for weeks, and then when i’d stop the exercises, and a month later another great lucid ream would happen. it drove me nuts - i love having lucid dreams, and i want more, more, more…so i’m going to increase my effort. but sometimes it seems the more i try, it’s almost like the wrong thing for me to do…nothing happens - i don’t even remember my dreams…

i really enjoy the website, and hope to learn alot, you might see some of my rambling postings like this one - that’s just part of what i do…i’m actually pretty laid back…


:wave: hello dannyviper
it’s great to read more about you. I noticed your first topic a few days ago ( my dreams come to me when i’m wide awake ) and found it very interesting.
I look forward to reading more of your ‘rambling posts’ :grin:

Hiya everyone, I indeed am also new.
My name is Lucy and I live in Birkenhead; but you won’t have heard of it, so I’ll say Liverpool, which is near enough.
Anyway, I don’t think I’ll be a regular poster, as I’m more a reader than a typer but we’ll wait and see. I tell you what i do love about this forum, [of course the highly interesting subject matter] but also the nice BIG writing, to spare mine eyes. Cheerio!

Howdy Jolly_Jaguar I hope that you will like this site I enjoy the site very much everyone is friendly :smile: . I never been to England but I am sure that it is a wonderful country with the Monarchy they have over there. Im still relatively new here and am glad that I am here. I hope that you have fun working on your dreams this site will help you. I hope you stay around.

:grin: /me knows where Birkenhead is :happy:
There are quite a few members from the UK here :peek:
:wave: hello Lucy
If you enjoy reading, there are a lot of topics to read here containing loads of information. So it will keep you busy for a while :tongue: and if you ever get bored there is always the wolfgame or the playground :wink:

Hey all!
Well, I don’t know what to say here… :smile: I’m new and am excited to start LDing! (Isn’t everyone? Lol.)
I’ve only ever had one lucid dream, and that was when I was a really little kid. I didn’t really think much of it then, but recently I heard someone talking about controlling their dreams, which fascinated me. So here I am! We’ll see how it goes…

Later, guys. Oh, and happy Friday.

:welcome: hello krisha
:thumbs: I hope your second LD happens soon.
if you remember your first one from years ago, you may like to post it in the my first LD topic in the dream diary forum. we also have the earliest dream i remember sticky topic in the stuff of dreams forum :smile:

Hey, I might post my dream. Sounds like a good idea! Of course, I’m still exploring this site, so I’ll probably get sidetracked and find something else to do! :wink: Anyway, thanks for the warm welcome. Can’t wait to LD again, this is so cool!


You’re right about it being cool! :cool: Whenever you’re ready, feel free to post your LD (and hopefully other dreams) in the Dream Diary section of the forum. :smile:

BONJOUR! the names Bridget.
I am new here as well… i am really intrested in lucid dreaming, i’ve just recently heard of it and have never experience a lucid dream so it is something i am looking forward to!

:grin: Bon jour back Birdiewhore. Interesting name!


kore kist here, and happy to be a new member.
the dream journal i usually visit is down, and i got jonesing for a fix. this forum looks great, lots of nice folks, and fun to be had.
i’m 29, live in ottawa, am a woman, eat no refined foods (i mention this cause i’m white-knuckling it at the moment-GIVE ME ICECREAM!!!-, and also cause i find they inhibit good/lucid dreaming)
I guess lucidity in both dreaming and waking life has long been a goal of mine. glad to hook up with others on the same groove.



you like icecream!
Thats good isn`m t it!
My favorite food!

:welcome: hello Bridget and kore :smile:
some people are lucky Bridget and experience their first lucid dream not long after first hearing about them :grin: , so I hope you don’t have long to wait before your first one.

hi kore, I think you would love the cloud forum and the dream diary forum :boogie: it’s great to see you here :wiske:

Hey, another newbie here.

Just wanted to say hi to everyone.

Welcome aboard indifferent I hope that you like this forum. I have been here for about 2 months now and I enjoy it alot. There is alot of information that can help you with Lucid Dreams. Ask questions because there are alot of people that will try and help you. So sit back and explore and enjoy.