The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic - Part XXI

Heya everyone. I’m not really new here, but i’ve come back with a different username after a lifeage of inactivity (i completely lost my other username’s info). I’ve committed to pick up the practice of LD’ing. I’ve only had one LD so far (about 3 years ago) and i still remember it was one of the most amazing experiences… furthermore i think its just a lot of fun keeping track of your dreams and seeing them all catalogued in a diary.

Hope to spend a lot of time on this forum (which aids the WBTB ofcourse, now theres the best excuse you can have!)

Sweet dreams,


Just stumbled on to this site and decided I liked it and joined. Look forward to lots of reading. I will read everything I can before I post to avoid reduntant posts. Thanks for having me! :grin:

:wave: welcome to LD4all indifferent and CoralRives
:welcome: welcome back Gerben
I wish you all good luck on your lucid quests :grin:
:happy: Welcome to the wonderful world of Lucid Dreaming and of course the LD4ALL forum (the friendliest forum around):boogie:

I’m kind of a newbie to LD’ing, but let me explain …

Before I even knew what LD’ing really was, I would have extremely odd dreams in which everything became accutely intense. I would have odd sensations in my body during these dreams, often accompanied by sleep paralysis, which for me is a terrifying event. I noticed that in these dreams, I would be in familiar surroundings, but the lighting would be a bit odd–sconces in my hallway, fixtures where they weren’t supposed to be etc–and sometimes gravity would be shifted in the wrong direction. Anyhow, a lot of these experiences were unpleasant and I developed insomnia because I was afraid of falling asleep lest I should have another of these bizarre experiences. After several times of waking in the morning with sleep paralysis (at the time, I didn’t know what this was, I thought maybe I was having seizures or something), I decided to research it a bit. Now, with a better understanding of what’s going on, I’ve finally allowed myself to calm down when I can’t move my body, relaxing into the LD. But I get so excited I get yanked out of the dream and jolt awake… :o(

I’m starting a dream diary, and I hope to set aside time each day to visit the forum in order to assist the recovery of my LD’s.

Guess that’s kind of a long hello, but … HELLO! :oP

Oh, and if pasQuale happens to read this, what’s up with the paintings that accompany each section of the website? They’re quite intriguing!


Hi Nathan, welcome to LD4all :content:

I hope you will be inspired to explore your dreams even more :smile:

The paintings are mine, some of them from my dreams, others intuitively painted. Glad you like them :content: In the mirrors are details, not the total paintings.

Hi everyone!
I’m pretty new to the whole LD thing, and I actually got into it almost by accident. My friend and I have been looking into OOBEs, and, although I never got anywhere near as far with that as he did, I soon found that my dreams were getting more vivid (I’ve always remembered my dreams extremely well (usually at least two a night), which I gather helps with LDing). And then one night a couple of months ago it just sort of clicked … in one of my dreams, I suddenly realised “this is a dream”, and kind of stopped reacting to the things in my dream - and after that, I found I could do pretty much anything I wanted to. (That was so cool, the first time I discovered I could do whatever I felt like in my dreams. :smile: )
And like I said, it just sort of clicked at that point … I’m usually aware I’m dreaming in pretty much all my dreams (although I mostly go along with them), and I can say “I don’t like this dream, I’m leaving it” when I want to. And sometimes I will sort of wake up in my dreams (this mostly happens if I decide I don’t like the dream, and decide I want it to stop), and those are what I think are LDs.
So anyway, I started looking into this thing I’d suddenly discovered I could do, and I ended up here. I really hope I can learn some more about LDs here, as pretty much everything I know is what I’ve figured out myself … is there any particular place recommended to start on?
Great to be here! :smile:


I could tell I wasn’t seeing everything contained in the paintings, but what I could see showed a great talent! I was especially fond of the painting that accompanied the “nightmare” section. Is there somewhere online where I can view your work? Have you ever sold any of your works?


Hi Talhonjik, welcome to LD4all :smile: Well, instead of waking up when you realise you are dreaming, there is loads of more interesting stuff to do instead of waking up :smile:
Starting point, read the main site if you havent done so already, and maybe the ‘fav thing to do in a LD’ thread in the diary section, to give you inspiration for the next time you realize you are dreaming :smile:

@nate: thanks :content:, well I don’t have an online gallery, and i never sold anything. The pictures in the mirrors is all there is for now online. I might post something in my Qreation thread in the garden. I’m also thinking of making a LD4all calendar or maybe cards or posters with reproductions of the paintings that are in the mirrors.

Hi all! My name is Antoni Garibaldi, but you can call me Gari. I’m just an ordinary guy from The Netherlands, 19 years old.
I’m not entirely new to lucid dreaming; I discovered pasQuale’s web-site a couple of years ago and became interested. I followed her tips and had my first lucid dream a few weeks later.
I kept a dream journal for a while, but somehow I forgot it or lost interest. Now I’ve decided to get back into lucid dreaming, so I thought it was a good idea to join the forum (both the Dutch one and this one).

I hope I’ll get the inspiration and advice from other members around here and share my own with you. I hope I’ll enjoy my stay, if not: I’m out of here soon :smile:

Garibaldi, I saw your name and I didn’t thought you were going to say “hi I am new” thought you already did it, but I was confused with the dutch forum (I have that more lately, gerbenvanetten is from the dutch forum too, isn’t he?)
But anyway Welcome…
You write on the dutch forum some interesting posts, I hope you will do that here too :smile:

Thanks! :smile: I’ll always try my best to contribute something usefull to forums. But since my Dutch is much better than my English, expect my Dutch post to be more interesting than my posts here :tongue:

Hey Garibaldi, welcome here too :happy:

:wave: hello natxavier, Talhonjik and Garibaldi
welcome to the LD4all community :happy:

Welcome to all our new members, I’ve seen a couple of you around the forum already but nonetheless it’s always nice have someone say “Welcome”

Hi everyone.
I didn’t know there was a hi i’m new here topic so this isn’t exactly my first post. Anyway this place is huge for a subject I only heard about a year or so ago. If you ever see my pseudo on another site it’s probably me because it’s so rare. Hope you like my sig.

First of all, sorry for my english, I’m still learning it!

Since 18 years old, now I’m 29, I’ve experimented spontaneous SP. Three years ago I realized that LD are gates to SP and studied LaBerge’s “Exploring the world of LD”. From 2002 to now, I’ve had 38 LD and 4 “induced” SP. In order to increase this statistics and have SP at will, I think that first is necessary to have LD at will. So that is the reason for I’m here: to learn how to have LD at will, and found what is the best technique considering my own physic and psychic features.

Well, greetings to all and see you soon!


:wave: hello Harkell and Ulises, welcome to LD4all
sig …

:lol: Harkell I have heard that sig before :tongue:
And it is fun browsing the forums here Harkell, you never know what you will find :smile:
Ulises, have you seen “How to Choose Your Technique” it will help you to decide which tech may work the best for you :content:
I wish you both lots of lucid dreaming :grin:

Hello everyone :colgate:

I’m new to this forum, so I decided to introduce myself properly…anyways, I’m a 2nd-year college student, found this forum after looking for lucid dreaming sites. I’ve had some control over my dreams for quite some time now (probably from when I learned to wake up during nightmares), and I’m trying to get as many lucid dreams as possible…mostly for fun.

So yeah…I probably won’t post that much due to my busy schedule, but I’ll definitely try to read the posts, and hopefully it’ll be fun here.

:welcome: hello rahidz2003
thanks for dropping by to say hello to everyone :grin:

Hi everybody,
Im new here to this forum and have only just found this part of it so im introducing myself. I am: 14 in 2 days, in year 8 at Barker College, a part time theatre actor, and a first time LD a few nights ago (see here for more details
Just dropping in to say hello and brighten your day,