The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 41

hi! new here. 23 y o male. suffering from ocd. started having sleep paralysis maybe due to my ocd medicines maybe, they scared me, then i started having short lucid dreams without any effort or wish on my part. read a book on lucid dreaming, had a proper lucid dream the very first night after reading the book, but i paid no attention to the details of the dream so it faded out. it was two days back. havent slept properly since then. i have never spoken in a lucid dream so that’s what i intend to do in the next ld i get.

:wave: hello jamesjoyce, welcome to LD4all :smile:

:yes: it is good to have decided a few dream goals before becoming lucid since it is possible to waste LD time trying to decide what to do :thud:

Hallo everybody. I am 15 years old, and turning 16 in march, (very excited, yippee skippee) and I have recently become very interested in the concept of lucid dreaming. I would very much like to become good at it, but for now, my goal is simply to start remembering my dreams a little bit more well than I have. I have started a journal, which is slowly growing in terms of detail (started with short phrases and feelings, and is now at short descriptions of what my dreams encompass). I don’t believe I have ever experienced a lucid dream, but I am looking foreward to what it will be like. See, I love to draw and paint, esspecially surrealistic art. I have painted my dreams before, but with little success because I have very poor recalling abilities (at least right now). However, If I can teach myself to become lucid, I can learn to enjoy my dreams in a new way and bring far more vivid images of the brilliant scapes that occure in them.

The other thing I am interested in is the pyschology of having lucid dreams. I have been studying psychology for the last year (mainly developmental and sexual psychology, but also some dealing in the mechanics of sleep). Another end that I hope to reach is to be able to understand whether or not there really is meaning to my dreams. I have what alot of people would call “issues”, but that only fuels my interest in dreams further. I want to try and figure out what sort of mechanisms lie behind the inner workings of my brain, if there are any to be figured out from dreams.

I hope to become very active here :smile:

Hey, I’m 13 and usually go by the internet alias Mayu or Kimi. I’ve read about lucid dreaming on Wikipedia before, but the reality checks sounded so scary that I was afraid to try them out until I got interested in lucid dreaming once again a few months ago. I’ve had three lucid dreams so far, but I’ve only managed to stay lucid for a few moments in each of them before becoming non-lucid once again. I hope that this forum will help me change that.

Anyway, it’s nice to meet you all, and I hope to become more active in the future. Bye~

Hello. After reading this topic, I am going to assume this is where introductions are to be made. I am 19 years old and I use a wide range of online handles which I tend to forget about very quickly. I found this website on Wikipedia. I’ve had a significant number of lucid dreams, but they all occurred during afternoon naps, and they were very unclear and vague. I am hoping to gain more control over this and enter a higher state of lucidity, and this website seems to have some pretty interesting information to work on. Also, I absolutely love this font, which one is it?

Welcome to LD4all compos_mentis,

If you need any tips on how to remember you dreams better you can check this topic. It’s already good to see improvement in your dream recall :happy:

I hope you’ll start your own thread in Fruits of Lucidity or the Garden of Creation. The first one includes dream inspired artwork and the second one is for art that is not inspired by dreams. I’m looking forward to see any of your work.

Welcome Mayu
I wonder what you thought was scary about reality checks. Next time you’re lucid you could try to stable your lucid dream before you do anything. You could focus on your environment while repeating to yourself that you’re dreaming. Or you could rub your hands. Just make sure that you stay lucid by repeating to yourself you’re dreaming a few times.

Welcome Silver_Archer
You’re right, this is the place where you introduce yourself. You can find some topics about gaining more control and such things in Lucid Adventures. Like I said to Mayu, you could also focus your awareness by looking around and telling yourself that you’re dreaming. You could shout “Increase lucidity” or “increace vividness” to make your dream more vivid and have higher lucidity.
And I believe the font is Trebuchet.

Hey guys, I’m new, I’ve just recently started reading up on Dream Lucidity. I really want to attain it. I have just started keeping a dream journal, now I am going to attempt WILD every night, hopefully I can achieve it. I also practice RC’s frequently.

Hi keithdchatt! Welcome to the forum. I hope you like it here and I also hope that you improve your lucid dreaming. I bet if you keep trying, you’ll reach your goal. :wink:

:wave: hello compos_mentis, Mayu, Silver_Archer and keithdchatt :grin:

compos_mentis, if you work on your recall - even your normal dreams should become more vivid and so give you something to recreate artistically in waking life.

well keeping a dream journal would help you decide that, since you will become familiar with your dream themes, dream characters etc
:thumbs: good luck on your LD quest

Mayu, there is nothing scary about RCs, you can just choose the ones you wish to do … and once one reveals you are lucid! what is there to be worried about? :yay:

Silver_Archer, have you tried using commands when lucid like “Increase lucidity” and “increase vividness”? they are very effective when said out loud in a dream :yes:

keithdchatt, I hope WILD produces good results for you really soon :thumbs:

Hey all, I’m new here too. I found this board from the GameFAQs Paranormal/Conspiracy board. But I’ve always had a more-than-normal interest in lucid dreaming.

I’ve been trying to lucid dream for quite a long time but I hadn’t discovered this board until a few weeks ago.

Anyway, last night I was unable to sleep due to a heavy cold but after sometime in the morning I managed to kind of fall into a half-sleep. I could kind of feel my body asleep but I was dreaming too! I was able to assert some control over my dream like what direction I would walk or what I would do but all I would do would think it, not actually try to move. I also got this heavy feeling like I was missing something important but I couldn’t tell what. I also felt some emotions in the dream, I can’t remember what they were but all I remember was that they were strong.

If this is a lucid dream, it would be my first.

After waking up, I felt I should post to say hi now that I may of experienced what a light lucid dream is like.

So, hey all :smile:

Hello dreamers! I’m new here too. :smile:
I remember having a lot of lucid dreams in my childhood, and now I want to have more of them.

I’ve been reading the guide on LD4all, and I’ve had some lucid dreams lately, but they all disappointed me somehow. I forgot what I wanted to do, and i lost focus. Tonight I tried to meet David Lynch to have a deep intellectual discussion about the meaning behind his movies. It didn’t turn out as planned, all he told me was that Mulholland Drive was a cheese diary, based on all the cheeses he had tasted in his life. I want to have better lucid dreams, So I decided to learn more about it and join this forum.

So, hi :smile:

Hello all. :smile: I’ve always been very interested in dreaming and such, even as a young child. I’m pretty much a beginner as far as lucid dreaming goes-- although I do have some experience from a while back.

I joined ld4all about a fourteen months ago, but only a couple months after joining, my life got really stressful, so I didn’t get on very much. :sad: My dream recall started getting bad all over again, and I gradually stopped attempting to lucid dream entirely. >.<

Now things have changed again though, and I want to try again. :gni: So I registered a new account, and I hope I’ll be able to have a nice–long-- time on here this time around. :colgate:

:wave: hello Orphen, glassdrop and Eclipse Shadow :grin:

Did you actually KNOW you were dreaming while in the dream? Since it is possible to feel like you are asserting control in a normal dream. Through the lack of movement, I think your mind must have been aware that your body was paralysed due to SP.

:wave: glassdrop,

even in LDs there can be some surprises :tongue: it adds to the fun :content:
But setting goals that you want to do in LDs can make it more likely that you will recall them when lucid :smile:

welcome back Eclipse Shadow :smile:
if you remember your old account nick, you should pm pasQuale so she can delete it (since double accounts aren’t allowed on the forum). It’s good to have you back and I hope you stay with us longer this time :happy:

Thanks for the welcome. ^^
I figured they wouldn’t be. :razz: I think I have the username somewhere… grumble, grumble, search I hope I’ll be able to stay longer too. :happy:

I’m not sure, I could feel my body was asleep but something didn’t feel right in the dream. I guess I was close to been lucid but didn’t actually cross the line. Damn :sad:

That’s true, it really adds to the fun! :smile: And I will try to set some goals for future LDs. I’m hoping to have more LDs soon! :smile:

i’ve been hoping to have lucid dreams for a while, but i didn’t have one till last night. i had a cup of coffee right before i went to bed (i wonder if that had anything to do with it!) then i had a normal dream where something happened that didn’t make sense, AND THEN, i saw myself in a mirror, and i had long hair (which i don’t “actually” have) so i knew i was dreaming. it lasted for what felt like a minute or so and then i woke up… i hope i can do this again soon!

:wave: hello albizgil, welcome to the forum :grouphug:
:yay: congrats on your first LD :yay:
the caffeine may have helped (you will probably find some topics about caffeine, coffee etc in our pathways forum)
We have a “My First LD collection” topic in the dream diary forum (it is a sticky topic near the top). You may wish to post your LD in that too :smile:
I hope you enjoy your time at LD4all and get lots of great LDs :boogie:

Hi , I’m new here.

I’m Rimbaud - I’m intrested in Poetry , Literature , Consciousness , Pyschology - and am pursuring the quest to become either a Playwright or a Film Director

Oh , and to LD!! :tongue:

Hi everyone!

I joined this forum to discuss research done on lucid dreams and to find people who’d be willing to participate in some studies of my own.

I am currently doing my PhD in psychology at a Scottish university. My primary interest is dreams - lucidity and more earthly issues such as gender differences in dream recall, personality correlates of, colour dreaming and the whole neuropsychological side of sleep and dream generation.

For clarification: I’m a hard-stance materialist (mind=brain and that’s all there is) inspired by Dennett and Churchland, so don’t get Carthesian with me or else. :wink:

I am not what you’d call a prolific lucid dreamer, but I’ve had a few lucid dreams and I’m trying to get more with a nova dreamer mask (but alas, can’t ever fall asleep in the thing…).