The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic - Part XX

:welcome: hello Vishakha
as wolf says it is a very friendly forum full of helpful members :smile:

/me uses :look: and sees
*Wolf waves to nice mod who will move this to the big topic :wave:
/me bows :bow: and obeys

Thankies Moog. :grin:

yeeaahhh, i’m new here. i’m currently in the middle of my second attempt of becomig lucid, i tried about a year ago, kept a dream journal and all that jazz for about 1.5 months and i got frustrated and gave up. sept 5th of this year i started logging my dreams again in hopes of eventually attaining lucidity… good luck me!

Hey, my name’s Mac and I’m new, although not too new, at lucid dreaming. I’ve had some lucid dreaming before learning what it actually was, but now that I actually have some in depth techniques, I plan to do it a lot more…

Not much to add, probably do my best to lurk around :grin:

:wave: hello Adam3b58 and Macster
I hope you manage to reach your goal of lucid dreams this time Adam :thumbs:

/me waves to the lurker to be … Macster :wave:
/me will look out for a lurking eagle :wink:

hey all the new ppl:P, i failed to LD again, but the self hypnosis did work, i fell asleep within 20 minutes:D i’ll try again tonight and i’m still random RC-ing so maybe i’ll LD soon:D, well i’m at school now so i have to go again

Hi, i’m new to this forum, but i’m a regular member of where i’m a dreamguide going under the same name.
I’ve been studying lucidity since last february, and i’ve had maybe half a dozen lucids since then. Lucidity is fun, but i’m more interested in interpretations.
I don’t know how much i’ll be over here, probably only when DV goes down…i need somewhere to go…

:welcome: hello irishcream, we are always glad to be able to help dreamviews members keep in touch with each other if DV has any downtime. Plus the informative posts from DV members are always welcome. I hope DV is back really soon for you; I know I feel like I’ve lost an arm if LD4all is down for a few hours :cry:

Good luck sirius)(black :thumbs: when you get a LD remember to post it in the dream diary forum :wink:

hey irishcream, i don’t know what DV is about but don’t go setting your life to the interpretations too much, it’ll screw up your life cos they’re about as sccurate as a horroscope, or at least i think they are, can never be 100% sure tho

looking for interpetations in dreams is interesting sirius. it can often make you notice something that wouldn’t have occurred to you otherwise. and it’s fun :smile:

I’m new here. I am a girl from Finland and I’m 17 years old. I have been interested in some kind of a spiritual world since I was 14 and I got more into dreams and astral projection when I was 15. Lack of self discipline has probably been the reason why I haven’t gotten many results with lucid dreaming… but I am trying and last summer I wrote down my dreams every morning. Now it’s getting hard because I’m in high school and I have to get up at a certain time and even that’s stressful and makes me forget dreams! Oh well! I am mostly positive about my future and if I try well enough I can have great dreaming experiences.

Hey everyone! ^^

I’m yet again another member from DV, since the forums were down earlier. They’re up again now, but I registered a username anyway just to get to know you guys, and look for an alternate perspective on things :smile: Even though DV is my home, I’ll try and come here as much as I can.

For those of you who don’t know me my name is Alex and I’m 15 years old. I’ve been into LDing for about a year, and have had about 7 or 8 LDs, most low lucidity, although I did manage to have 1 WILD. Besides LDs, I’m into computers, videogames (RPGs all the way w00t :razz:), and music (progressive, art, and psychedelic rock).

well cya guys around (oh, and sorry, my introduction posts always turn out terrible :razz:)

Welcome fourth_esper :content:
Nice to have another DV-member :smile: I hope you will often come here . And your introduction post isn’t terrible :smile:

Welcome valkyr :wave:
I have the same problem, in vacation and weekends I remember my dreams better. But I see that now I recall my dreams more. I remember them better, sometimes only a little bit, althought it’s school. Good luck with LD’ing and I hope you wil post some experience :smile:

And off course :welcome: to all the other members I haven’t welcomed yet :smile:

DV is a bit like this site…interpretation is just what i choose to do, and as far as it goes, i don’t have any experiences of it screwing up my life…on the contrary, i find it’s enriched me in some ways as a person, made me more open minded. I love being able to shut my eyes at night, and go back to that place inside my mind.

:wave: hello valkyr and fourth_esper
welcome to LD4all :grouphug:

:thumbs: that’s the right attitude :happy:

fourth_esper … as soon as I saw your nick, I thought the early final fantasy games :hurray: and now you say you are into rpgs :boogie: I hope you find LD4all a nice home from home whenever you can’t get to DV :grin:

well, i… whatever, i was wrong, but i meant thet you don’t want to force it to happen,

and again welcome all of those who registered last day, i don’t think i’ll last saying hello every day so this is probably the last time i’m saying hello to all the newcomers that registerd(cos i’m one too actually:P), could opening your eyes when falling asleep help? if so, do you know when you fall asleep? is there a feeling or annything?

hi all, just joined up. Never actually tried lucid dreaming yet, nor has one ever ocurred naturally, my friend told me about his freind who used to be into it, you know how these things get started.
Always wanted to try it, so here goes.


hey, be prepaired for a looonnnggg time to train LD-ing, or not, you may turn out to be a natural, just work on your DR then except if you allready can remember them then it’s the first one:P off course you can allso(like me) have to train them both:P

:welcome: hello nelson, welcome to LD4all.
you’ll find we are a friendly place and there is a lot of valuable information about LDing in the big sticky topics and elsewhere

so have fun browsing :grin: and I hope you experience your first lucid dream very soon :wiske:

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