the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic V

I think I’ll just throw my hat into the ring with a big Howdy!
I’ve been LD’ing for a few months since I worked out WBTB and early morning cartoons work realy well together, but I still seem to be having trouble controling what happens inside the dreams.

Raises glass
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Welcome xJaxmzx :happy:
Good to hear your a persistent guy!
That is a real pro for getting lucid dreams…many ppl are hasty and are bored soon if they dont get a ld soon while normal dreaming can be a great fun and joy also!

Good luck and happy dreams and lds!


Welcome Superdude :cool:

Great to see that you are patient with getting lucid dreams!
Dont give up and relax…and have fun dreaming and with your dream diary while waiting for that first lucid dream! :cool_laugh:

Happy dreams and good luck with of lucidity! :content:


Welcome PenguinDreams and great to hear you have already lucid dreams!
Well it will take time to improve the control in your lcuid dreams, but you
sure are going to improve at that :happy:


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