finally :cool_laugh:

Everything should work fine now.

If you encounter any probs please post them in the helpdesk.

you might have to update your avatar if you use one of the forum.

i’m so happy!

i’ve worked day and night on it. Finally it is done, now i’m going to get some breakfast :cool:

You had me worried! Whew! I’m glad everything worked out. :smile: You must be exhausted! Take few days off and relax alright? :grin:

Sweet dreams :wiske:

Umm I found an error… every time I try to click on something especially to login or click something from searching engine, it always direct me to 404 error page…

Here’s the link that I’m directed to… perhaps you forgot to redirect it back in a regular index.php form?


:happy: Congratulations PasQuale and thanks for the hard work :happy:


Yeah congratulations PasQuale!! :partying_face:

thanks for the congrats :smile:

login probs…

that can have to do with your cookie settings…

You now have to set your cookies to accept ld4all.com

(you probably still have them on slagt.net)

try removing all your ld4all related cookies and try again. It should work!

Very nice to see that the forum is back up :smile:
Also seems to be much more responsive than the old one



  • forum.ld4all.com is now operational :smile:

  • not all the MOD’s are installed so maybe things don’t work like you are used to them.

To symbolize how the forums are right now…


~breathes a sigh of relief~

I missed this place so much.

For me, the site seems to be loading extremely fast compared to what it used be. I am on dial-up so I really do notice things like this.

Good to see you all again!


Great job pasQuale :happy: . . . as always. :wink:

besides having to log back in to “remember” my log in, everything seems fine and dandy.

Thanks for the hard work! :thumbs:

appreciate your thank you’s :smile:

:confused: still there are some things to be fixed… i noticed that the mail you get when following a thread doesn’t link to the thread properly. trying to fix that too…

i’m going to make a ‘bug’ list and post it in the helpdesk forum, so everybody can add to that and we can mark a ‘fixed’ when it is fixed.

Yay… just in time for my bday :wiske:

phew I was freakin out back here! thanks for all your hard work on this site!

Great job on your hard work pasQuale!! :smile: Thank u :wink:

Well Q looks like your dreams really are becomming one with reality… if strange things happen i am gonna pay u a vist lol

Fantastic work



thanks for all the hard work on this forum! You’ve done an excellent job!!!

:cool_laugh: I missed this place so much :content: Thank you for all your hard work.

Thank God!

I was starting to suffer from forum withdrawl.


Don’t look at me like that! :eh:

You deserve a cookie!

gives cookie