The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXIV

Welcome Korrissias!

I hope you achieve lucidity this time, just don’t stop trying, ok? :wink:

By the way, about creating characters and places, of course there are a lot more threads about it out there, but you should take a look at the Lucid Home one, which you’ll probably find very nice, since having a Lucid Home will help you also gain that thing you call ‘direct access to your subconcious’. :content:

Hey, I’m new (duh). Im TweaK, and I’m very excitet about LD. I’ve always wanted to control my dreams :slight_smile:
I’ve been hanging around IRC since 48 hours or so… You’ll see me around =P


Hey TweaK, Haven’t we met before on IRC =P gl on LDing ^^…

(Yay, I’m faster then Bruno and moogle =P )

Hi there.
I got linked by wikibooks. :smile:

I’m new to LD, but I’ve tried DR before a couple of few times… (and come to the conclusion that the only thing I need to do to remember one or two dreams is to go to bead early)

so… yeah, that’s all I got to say.

:welcome: welcome to LD4all korrissias, Tweak and Nuky :grin:
:eh: both korrissias and Nuky got here through a wiki

I hope you all experience your first LD really soon and I wish you all good lucid luck :thumbs:

:wave: hello Tweak,
korrissias and Nuky have both said two things that help you get a LD

  1. keeping a dream journal - so improving dream recall and recogision of the dreaming state
  2. “and come to the conclusion that the only thing I need to do to remember one or two dreams is to go to bed early”

I look forward to getting to know you all through your posts.

:eh: Fadem beat us :thud: :lol:

Hi, I’m new here. :grin:

:welcome: Robin :content:

Hi Nuky , TweaK and Robin ! :welcome:

Moogle is completely right ,keep a DJ :smile:

And not do as me , forget to write or just skip it because youre sleepy :yawn: or lacy :wink:

I am both extremely sleepy and lazy when I wake up, but that’s not the problem, Petter. The problem is the wellknown one: to remember it long enough… or remember it at all. :wink:

Hyggeligt uansett.

:wave: hello Robin
welcome to LD4all
I hope you enjoy your time here
have you had a LD yet?

Aha! I’ve been looking around for this thread and now I found it :smile: yay.

I’m Mantis, from the Netherlands, 19 years young. I’ve been trying to LD for almost a month and I’ve been in the IRC channel for little over a week now. So it was about time I signed up here too :smile:

I hope to have a good time here, and get plenty of lucids in 2006 :razz: (finally a new years’ promise I can stick to)

see you around!


I believe we talked once or twice on IRC, hope we get to know each other now :content:

Enjoy the forum!


/me gives mantis the navigation of the forum award first class :smile:

:welcome: welcome to LD4all, Mantis :smile:

/me wonders how many LDs mantis will get in 2006 :happy:

/me wishes Mantis good luck in his quest :thumbs:

Tricky moogle knowing my right eye isn’t fish proof

Hi all. Quite obviously, i am new here.

However i am not so new to the concept of Lucid Dreaming. Lucid dreaming helped me over-come a reccuring nightmare as a young child (3 years old). I would run for my parents room and a hand would swiftly snatch my shirt and pull me back into my room where the nightmare would begin. I recognized that the hand pulling me back in meant that i was about to experience a nightmare and i would also realize that it was under my control. I killed the hand and it dropped to the floor, ran to my parents room and exited my dream into sleep. In the 12 years that have passed since then i never had one of those reccuring nightmares again, and rarely had any at all.

I have had a few Lucid dreams since then, one was in maths class when i realized i didn’t have maths that day, and proceeded to shoot my outrageously terrible maths teacher with a fireball, and run out of class to cause havoc around my school.

I got back into Lucid dreaming about 6 months or so ago, but have not really done anything about it until recently when i found this site. After reading all about the techniques I started writing down my dreams a few nights ago and i have averaged remembering about 2-3 a night.

Nothing besides music has excited me as much as LD’ing and i hope to become a master of them some day.

And kudos to all the people at the forum. I’ve read through them and found you all to be an excellent bunch of people. Look forward to finding out about you all.

By the way, thanks for reading the long post


I’ve had about four spontanous dreams that were lucid and ecstatic. I prefer to call these ecstatic dreams since lucid dreaming suggests awareness of dreaming and control of the dream. But I’m really here to learn and have more ecstatic and lucid dreams. They are fantastic.


:welcome: hello Fly and roban :grin:
I hope you both enjoy your time spent at LD4all and experience greater dreams with what you learn here :content:

:wave: Fly we have a “my first lucid dream collection” topic in the dream diary forum, you may wish to post your first ever lucid dream there: we also have a “first dream i remember topic” in the stuff of dreams forum :smile:

:wave: roban, I love the term ecstatic for the lucid dreams with low control. :happy: … you may wish to post your first LD too :happy:

And remember we have a dream diary forum for if you wish to start a topic to record your dreams here :grin:

I’ve thought a little more about ecstatic dreaming. While lucid dreaming suggests awareness and control, ecstatic dreaming is properly lucid - sharp colors, acute hearing, strong sense of smell - really heightened senses; but also ecstatic - like the best times of your life all come together, with family at play, or uninhibited sex with someone you care about. Its a feeling of a perfect time when you consider yourself extremely lucky to be alive with just the people you want to be with, living an ideal time, in an idealic place, and you don’t want the experience to end. Everyone is young and happy. If only I could return to these experiences at will. Actually, because I believed the experiences were real and not a dream, they seemed all the more valuable because they appeared to be permanent. This happens without awareness or control.


Welcome to everyone that I haven’t welcomed… formally anyway :content:

roban that sounds like normal vivid dreams. you can feel strong emotions, sensations etc in normal dreams