the BIG "HI, I'm new here!" topic

Hello. My name is Vihang. I am from India. I dont have too much experience in lucid dreams and have had only a few. hopw to improve in this art :smile:

Hi! I’m new here :wink:

I’ve also been lurking in the IRC chatroom for a while, and was too lazy to register (like WeirdHat… :cool: ). I’m still a n00b when it comes to LDing, haven’t had the time to concentrate on it too much because of school an’ all… But summer vacation awaits behind the corner :grin:

Hope I could absorb as much information as I can here :smile:

Hello to vihangdixit and OneWingedAngel,

Happy dreaming! :tongue:

[color=green]hi! i am new to lucid dreaming as well. i stumbled upon it on the internet, almost by accident. i have been very involved in pschodelic drugs, such as e, dxm and mushrooms, with dxm being the most favored. i liked that way that this drug gave me “dreamlike” experiences… well, if i like having these types of experiences… then why not just have a dream? when i read about lucid dreaming, and how you can become in complete control of your dreams, i was fascinated. i have considered meditation(and stilll am) but this just seems to be the natural, safe alternative to brain damaging drugs i have been searching for all along!!!
my mind is too active and i need a “sanctuary” to stay sane. my dex trips were my spiritual adventures where i would goto the “safe” place in my mind and produce art, music and writing. believe it or not, i never left my room for these trips. i just needed my time to be with myself and learn about myself. now, lucid dreaming can open the door even wider than drugs ever could …(i hope!! but i believe it can after all the inspiring posts and information i have read on this site!).

ok i just wanted to express that! i hope to be lucid dreaming very soon!!!

Welcome all new members :smile: Rainyeterinty, Vihangdixit, Onewingedangel, Zeroz, Dragonleo , Ramses, Prophet, Grimslade and Visionquesting :smile:

Wish you all many lucid dreams! :wink:


Hey I never introduced myself :razz: You can find me on the Dutch forum aswell.


  • Xoalin

:smile: Welcome Xoalin :happy:

Your also on the dutch forum, there my name is koffie :wink:

Lucid dreams!


Some of you may recognize me. I have previously been very active in the old forum (I don’t know the technical name, but it was before Pas organized the forum into hundreds of subgroups :blush:)

Anyway, I haven’t been around in a VERY long time. I kind of lost interest in the forums due to the huge change and the added complexities because of the vast sub-grouping. Also, this has been a very busy and crazy part of my life, so I haven’t had a lot of time to focus on lds. I’m sure you know the drill :alien:

But I can see how the new forum layout is appropriate, and I’ll try my best to get used to it. Hopefully, I’ll be active in the forums.

I have some experience with LDS. I’ve had tons over my life… but they now seem to be less under my control. This is entirely due to the fact that I kind of… well… stopped sleeping because of various reasons. Now that I’m back in the game, I’ll have to discover a few concepts all over again.

Anyone still here from the old forums? Eh?

GrandpaDEATH, I’m not sure where, but your name is extremely familiar. I never posted on the old forum more than a couple of times, so I don’t think it’s from there. Maybe someone else has the same name on a different forum…

Anyway, welcome back. :smile:

Yes, I completely recognize your avatar.
Anything I should know about the forums now?
Any specifically interesting areas of the forum I should plant myself in?

Hey. I’m new here, too. I have yet to experience a lucid dream, but I’ve been studying them for a little over a year now. I’m going to start a dream journal tonight. Anyway, I heard of this site through 's Paranormal/Conspiracy board.

So, wish me luck. :smile:

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