The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic - Part XXIII

Shh…don’t tell anyone I take a look there every now and then… :shy:

Greetings, mates.
I’m Malikath the Dreamer, but you should call me Lobz.
I have remembered many of my dreams, controlled them (usually not quite “lucidly”) and – as it is called here – lucid dreamed for many years now, but it was Bruno who introduced me to this lovely site, a long time ago.
Personally I came here to share dream adventures with people who may be interested (and interesting), and to learn and dive deeper in the Dreamwhere.
I’m no good with names and forums, so don’t mind if I don’t appear too often.
I’d love to get to know you.

:cheer: MARINA! :cheer:

One of my Best Friends ™ is now another member of LD4All! :boogie: Yay!

See, Q! I’m advertising your site and you don’t even give me extra cookies for that! :grin:

:wave: hello Lobz :smile:
it’s great to meet a RL friend of Bruno’s :grin:

/me is sure that Bruno will give you a guided tour of the forum :content:

I hope you enjoy your time at LD4all :wiske:

If that’s Morse, Nameless, it’s too small to decipher. -_-

lo… im new here too ^^
i came here because of someone pasting a link on irc, it looks interesting and tonight ill be doing my first practice :wink:

:welcome: welcome to LD4all BombSki :grin:
now I am really curious about which member pasted the url :eh:

:thumbs: good luck for tonight :grin:

Hmm im not sure if it even was a member, it was someone i know from an online game… His nick is Bug and hes dutch as well.
thanks :wink:

edit: no hes not a member ^^

Writing like that is this forum’s way of speaking at low voice…:look:

Hello Bobski !

To the wonderful forums of ld4all ! :beer: :grin:

Hello Bombsky!
Now, this forum never ceases to grow, does it? ^.~

:welcome: BombSki!

There are two IRC channels related to this community, #ld4all and #dreamtime. You should click the chat link in the top of any Forum’s page to read a bit more about them.

Hope to see you on IRC and in the forum! :wink:

Hi all. :smile:

I was in to lucid dreaming about a year ago and just recently got interested again, so I decided to join the forum. We’ll see how often I actually get around to posting. :happy:

By the way, if anyone cares, I’m Tharenthel on the lucid dreaming wikibook. :cool:

You’re one of the Wikibook editors? WHOA!
I already adore you! That book is really handy!

Be :welcome: to this community, hope you have a lot of nice dreams! :content:

Hi and welcome !! :beer:

Welcome BombSki. You live very near to my place, you know. I saw you on the location Map and I wondered who you were, I ended up here. There’s also a Dutch LD4all, but I prefer the English one :grin:
I hope you will like it here

Hello Ngost, welcome to this forum. I hope you will have lots of fun here :content:

* Bruno hugs BlackAngel :hugs:

We love you too :cool:

:wave: hello Ngost, welcome to the LD4all community. :grin:

Moogle, don’t welcome people with that :grin: face! They will realize the truth!

Welcome to the forum, Ngost! :colgate:

this is a split topic - part XXIV can be found HERE :content: