the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic V

Hi Learjet welcome! An advanced lucid dreamer is always welcome here maybe you can share and advice others a bit :wink:

Happy dreaming!

:happy: Hi ninjajoe, we talked at the chatroom then my name was ufo and one night it was Taco!
Remember the ninja vitamin pills lol!

Welcome at the forum…many happy dreams…lucid or not! :cool_laugh:


:content: Welcome aboard Hobbs!

Wish you many lucid dreams!


Hi, I’m new here :wink:

Been checking out the site and it all seems very interesting. I’m very into spirituality and recently had a spiritual and religious breakthrough that just hit me during the day. I now see things a lot clearer than before as I am not clouded by indecision and insecurity.

Big believer in adventuring and experiencing new things and I always heard that some people believe the euphoria gained without any “help”, shall we say, can be better than that with. So who am I not to give it a go?

Currently I remember my dreams sporadically, but when I do they are VERY long and very detailed and I don’t believe I’ve ever had a nightmare. They are quite bizarre and bring up parts of my past mingling with the new to create a timeless “me” (if that makes sense?).
So at the moment I’m at the stage of beginning a dreamdiary. Beginning to try and remember and ultimately beggining along the path…

Sorry if I’ve bored you with standard “newbie” rubbish, just thought I’d give you a little background info…

Oh, and I challenge anyone of you to guess my age :cool:

Welcome. Enjoy the forum. Must be good to see clearly?, but I don’t beleive I’ve experienced this.

I was just talking about something and i made some joke about kharma in an ether or something inside me clicked. I was talking to this guy and I just opend up and talked and explained it to him. It basically involves a lot of beliefs which I hadn’t (consciously) come across before but actually read about today on this site.
The belief that everything is in fact one matter experiencing itself through itself and out of itself. That you are me, that I am you that we are simultaneously both and neither. That death is not something to be afraid of, that we shouldn’t fear it. When we “die” we merely awaken from the state of stupor we all currently inhabit and that you will reach some form of enlightenment and one-ness with the universe as you finally, inevitably awake. I can’t possibly hope to explain it anymore than that and feel free to disbelieve because to me it doesn’t matter as all religions are fundamentally the same and it does not change depending on what name you choose to give it. So there you go.
When I finished explaining this to my friend his first reaction was “Well, it certainly makes a lot more sense than Christianity”

One thing that popped up on this site was that coincided with what I just explained was that through lucid dreaming you could visit what some would refer to as the “afterlife”, others “dreamtime” (aborigines) and others “the real world”. I pass no judgement on this either way as it is something to me that has yet to be explored…

Hi Crazy :wave:

It’s nice to have you here! Enjoy surfing on ld4all… and please feel free to ask questions, discuss, or whatever… we won’t bite ya. :wink: That’s really nice that you had a spiritual/religious awakening. I wish you the best luck in your jouney!


I’ve been scouring the forums very thoroughly now and I figure I might give posting a miss for say a week.

It’s all so over my head I’m gonna do some reading, a lot of sleeping :content: , and then come back with some new found knowledge and (hopefully) some valuable input!

See you all around! :dream:

Hi Crazy welcome aboard ld4all :smile:

Goodluck on your spiritual quest and happy dreams :cool:


Hey Crazy! I’m surprised no one came up with that name yet…

Welcome to the Forum Crazy.

And boy I like your name :smile:

Thanks! I prefer Chloe though… she’s matured a lot now post-1st season.

I really love that show, Smallville! The problem with it is that it gets on re-runs too often and it won’t let us see the good shows until later… then next thing we know is that they’re on re-runs again. :razz: It’s getting annoying. Grrrr. :razz:

Oh by the way, welcome to ld4all clarkkent! :wink: Happy to have you here!


Hi Crazy, welcome to the forum :razz: Good luck and happy dreaming :peek:

just my “Hi all, Im new” post!
ummm… what can i say?

been getting into LD/OBE for the last few days and think i came close-ish to being on my way to it last night :wink:


We’re all close but it can take some time to get an LD…


so, close but no cigar would be a common occurance around here?
well, im a persistant kinda guy! im gonna keep trying until i get it. it seems like an oppurtinity that i want to be a part of

Some of us are waiting, yes… :smile:

Somebody decided not take care or do anything LD-related etc and he got one - according to a post somewhere here! I think he called it ‘passive method’… I was going to do that tonight. Well, almost. I’ll try listening to a hypnosis (not lucid-related) mp3 and see what happens… Perhaps I’ll be more ‘relaxed’ and get an LD that way! Might try WILD, well if I sleep earlier (I wasn’t managing to sleep earlier actually when I Tried WILD)…

Hey everyone, I’m new here and hoping to learn how to lucid dream. I tried once before but lost track as I was always busy and thus never achieved lucid dreams :sad: . Now I hope to stay on the path and work at it. I am slowly taking the steps. I am keeping a dream journal now and write down as much of the dreams I remeber though they all seem to be just small fragments. I joined this forum to help me and learn many things on the way and I hope to have fun :smile:

Hi and welcome SuperDude.
We will have you LDing in no time :smile: