The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXIV

Welcome to The Big “Hi, I’m new here!” Topic - part XXIV

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Part XXIV- You are here :cheer:!

This topic is to prevent the forums from being cluttered with individual “Hello, I’m new to this forum, nice to meet Y’all” topics.
So now we have a whole BIG topic where everybody can introduce themselves.

So if you are new and want to say ‘Hi’ to the rest of us, this is an excellent place to do it!
Of course, anyone is welcome to post in this topic, not just the new members.

Hi everyone. I’ve been watching the forums for a while, and it seems like a great community, so I decided to join. I’m not exactly an expert dreamer, but hopefully I can learn from you guys :content:

Welcome, Kenneth!

You say you’re not an expert dreamer, so I’m guessing you either have a bad recall (you don’t remember your dreams) or you have trouble getting lucid. Either way, I suggest that you start a dream journal and take a look at the first steps forum.

Hope you like the forum! :grin:

A hi and welcome from Brazil,


are you saying showing all my teeth looks like I may bite :wolfbite: new members Bruno? :grin:

:welcome: Kenneth, welcome to LD4all :xmas:
most of our members are all learning to improve their dreaming abilities … some are just more advanced than others :wink:

Have you experienced a LD yet Kenneth? :eh:

Welcome kenneth !

And dont worry about not beeing too good to LD when joining , it took me months from joining to experience my first !

Another norwegian :hugs:

Thanks for the welcome guys :content:

moogle: I haven’t had an LD yet, but I’ve been close. Once a DC even told me outright: This is a dream… but I wouldn’t hear of it :tongue:

Hi all. Just found out about this place with a google search after experiencing a very intense 3 dream night. Seems like a nice community and I hope i can learn and also help some people out.

Been practicing dream recollection for about 2 years now and also astral projection which I gave up on after only one successful attempt.

Takes too long to get back into the ritual to get close to success so lucid dreaming it is it seems :smile: or both :wink:

:wave: hello plehrar :xmas: welcome to LD4all
since you have done astral projection in the past you may like to read some of our beyond dreaming forum

I hope you enjoy browsing and posting here and become an active member :boogie:

I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone Im new to the boards and I am really interested in my dreams probably because about a half a year ago or so I had experienced an LD but had no idea what it was and why it happened and after explaining it to my friend, he told me that I had what was called a “lucid dream”, So I looked it up online and came across this site. I’ve been practicing the WILD technique for about 3 weeks now but still haven’t gotten another LD. I keep a dreambook and frequently do RC’s, so hopefully soon ill be able to experience the excitement again.

:wave: hello Faria, welcome to LD4all
we have a “big my first LD collection” topic in the dream diary forum in which you may like to post your first LD, you can also start a dream journal in the dream diary forum if you wish. :happy:

:thumbs: good luck with your quest for lucidity :cool: I hope you get your next LD very soon :wiske:

Hi all, I am Shadowpballer (shadow paintballer)

I have lurked here for about 2-3 weeks.
I several months ago had a lucid dream, even though I did not know what a lucid dream was so I went on a search to find out more since it was pretty cool. So I hope with the info from this site+fourms I will be able to ascertain lucidly more often, and reliably.

Hello plehrar, Faria and shadowpballer! Welcome to the forum!

/me points out that there had only been new male members (wildguessing shadowpballer is a him) in this page.

Welcome shadowballer !

Good luck with LDs :thumbs:

/me thinks that bruno said is strange

Pffftt all females ever want to LD about is washing dishes and housework anyway :tongue:

I kid I kid

:content: Moogle is soooo going to kill you :colgate:

In the interest of doing everything exactly as I’m supposed to…

Hi! I’m new here!

I suppose I’ll say how I got into lucid dreaming.

I was surfing the web as usual and somehow got directed to some funky metaphysics page. One of the articles mentioned lucid dreaming, and it sounded amazingly fun. I had recollections of my few lucid dreams from when I was a little kid. Then I remebered that there was a dream journal on my desk! My rehab therapist (I’m not a druggie I swear!) had given it to me after I mentioned I got poor sleep and had scary dreams. “This must be a sign!” I thought, and typed in “dreams lucid” into google. I got this website and a bunch others, and started keeping a dream journal. I got EWLD at Barnes and Nobles, and have been having better dream recollection.

The exception is last night, I remember nothing, but I’m assuming that’s because I went to sleep 2 hours later than usual.

My main goal with lucid dreaming is to get lucid so I can stop having unpleasent dreams. All the dreams I’ve recorded in my DJ have negative themes, I’d like to fix that.

Then I want to have lots of illecit sex, fly around, smite foes, and meet my power animal, and maybe find the cosmic conciousness.

That may have been longer than neccesary. But, from the looks of it, everyone here is very nice and accepting and will probably take the time to read this and reply.

welcome DanielD :happy:

You might want to check the “tips for aspiring lucid dreamers” topic in the intro. I think you already read the main site too, if you haven’t please take a look, it has a lot of tips to become lucid as well :smile:

good luck on becoming lucid :content: :dream:

Welcome Daniel! :cool:

Hey, Wolf! Look at that! Another one like us! :happy:

Er—maybe not that much like us. Illicit sex means you’re underage in a state that prohibits you of having sex or… Well, nevermind. :grin: Some things are better left unsaid. :content:

Took me no time, you write very fluidly, I dare say your text tastes good. :colgate:

Well, considering your current aims, I suggest you start taking a look at the First Steps to Lucidity and Quest for Lucidity subforums. You could also try some of the ideas in Shortcuts if you’re into experimental stuff like changing your eating/sleeping habits or trying drugs (please check if they’re licit in your country, yes?).

If you want to discuss your nightmares and ask for some help, refer to the Stuff Dreams are made of, and consider, if you’re comfortable with it, starting a Dream Diary.

Well, hope this tour helped a bit. Be welcome to the forum!


:wave: hello shadowpballer and DanielD :grin:

DanielD, lucid dreaming is really good for unpleasant dreams… you can either just change them when you become lucid, or use the lucidity to find out what is causing them and so put an end to them altogether :smile:

/me goes :eek: at plehrar’s post

so all my LDs are :tongue:

/me :truit: plehrar

Member since : 26/12/05
I was linked here by Wikibooks

I learned about lucid dreaming a few years ago but never experienced one.
I wrote a dream diary and did reality checks for about a month, then my interest faded.

This time, I know a lot more about LD and, obviously, I joined this forum, which means I should stay motivated and actually achieve LD.

Three things I want to do with LD:

1- I want to create characters, locations and events I can use as writing or drawing subjects.
2- I want to have a direct access to my subconscious mind.
3- I want to experiment one of those “lifetime” dreams.

Languages spoken : French (native), English and Spanish

Nice to meet you all! :content:

Hi and welcome DanielD and Korrissias ! :hugs:

Nice to meet you !