The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic - Part XXIII

welcome radical_mutations :smile: Looking at your sig, you aren’t the only monty python fan here, :smile: pokes kenny

As for weird dreams, we have a weird dreams topic you might want to check out. And trust me on this, you are not the only one with weird dreams :content: Looking forward to read your DJ :smile:


:boogie: Hello The Wanderer and radical_mutations, and welcome to the forum! :boogie:

Hope you come to like it as much as I do :yes:

:wave: hello The Wanderer and radical_mutations

We have a “My First LD Collection” topic in the Dream Diary forum which you may like to post your very first LD
I hope you now build on your past success on producing LDs :thumbs:

:smile: just start your journal. no matter how weird your dreams are, we will enjoy them :boogie: and will rejoice with you when you have your first lucid dream :cheer:

Yeah, I’m here, too. So…

Hi there, and welcome to the forum where people don’t claim to be cursed aliens from the future! (You know what I’m referring to, if I’m right) :grin:

/me doesn’t know whether to wave or bow since he is a Lord :eh:

:wave: hello Lord Skye :bow:
I hope you enjoy being a member of LD4all :grin:

Hi all, i’m new here… these forums are cool.

Just thought i’d pop in here.

Welcome again, Mr. M!

I hope you—oh, look!

Bruno points

Yet another Brittish! You guys really are going to take over the world, aren’t you?

Looks suspiciously at moogle.

Welcome mr M ! :beer:

These forums are indeed cool :thumnbs

hi im new nice forums i experianced a few lds.

Welcome lordme :content: (another lord, just above you there was lord Skye, welcome you too :smile: )

You might wanna post your first LD in the big “My first LD” collection
I hope you enjoy being at this place.

:wave: Hello Mr M :smile:
We do seem to get waves of UK members joining every now and again :grin:
Just make yourself at home and enjoy being a member of LD4all :smile:

:bow: welcome to LD4all, lordme
you may like to begin a dream journal in our dream diary forum so you can keep a record of your LDs :happy:
I hope you enjoy your time spent at LD4all :boogie:

Wait… so… P/C?

Shh…don’t tell anyone I take a look there every now and then… :shy:

Greetings, mates.
I’m Malikath the Dreamer, but you should call me Lobz.
I have remembered many of my dreams, controlled them (usually not quite “lucidly”) and – as it is called here – lucid dreamed for many years now, but it was Bruno who introduced me to this lovely site, a long time ago.
Personally I came here to share dream adventures with people who may be interested (and interesting), and to learn and dive deeper in the Dreamwhere.
I’m no good with names and forums, so don’t mind if I don’t appear too often.
I’d love to get to know you.

:cheer: MARINA! :cheer:

One of my Best Friends ™ is now another member of LD4All! :boogie: Yay!

See, Q! I’m advertising your site and you don’t even give me extra cookies for that! :grin:

:wave: hello Lobz :smile:
it’s great to meet a RL friend of Bruno’s :grin:

/me is sure that Bruno will give you a guided tour of the forum :content:

I hope you enjoy your time at LD4all :wiske:

If that’s Morse, Nameless, it’s too small to decipher. -_-

lo… im new here too ^^
i came here because of someone pasting a link on irc, it looks interesting and tonight ill be doing my first practice :wink:

:welcome: welcome to LD4all BombSki :grin:
now I am really curious about which member pasted the url :eh:

:thumbs: good luck for tonight :grin: