The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic - Part XXIII

Hmm im not sure if it even was a member, it was someone i know from an online game… His nick is Bug and hes dutch as well.
thanks :wink:

edit: no hes not a member ^^

Writing like that is this forum’s way of speaking at low voice…:look:

Hello Bobski !

To the wonderful forums of ld4all ! :beer: :grin:

Hello Bombsky!
Now, this forum never ceases to grow, does it? ^.~

:welcome: BombSki!

There are two IRC channels related to this community, #ld4all and #dreamtime. You should click the chat link in the top of any Forum’s page to read a bit more about them.

Hope to see you on IRC and in the forum! :wink:

Hi all. :smile:

I was in to lucid dreaming about a year ago and just recently got interested again, so I decided to join the forum. We’ll see how often I actually get around to posting. :happy:

By the way, if anyone cares, I’m Tharenthel on the lucid dreaming wikibook. :cool:

You’re one of the Wikibook editors? WHOA!
I already adore you! That book is really handy!

Be :welcome: to this community, hope you have a lot of nice dreams! :content:

Hi and welcome !! :beer:

Welcome BombSki. You live very near to my place, you know. I saw you on the location Map and I wondered who you were, I ended up here. There’s also a Dutch LD4all, but I prefer the English one :grin:
I hope you will like it here

Hello Ngost, welcome to this forum. I hope you will have lots of fun here :content:

* Bruno hugs BlackAngel :hugs:

We love you too :cool:

:wave: hello Ngost, welcome to the LD4all community. :grin:

Moogle, don’t welcome people with that :grin: face! They will realize the truth!

Welcome to the forum, Ngost! :colgate:

this is a split topic - part XXIV can be found HERE :content: