the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic V

Hey cool! We have something in common then because I do that a bunch. I mean meeting characters from stuff I’m writing. It’s really fun to do! Even if you don’t get lucid, dream incubation still works really well for it. :content:

Wow, a writer! We need more of those, karl’s all we got, well, that and some other people that aren’t as conspicuous…

Using lucidity for creativity is a perfect goal for dreaming! You can do all sorts of things with the characters… design, personality… even a little ahem… with the characters you really like!

Good luck and welcome to the forum! And uh, please tell us more of the literature you create! :wink:

Hmm… I’ll have to check out that channel sometime. Usually I’m on StarChat’s #puroresu, getting stuff from FServes, but I’ll check #ld4all sooner or later.

Welcome to the forum Some1Special.
Feel free to ask us anything.

Nice to meet you people! This seems like a nice site. Friendly, at any rate (from all that I’ve seen).

Well, since you asked (infection0) I’ll say something about what I write. I want to publish books, and I’m currently working on a fantasy trilogy (sort of like dragonlance or tolkien’s lotr). It’s got a fairly convoluted plot, and I’ll say much more about it if it ever gets published, or anything (in which case everyone on the board should buy it.) hehe.
Anyway, I’m more than 1/3 of the way done with the first draft. AKA done with the first draft of the first book. I’m writing the 1st draft of everything to start out with, because the plot evolves ever-more as I expand the story. I already have a massive amount of re-writing that needs to be done. It’s fairly depressing, since school is taking up so much time. (I’m not a fan of high school.) And I could sum up the point of the book in two words: vengeance and lies. Okay, that’s three, but “and” doesn’t matter.
Anyway, I have written more than 200,000 words so far, so I can say that I’ve done something.

aydira - so you’ve met characters you write about in your dreams? Cool! I wasn’t sure how well it would actually work, but that gives me more hope. I would really like to meet these people. I particularly want to meet this one guy… I’m not quite sure what he looks like.
question, though: … what is dream incubation?

Hello all the recent newcomers, Im quite new myself :smile: Im glad to see this forum grow so fast =D Hope you have fun at this board! Yes it is very friendly :smile: Some things are for mature audiences of course ;o

hey monkee, im not sure about the nudity, im sure she would at least have a tube top or something on if i could find the full pic(if there is one).

and everyone, im in the #ld4all chat every day i can, so drop by when you can and hopefully i’ll be there to greet you :content:

which avvie infection? mine? i think she’s pretty…

Psshh, here we go, my kinda place.

I love to dream, it’s the best part of my sleep, eventhough I might not get a good, resting sleep, it’s the best part. I can live a life with no troubles most of the time. With LD’ing, it’s even better. Having the feeling of control whle dreaming… very fun. I love the feeling I personally get when I figure out I am dreaming. I usually say sometime like “Yeh, I’m dreaming” in the dream world. This site will be of much use to me!

-Juice… the newcomer.

Yes, definitely your kind of place. :smile:

At least we won’t have to answer another query about how to get started. Right?

Hey everybody, I discovered this site through a friend, read it over twice and then came here. I ski, write, play/make video games and I very badly want to Lucid Dream. Nice to meet everyone.

Hiya Hobbes… :wave:

We are glad to have you here.

One thing…I hope you don’t plan on using that huge signature pic (we use phpBB code here, not html). We only allow text and smilies in sigs…anything bigger is out of the question.
Also, read the LD4ALL Forum Guidelines - Click to read!
It will steer you clear of trouble…it has all kinds of fun rules and regulations that we like everyone to stick to.

Sorry if I sound like a bossy boots.
Fey~ :peek:

Hi everyone my name is Learjet and I’m a lucid dreamer.

What a massive site you people have here. Hope you have that search button well oiled.

Learjet, welcome to ld4all forum! Please feel free to browse around. We won’t bite ya :wink:

Oh speaking of searching function being oiled up… we’ve not done that yet.

Alert << Searching function is in need of being oiled up!

There, it will be oiled by… now. :biggrin: Here you go and have fun! :wink:

Welcome Learjet and Hobbes! (Not to be confused with Hubbs)

You both seem very motivated and primed for beginning to LD!
Motivation, support, and information are all needed to LD. We’ll provide you the support and info, the rest is up to you :wink: ask us any questions you like (after raiding the search bar, hmm?) and we’ll promptly answer them. Oyeah, that friend of yours will help out too. You’ll find that this forum is really fun(ny). If you really want some motivational power, hit “sex” on the search bar. :tongue:

Thanks all for the welcome.

At 40 I wouldn’t say I was new to LDing, I’ve been doing it most of my life, conducting experiments and had some amazing experiences. I guess up to now I’ve been a loner. But to go further and to understand more of what I’ve been experiencing I need some feedback from like minded people. So here I am!

Still trying to get down the acronyms so I can understand the code you speak in but I’m a quick study and have experienced quite a few so can relate fairly easily.

Cool that there is an Australian mod too. :smile:

Heya, I’m new here. I’ve been reading the forums for about a year and just now joined. I’ve been visiting #ld4all for a while too. I had my first ld sometime in May, I think… I had a bunch the past few weeks too. Anyway, nice to meet you all :smile:

Welcome NinjaJoe2! :cool_laugh:
I think I’ve talked to you a few times on chat, great to have you here!! :happy:

Hi I’m new here. I came here after somebody mentioned these forums on alt.dreams.lucid.

When I get lucid, I plan to 1) see a fanfic of mine develop in front of my eyes and 2) meet and kiss Chloe from Smallville, obviously. :content:

Obviously, of course! Chloe is great. There is a lot of fun to be had in “meeting” DCs. :wink:

Welcome to the Forum clarkkent! :happy:
PS - do you know superman?

Sure, Chloe is great. But Lana is better.

Anyways welcome to the forum NinjaJoe and clarkkent!!
(I stopped watching Smallville after first season…)
Anyways glad to see you’re well on your wa, Joe, and uh clark, those intentions should keep you afloat for the effort of LDing :cool:

Smallville is too drama for me. Er, I’m gonna go search on Yahoo! for alt.dreams.lucid right now. See ya later!