The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 42

:wave: hello Smallest Bundle of Light

:eek: have you been lurking and browsing all this time or did you forget about us for a short while :tongue:

If you keep at it the lucid dreams will arrive :thumbs: and they will be worth waiting for :yay:

Hey, I finally got on this site after a friend told me about it. I would’ve been here sooner, but I couldn’t get in after I first registered.

This place sounds pretty interesting.

:welcome: welcome to LD4all Deadpool :grouphug:
It’s a shame we got that server trouble but everything is fine now :thumbs:
Hope you enjoy your time at LD4all :yay:

:welcome: deadpool.

Also, deadpool is definitely cooler than captain america :happy:

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I am Paus, some may recognise this name to be dutch (which it is :content:), it means Pope in english. Dont ask me why I’ve chosen this name ^^

About 3 years ago my interest started to awaken with lucid dreams (I read about it on a forum). On those forums, they said that by eating chocolate or other things like that could boost you up so that you can have a lucid dream.

So thats all I did, eat chocolate :tongue: (its silly I know, but I was young and simple :content: )

But I never understood the real way to learn this stuff. So a few months later I stumbled upon this site, it didnt have a forum yet and it was dutch only (atleast thats how I remember it). On the site were pictures about reality checks and so on. So I read about it, searched some more things on the internet about it, and thats how I came on a meditating site. I got intrested and started doing it every night.

Now a few years later i’ve gotten more curious about lucid dreaming since i saw a clip on YouTube about the movie ‘‘The Waking Life’’ (still need to see that movie btw). There was a link at the comments what redirected to this site. I am very happy it still exists and that it has grown bigger with a very friendly community :smile:

Just a few days ago I read for the first time about WILD. And a few nights back I had my first experience with it. I did the 61 chakra point technique to calm my self down and acted like I was falling through my bed. Well, my whole body was painlessly eloctrocuted and my heart was racing like hell. I was starting to hear all kind of sounds and then fear got a hold of me. I woke up.

Read about the forums about this and now I know what to do ^^.

So… I am drifting a bit off I see :content:
Well, I am very happy I refound this site an d I hope I will learn a lot from you guys :happy:

:welcome: hello paus, you may like a trip down memory lane by looking at the Happy 10 year anniversary LD4all! :happy: topic
There is a topic about the Waking Life film in the lucidity centrestage forum which you may like to read :content:

Good luck with your lucid quest :thumbs: if you read up about WILD on this forum you may be able to get over that fear hurdle or even decide to use a different method instead… there is a topic about choosing your technique in the knowledge base forum (it is also a sticky topic in the quest forum :happy: )

The community is so great, you prob won’t disappear this time :wink:

Hi there :smile:
I am not ‘really’ new here, I registered quite a while ago. But because I had a busy period and lost my touch with dreaming a bit I left here as well. I never posted a lot and never properly introduced myself. I am back now because for some time I have been working with my dreams again. Not really to become lucid but because I find that it helps me deal with issues etc. But the day before yesterday I had a lucid dream and remembered how I once wanted to learn that. So today I was thinking about coming back here.

A little bit about who I am:
I am Eerin, a 22 year old woman from the Netherlands. I used to work with children as a social pedagogic worker, but instead I try to paint and make illustrations for a living now. Which I love and think very much fits with who I am. Together with some friends we created a dutch forum for art, spirituality and fantasy. Which is something that is an important thing in my life. Spirituality is also something important for me, always trying to see what I can learn from situations etc. But I am not going to write too much about that. I think I have written a lot about myself already! :smile: If there are any questions, feel free!


welcome (back) Eerin! :happy: When I looked at your art site it looked very familiar, reminded me of a cardgame (Day and Night) pokes siiw I read about some time ago, and then I saw on your homepage that you create the art for it! I love your art! :happy:

I hope you could share some of your dream related art here too in the garden of creation or in fruits of lucidity forum :content:

What is the link to your site Eerin? I am into art aswell :content: I would love to see what you can make :slight_smile:

click the www button below her post ^^

also welcome paus :smile:

Your paintings are really cool, Eerin!

I especially like Spectrify

Wow, that is cool :slight_smile: thank you.
You are from the Netherlands right? Otherwise it is pretty surprizing that you know about it :smile: I can share some dream related art, but not really artworks from lucid dreams. Because that has not happened to me that often. But the rock kind of things in the arts for Day & Night were from a meditation/dream landscape. I think that is probably the only dream related thing (what I am aware of :smile: ) goes trough sketches Thanks for the welcome :smile:

Paus, that sounds interesting, what kind of art are you in? Painting as well?

Lol for the name :happy: great to meet the real one.
And thank you for the compliment :slight_smile:

:welcome: hello Eerin, welcome to LD4all.
The garden of creation is for any creative work, it doesn’t have to be lucid dream inspired. The fruits of lucidity is for just art, music, poetry that come from lucid dreams.

I think you will love being a member of this forum :yay:

Hi everyone, I’ve been interested in dreams all my life and about 2 years ago I started to learn about lucid dreaming. I’ve had lucid dreams before, some of which were self-induced. This morning I had a really lucid dream. Basically I knew I was lucid, done some…bad…things and woke up. Wanting to re-enter the dream again I went back to sleep and continued my dream. I stopped myself from waking up 5 times (I used my own method 3 times). Becuase of this dream I have decided to get really involved in lucid dreaming and thus joined these forums!
As of now I’ll be looking through the stickys and learning a little more.

:help: Could somebody tell me how to get those little icons in my sig? Like the guy above me.

:wave: hello NuPool, welcome to LD4all
It’s amazing the amount of new ideas and information even seasoned LDers can discover on this forum :boogie: … have fun browsing. And don’t forget to look at the topics in the lucid adventures forum, they will give you some ideas of new things to do in lucid dreams. :smile:
Will you be sharing some of your dreams in our dream diary forum?


that wasn’t there before :eh:
just use the same bbcode as you use in posts … if I can’t remember the code I open a reply box, click view more emoticons … then click the one/ones I want and then copy them into my sig :thumbs: (btw according to guidelines it is upto 3 smilies are allowed in signatures)
… or do you mean the dreamspell one? on the far left. They are selected on your profile form just click the profile linkat the top of the page.

Yeah I meant the dream spells. I’ll also add to the diary to.

Hey NuPool and welcome. :welcome:

Enjoy your stay here, it’s a great place to be. :content:

Hello everyone.
I’ve been interested in dreams for a few years and re-entering a lucid dream (where I did nothing interesting, it was a low level) this morning and reading a topic about sleep paralysis got me to have a look, and I ended up here; being linked from Wikipedia. Tonight, I am wishing to fly. :happy:

:wave: hello marbig
IMO LDs are always awesome … you should never dismiss low level ones :wink:
/me thinks you should say, “I am going to fly” it is a more definite statement :thumbs:

I hope you have an awesome flying dream

Thanks a lot Moogle, and fly I did. Want to try and do some things even cooler tonight. :smile: