The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic XII

:eh: Hey :happy: hello again Caught in a Web (Puppet Master) I’m glad you told us your sea life nick :wiske:
:wave: And welcome to dreamduvo, I hope you soon manage to break through that fear barrier.

I look forward to reading all your ld4all posts. :content:

is replying to this thread wrong, this is why i dont post :smile: hi ppl, i went go-karting out of the carpark were i live, up the main road, and down the hill into town a few months ago, the rain was hitting me in the face, it was cold, i was having fun. i was lucid.

eggs was that a lucid dream that you had? cuz if it was that sounds like a lot of fun i have never been go karting i have wanted to tho … :smile: you can post your lucid dreams under the dream diary section of the forum, there are alot of people there that will read and comment on it and there are some great others dreams as well :happy:

welcome dreamduvo, wow one lucid dream since you where 4 now that is somthing to be happy about. And dont worry a lot of people are held back by fear but remember you are the one ceating your own fear and you can be the one to stand above it. good luck and glad to see you both here :happy:

Hello again eggs :grin: No it isn;t wrong :wiske: it’s one of your first posts so people can say hello to you.
But as Timeless said you can start a dream journal in the diary section or even just post your first LD in the “big sticky my first LD” topic in that section.

I hope you start to visit the forum as much as you do the chatroom. :content:

Hi. Just stumbled onto this site tonight, I was excited to see some forums related to lucid dreaming. :smile:

I’m new to most of this, I haven’t had a lucid dream yet, but I keep a dream journal and am getting better at dream recall, but yeah, that’s it for me.

Hi everyone :smile:
Thanks moogle, only reading that other people WILD gives me courage to do it. I think the problem is the feeling of being alone with the infinte

TimeLess_Soul i am sorry for my bad english hehehehehe i dont have lucid dreams since i was 4 but since 4 years ago that is since 2000 aprox (i am 25 now). Thank you for your comments is very true that the fear i have is my own creation. Understanding the problem and the source of it is having half the problem solved!!!

Hi eggs
I find also amazing feeling water in LDs its just awesom also to see how it behaves there.


I’m from Australia and I’m a natural lucid dreamer. I still practice to increase the frequency, and its incredibly interesting to read about.

I’m writing a movie script at the moment which takes place largely in lucid dreams. It should rock!

I’m new so saying hello to everybody. Haven’t looked around the site yet but hoping to be illuminated.


Hi Nodlander! Welcome to LD4all :smile:

Hope you’ll find lucid illumination on this site and its forum :smile:

Enjoy your stay!

Hi, I’m new here!

Script first: A good idea, I think, arjue. quietly scorns others

Hey I’m new here, not new to lucid dreaming though. I used to go to dreamviews a lot, but after a while all the crowding got to me. I like to be able to wake up in the morning and read all the new posts, not get swamped by thousands of inane questions, ya know? :content: Ah well this place looks pretty nice I think I’ll hang out and see if this place is right for me. Nice to meet you all!

Hello Jester… how did you find ld4all, was it a search engine? I hope you get your first lucid dream really soon. :wiske:
Welcome to ld4all arjue, there seem to be a lot of Australian members…we did have an “Australian’s Unite” topic in the lounge at one time. You may enjoy reading it. :grin:
Hello Nodlander :cool: I hope you enjoy reading all the forum sections especially the sticky topics. Good luck with your lucid dreaming quest. :content:
Khuzad, welcome to the ld4all community. It seems I will have to look out for your posts if I want to find out more about you. :peek:
I hope you find ld4all is the right forum for you, RedStarSoldier.
Here’s hoping you all become frequent visiters here… ld4all becomes very addictive! :tongue:

biggest benefit of being an Australian in regards to LD’s is that we actually like vegemite, which is great for remembering your dreams (chockers with vitamin B)

I should probably plan it out before even writing the script. Its quite complex, but basically (VERY basically), its about a dream character called Red Pig who tells the dreamer to do horrible things in real life for his own gain. As the reasons for Red Pig commanding him to do these unfold, we see they’re all part of a master plan with something huge in the works.


I’m JVib. I had a ‘slightly’ lucid dream last week and it was an amazing feeling. I began doing research online about it and came across this forum. I’m 35yrs old, work full time and attend school for accounting. I enjoy working out, roll playing games (D&D - Yes I am a bit of a geek), and reading/writing fiction (mostly horror).

I’m hoping to be able to learn how to have LD’s. I am a complete beginner and have only been keeping a DJ for the last 2 days.

Hi there. I’ve been coming to this site for a while now (about two months), and I’ve been attempting to achieve lucidity ever since I began. But despite keeping a (largely fragmented) DJ for the past two months, and performing RCs constantly (to the point where my family and friends thought I was insane!), to no avail. So I thought I’d sign up. The forum looks as good as the site :smile:

Hi all… :content:

Just discovered your site a couple of days ago, and have allready posted a long thesis for my thoughts on LD’s and OBE’s in the “Beyond Dreaming” section…

I have been learning to stabilize my dreams to go lucid for quite a while on my own now, and hope to learn even more by coming here!



Hi jvib :smile: Welcome to the forum!

I hope soon you have your first full blown ld experience!

Good luck and i wish you a happy staying here at the forum!


Hi Fetid welcome to the forum :smile:

Dont give up, can take months sometimes before your first ld is there to enjoy!

Good luck and happy dreams!


Welcome Daimos :smile:

Great you already have lucid dreams!
Well there is so much to explore that iam sure you have a to do list for your next lds to come!

Good luck!