The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXIV

:welcome: Nirvana :grin:

/me grabs a flamebiscuit thrower :ebil:

/me waves to Nirvana. :wave:
That’s a great username, by the way. :content:

Don’t force me to make a Brune sandwich! /me grabs a spatula. :sly:

Or perhaps a BLT: Brune, lettuce, tomato. :hmmm:

Hiya nirvana!
Welcome to the group, you’ll soon find out that this is the best forum in the whole wide web.
This forum and it’s people will welcome you with open arms.
Just a little advice to all the new-comers try your best to stay faithful to the forum and hey they even have a Dream Diary if you choose to keep one, believe me they help. and there is also a fun forum called the PlayGround there you can goof off :tongue:

WoW is it true is this really my 100th post? WoW! finally huh? lol I have been a member on this forum for over a year now and even though I did have to leave for a while, it has been one of the best rides of my life so far… and I would like to thank all the people here who has made that happen “Thanks From the buttom of my heart”

And even though now i am back on the internet i still want to…
Take a hammer to this crazy webtv, but then i remember it is the best thing i have for now until my Lap-Top comes, lol

welcome all new comers :cool:


Hello fellow dreamers hugs

This site is so pretty and nice looking! :content: I love the stars ~~~~*
I’m interested in learning more about dreaming so I guess I am in the right place

There is so much here to see I feel a little overwhelmed but in a good way :wink:

Is there someplace I should start? I guess here huh, duh! Please excuse me as I am trying to see what I should go to here

I’m not sure what else to say. I guess lucid dreaming?

I have lucid dreams every now and then but I read the intro to this site and its not like I try to have them. They just happen ~~~* I think it has something to do with just letting go of myself and letting it happen?

Sorry for talking too much, I just am curious and want to get started!

Oh and thanks for this site ~~~~*


A ha! I think I may have found the secret as to why so many people are drawn to this site.

Of course you are; now hopefully you’ll decide to stay here. :good:

That’s exactly how I started out, but soon enough you’ll be used to it; that is, after visit, [size=75]after visit[/size] [size=59]after visit…

Welll…you could always start a DJ.

Hey, that’s great to hear - it looks like you’re alrready on the right track. If you’re starting out this way, you will be a pro in no time. :wink:

Or you can go ahead and thank pasQuale (AKA Q) when you get the chance. :cool_laugh:

mttrvn yep this is the place to be, if you have any questions just ask away, I welcome you with open arms.

Matt aka Magic

:wave: hello mttrvn welcome to LD4all :grin:

Probably browse the quest forum, lucid adventures (may inspire you to add some things to what you want to do while lucid) and may be read a few of the dream diaries (usually you can tell the members that have frequent LDs by the LD count in their sig or under the avatar ( mine is a measly 18 LDs in total :tongue: )
Also just view new posts since last visit … read whatever catches your eye :yay:

:peek: … but whatever you do … don’t eat Q’s ebil :ebil: cookies :cookiemon:

Hello everyone in dream land :hurray: when I was younger I used to have sleep paralysis.I could’nt move and had vibrations and a loud humming noise.It felt like I was so terrified I could not even lift a finger, some times I thought I could move aroung the house but It was so vivid I did’nt know if it was real or not.It scared the heck out of me because I did’nt know what was happening.I decided to keep a dream journal and try and take over my dreams.I quit when sleep paralysis faded.

I wish this site was around when I was younger alot of questions would have been answered.I used to be afraid to goto sleep at night.After stumbling on this fourm and reading up on the info.I’m going to try it again this time for fun :cool: I have alot of reading to do yet and lots of questions you have a great site here

see you in LD Zenn

:wave: hello Zenn :grin:

well it may have been … or rather an early incarnation of it. pasQuale made her first LDing website 10 years ago. :yay:
I’m glad you have found us now and have renewed your interest in lucid dreaming :happy:

Hiya Zenn,

What you have described here is what some would cal a OOBE, (which I believe is just a form of LD).

And believe me, I know what you mean when you said that SP scared you, I have had it every since I was a kid and even now at 23 I still get SP just about every night my mom ensured me that it runs in our family, and that it is nrmal, every since she told me that I have welcomed SP because it can very easy lead into a LD, when you know what to expect.

Welcome to the forum

Matt aka Magic

Hi, I’m a long time lurker, first time caller.

I’ve always enjoyed my dreams, especially the long adventures where I’m a wizard fighting Evil. I had a few lucid dreams within a few months of when I first got interested umpty-ump years ago, but since then it’s been one long dry spell.

I came here to read more about lucid dreaming and hopefully find my way to LD. This site is very encouraging!

:wave: hello izandal

ooo :eh: I noticed that white wizard is your kin and you have dreams about being a wizard :wizard: that is a coincidence (unless you just picked white wizard for the name :bored: )
/me spots the 46 in the age under your avatar :yay:
we have a topic for people to post in if they are 30 or over (the link is in my signature)
Now you have come out of lurkdom I hope you continue to post :user: :hurray:

Well, at first I did pick “White Solar Wizard”, but then I found the link to decode my birthdate. “White Electric Wizard” is even cooler!

Thanks! I’ll go say hi.

Thanx for the welcome and hello to izandal
as well :wave:

Hi all,

I’m wildamberhoney (as you can see)… I’ve just found my way here and wanted to quickly say hi. Nice to ‘‘meet’’ you all. :smile:

Nice to “meet” you too wildamberhoney :handshake:
:welcome: to LD4all!

:wave: hello wildamberhoney :smile:

/me wonders if you used wild in your name because you use the WILD method? :eek:

Welcome Zenn and Wildamberhoney :grin:

Make sure you visit the Philosopher’s Cloud! :yes:

/me waves to Zenn and wildamberhoney, which are both great usernames. :cool:


The introductions continue in The Big “Hi, I’m New Here!” Topic - Part XXXV