Happy 10 year anniversary LD4all! :D

:grouphug: :woot: :boogie: :yay: :ld4all: [size=200][color=#830083]L[/color][color=#830083]D[/color][color=#820083]4[/color][color=#7D0083]a[/color][color=#780083]l[/color][color=#720083]l[/color] [color=#680083]1[/color][color=#630083]0[/color] [color=#580083]y[/color][color=#53008A]e[/color][color=#4E0096]a[/color][color=#4900A1]r[/color] [color=#3E00B5]a[/color][color=#3900B5]n[/color][color=#3400B5]n[/color][color=#2F00B5]i[/color][color=#2900B5]v[/color][color=#2400B5]e[/color][color=#1F00B5]r[/color][color=#1A00B5]s[/color][color=#1400B5]a[/color][color=#0F00B5]r[/color][color=#0A00B5]y[/color][/size] :ld4all: :yay: :boogie: :woot: :grouphug:

This site, which was called “Through the Mirror” :mirror: in those days, is now LD4all. :ld4all:

So, 25 may LD4all exists 10 year, and the forum will be existing 7 year :happy: and the current forum as you all know it, will be existing 4 years :boogie:

:peek:[size=84] now i know last year I put the date on 30-6-1999 since that was the date the first message was posted in the very first forum. But it still didn’t feel right. And a lot of “landmarks” in LD4all history have been taking place in may.[/size]

So therefore, the official LD4all anniversary date is 25 may ^^

:grouphug: :woot: :boogie: :yay: :ld4all: LD4all Landmarks :ld4all: :yay: :boogie: :woot: :grouphug:

[kin=137]Red Resonant Earth - 25 may 1996 :boogie:[color=purple]Launch of first ever site “Through the Mirror” [/color]

[kin=153]Red Planetary Skywalker - 30 july 1998 :boogie:[b]A new look, with the winged theme :angel_fly: [/b]

[kin=73]Red Galactic Skywalker - 26 january 1999 :boogie:[color=purple]Graphics update and sections added; now the paintings have the mirror border with the eye looking over it.[/color]

[kin=96]Yellow Overtone Warrior - 18 feb 1999 :boogie:Launch of Dutch version
[kin=107]Blue Electric Hand - around 1 march 1999 :boogie:[color=purple]Launch of first forum (network 54)
(30 june 1999: first (preserved) post in this forum.
[kin=171]Blue Lunar Monkey - 4 may 1999 :boogie:[color=purple]Adopted OGLD, added more content. [/color]

[kin=135]Blue Overtone Eagle - 18 may 2001 :boogie:[color=purple]Registered domain LD4all.com[/color]
[kin=144]Yellow Magnetic Seed - 27 may 2001 :boogie:[color=purple]A facelift of the layout. More items in the wings, and information rewritten.
This is LD4all.com as a lot of you know and remember it.

[kin=238]White Self-Existing Mirror - 29 augustus 2001 :boogie:
New forum YaBB
[kin=10]White Planetary Dog - 30 september 2001 :boogie:forum back to N54 forum (YaBB didn’t work out)
[kin=172]Yellow Electric Human - 11 march 2002 :boogie:
forum to moves to an iconboard forum
[kin=237] Red Electric Earth - may 15 2002 :boogie:
LD4all moves to phpbb forum (the forum as you know it now)
[kin=46] White Resonant World-Bridger - 23 july 2002 :boogie:
Forum moves to hypnodude’s server
[kin=127] Blue Spectral Hand - 8 augustus 2003 :boogie:
Forum moves now to LD4all.com
Instead of a redirect, LD4all has now it’s own serverspace.

[kin=123] Blue Rhythmic Night - 27 november 2004 :boogie:
Launch of LD4all’s 3rd incarnation, a complete restyling of the site.
[kin=123] Blue Rhythmic Night - 1 may 2006 :boogie:Launch of the dutch version of the 3rd incarnation.

Now, to celebrate, you can all have a key to the secret garden:flower:

Talk to the guard at the entrance. Tell him you are spiecial and say “lemmein” :content:

Then you will be transported 10 years back into time :universe:


And guess what

this is the 100 topic in thise subforum :grin:

Wow! 10 yeas old :happy:

It’s so great to be a part of a community like this, where thousands of people from all over the world get to talk with each other, learn from each other and make friends with each other…did I mention, this is the friendliest forum I’ve ever been a part of? :yes:

Here’s to Q for creating this great site, to LD4all which just keeps growing and getting better, and to another 10 years :beer:

Congratulations LD4All!

/me :hugs: pasQuale tightly

Congratulations on ten years of great work, Q! :smile:

Geez, now everyone knows what the Secret Garden is(or do they?) :peek:

:yay: :boogie: Congratulations LD4all! :yay: :boogie:

Thank You Q for creating all this. This forum has become like a second home to many of us :smile: Let’s all celebrate! throws cookies in the air for everyone :grin:

A Very Happy 10th birthday our dear LD4all!!

And off course, Congratulations pasQuale, for creating such a great forum and site. For building up everything, for making it is how it is, for the fact that I can post this right now, for making a home for us. Thank you :hugs:

:peek: I made a little present for LD4all, it can be found here ^^

I joined LD4all just two days after this date :yay:

Q Congrats on creating such a good site that just gets better every year :cheer:
[size=9]… and I still miss the colourful wings :wink: [/size]

:yay: :boogie: :woot: YAY! LD4all!:w00t: :boogie: :yay:

It is truely a very very good site and forum! :colgate:

Amazing. What a great landmark :happy:

I just checked through my DJs to see when I first found LD4all - and found this entry from 11th March 2002:

And I still haven’t been able to find any better ones four years on :content:

Hooray for LD4all!

The ten year anniversary; time sure does fly by. Why, it seems like I joined just a few months ago. :razz:

:ack: I did join a few months ago! Whoops! Yeah, I’m bad at acting, I know, I know. You saw right through it, I was fully aware of my recent joined date.

It’s really great to see the site as it was in the past, it really gives me the opportunity to compare it to how it is now. Hmm, it just makes me wonder what this forum will be like in the future. :hmmm: Oh, that and I finally get to see the secret garden. :ebil:

Cheers for the best forum out there!

I can’t see myself ever leaving this forum; it’s just that good. Why, I can see myself ten years from now, and still a member of The Futuristic LD4all of 2016. On top of that, I’ll be one of the older members who everybody knows and loves. :siiw:

wow congratualtions to you Q! … it’s nice to see how the site evolved and progress over the years :content:

here’s hoping to many more good times ahead :mrgreen_hat: !

:yay: :woot: :yay: :woot: :yay: :woot: :yay: :woot:
:boogie: !!Congratulations LD4ALL!! :boogie:
:yay: :woot: :yay: :woot: :yay: :woot: :yay: :woot:

Well done to pasQuale for creating a great forum where many diffrent people from atound the way can unite and talk to each other about Lucid Dreaming and anything in general and be friends. :grouphug:

We are all proud of you and you should be proud of yourself. :ok:

:boogie: Yaaay!

*Hallström :hugs: everybody! :grouphug:

Oh my. Ten years!

Soon it will be a teenager running around causing mayhem and chaos.

Happy birthday LD4all!
:woot: :yay: :woot: :yay: :woot: :yay: :woot: :yay: :woot:

Mwahaha! The first layout was funny too much. I loved the flying lessons! :rofl:
And thank you Q for this great site. Since I know it - that is for about 2 years - I’ve had three times more LD’s than I had during the twenty years before. :clap:

Happy birthday, LD4all!!! :ld4all: Joining this gave me three times as many lucid dreams, just like Basilus. I wonder how many lucid dreams this site has given people through the 10 years?

:flower: :cool:

wow, 10 years…

thanks Q or setting this up and sticking with it for so long!!

PS, love looking at the old site–your “Garden”. :grin:

:yay: :hurray: :boogie: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :boogie: :hurray: :yay:

:dream: :sleep: :om: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, LD4ALL!!! :om: :sleep: :dream:

For the special event, I made a background

You have no idea how much better my life has been since I joined LD4all. The people here have all become my friends and have given my self esteem a boost like you wouldn’t imagine! :grin: I’ve never seen a place where so many people, from different places, cultures, and ideals, mind you, can come together and just be themselves, recieving full support and love from the others straight away. It’s really beautiful… :touched:

I love LD4all and all its forumers. :grouphug: