the BIG "HI, I'm new here!" topic

There are some but you dont have to follow them strictly…they are kinda…hmmm…id call it good guesses.Anyways here it goes.
On the beginning its good to avoid all the emotional stuff.That goes mainly for sex(im sooooo sorry to say that:).It just have a tendency to wake the dremer up or cause loosing lucidity as you start concentrating too much on it.Not many ppl ha succesfully passed the point of having sex and going on with the dream.
Same goes for creating stuff outta nowhere,teleportations,morphing…leave that stuff for later when you get more familiar with lucid state and stabilize it enough to take on such tasks.
You might want to start up with simple exploring which is neverending fun even for long time lders.Theres anadventure and suprise hiding behind every corner:)Try to touch things,watch them in their details,smell them,taste them…so on…one step at the time…guess you got the idea:)
hope it helps
take care

O doh,sorry i misunderstood your question:(Anyways its helpfull:)
Then- Dont give up,Dont sleep less then 6 hours,Dont smoke pot if u care for recall,Dont move outta bed before you try recalling your dreams, and finally…Dont ever take any sweets from strangers:)

Hey, I’m new to this whole Lucid Dreaming thing, but I am a hardcore believer now… The main reason being that apparently I have had many Lucid Dreams throughout my life, and my dream recall has always been quite good. I always thought that when I realized I was dreaming and did whatever I felt like after realizing that, that it was just some whacky and extremely cool dream, once I awoke… To find out that this stuff can be mastered and done frequently makes me very excited.

I was especially excited after I had read up a lot on Lucid Dreaming and found out that the more motivation you have, and the better your natural dream recall is, the easier it is to learn to be proficient in Lucid Dreaming. Well… I am definately motivated, and I can recall 90% of what I dream, all the time. I always took this for granted.

I want to someday be a master at Lucid Dreaming. I don’t care if it takes my entire life.

You say not to smoke pot if you care for dream recall? I’m nineteen, been smoking pot since I was seventeen. I haven’t noticed my natural dream lucidity or my dream recall decrease, though this IS a possibility. Could you please enlighten me more on this, through a PM perhaps? I do not want to do anything that will hinder my becoming a Lucid Dreamer.

Smoking pot can decrease your dream recall, but it’s not the same for everyone.There are quite a lot people who say that it isn’t good for their dream, but also some who say it doesn’t affect them at all.
Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones :smile:
If you are an every-day smoker, I’d just have a break for a week and see what happens.If you are only smoking just like two times a month, it probably doesn’t affect your recall anyway

Read more about it in the “Shortcuts to lucidity” forum, there is a Marihuana thread


hi all,
just felt the need to say hello and that this is the coolest ld sight i have found! I havn’t had an ld yet but i have come close thanks to all the great info on this site. :cool_laugh:

hi all,
just felt the need to say hello and that this is the coolest ld sight i have found! I havn’t had an ld yet but i have come close thanks to all the great info on this site. :cool_laugh:

Welcome Vision Questing and good luck, I am sure u will have many beautiful LD’s.

hey vision questing,

welcome to this site, it is indeed the best one on LDing around. good luck on your quest to lucid dreams. hope you have your first one soon, post it up when you do so we can all see it. :smile:

Hello everyone! Im also new in here! :smile:

Hello to Grimslade, vision questing and Prophet,

Welcome, and good luck on your LDing! :tongue:

Hello! I’ve been hanging out in the IRC channel for a couple of months but until now I was too lazy to register for the forum. I’ve known about lucid dreams for years but I never really got into it until around last fall. Nowadays I generally have a lucid dream once every one or two weeks.

Hi WeirdHat,

Welcome! I really like your site, funny stuff! :tongue:

Nice sites. I am new here ofcourse and forgive my english skills i am from Findland :wink:.

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Well, now that I registered, why not say hello to you all. Hello :smile:
The first view of this place was very positive for me.
And see? not all Finnish are bad in English :tongue: Im from Finland.

Really? I bet you are one of the experts of Lucid Dreaming :grin:.

And Firehorse. Greet me too :happy:.

:cool_laugh: What is the easiest way to have lucid dreams? :shrug:

Zeroz, Dragonleo and Ramses,

Welcome, welcome and welcome! :tongue:


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