The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 42

:welcome: hello Eerin, welcome to LD4all.
The garden of creation is for any creative work, it doesn’t have to be lucid dream inspired. The fruits of lucidity is for just art, music, poetry that come from lucid dreams.

I think you will love being a member of this forum :yay:

Hi everyone, I’ve been interested in dreams all my life and about 2 years ago I started to learn about lucid dreaming. I’ve had lucid dreams before, some of which were self-induced. This morning I had a really lucid dream. Basically I knew I was lucid, done some…bad…things and woke up. Wanting to re-enter the dream again I went back to sleep and continued my dream. I stopped myself from waking up 5 times (I used my own method 3 times). Becuase of this dream I have decided to get really involved in lucid dreaming and thus joined these forums!
As of now I’ll be looking through the stickys and learning a little more.

:help: Could somebody tell me how to get those little icons in my sig? Like the guy above me.

:wave: hello NuPool, welcome to LD4all
It’s amazing the amount of new ideas and information even seasoned LDers can discover on this forum :boogie: … have fun browsing. And don’t forget to look at the topics in the lucid adventures forum, they will give you some ideas of new things to do in lucid dreams. :smile:
Will you be sharing some of your dreams in our dream diary forum?


that wasn’t there before :eh:
just use the same bbcode as you use in posts … if I can’t remember the code I open a reply box, click view more emoticons … then click the one/ones I want and then copy them into my sig :thumbs: (btw according to guidelines it is upto 3 smilies are allowed in signatures)
… or do you mean the dreamspell one? on the far left. They are selected on your profile form just click the profile linkat the top of the page.

Yeah I meant the dream spells. I’ll also add to the diary to.

Hey NuPool and welcome. :welcome:

Enjoy your stay here, it’s a great place to be. :content:

Hello everyone.
I’ve been interested in dreams for a few years and re-entering a lucid dream (where I did nothing interesting, it was a low level) this morning and reading a topic about sleep paralysis got me to have a look, and I ended up here; being linked from Wikipedia. Tonight, I am wishing to fly. :happy:

:wave: hello marbig
IMO LDs are always awesome … you should never dismiss low level ones :wink:
/me thinks you should say, “I am going to fly” it is a more definite statement :thumbs:

I hope you have an awesome flying dream

Thanks a lot Moogle, and fly I did. Want to try and do some things even cooler tonight. :smile:

Hello I’m 17 and from england, it took me weeks to find a
forum that was active. Most of the ones I found had the last
posts in 2005! :eh:

I like Rock music and have been programming as a hobby for
about 5 years.

I have had low-level lucid dreams trigged by me realising that I
was dreaming, but I’m heavily intrested in WILD. I have tried
and felt the falling backwards sensations and numbness of
limbs but hesitated and broke my concentration.

I’m hopeful I’ll find out more about what it feels like to have a
WILD. :grin:

Hi Dragon73! :welcome: to the ld4all forums.

Why did you hesitate when falling backwards on the WILD? Were you scared or something?

I’m also interested in WILD :smile:

Hi Dragon73, marbig & NuPool.
:welcome: to the forums!

Thanks Painocus And Arabinator.

I hesitated because it was too much to take in.
I had never gone past the swirling colour stage before.
And I was really trying to remember what I was doing
so I could do it again. :confused: Seems a little silly now, still
there’s always tommorrow! :content:

Whats up guys
my names trey griffin
live in sunny wonderful baker florida
where there is nothin to look at and even less to do

:wave: hello Dragon73 and Vermath
/me sends lucid vibes to Dragon73
now you have read up on WILD a bit more, you shouldn’t be as hesitant next time :wink:

ooo Vermath … just saw you in chat :happy:
nothing to do?? how about a twelve hour marathon riding a tricycle :wink:
good luck with WILD :thumbs:

I was here before the server crash, but, apparently this was restored from a backup before i was registered. Unfortunately, i don’t have records of some of my Dreams that were in my Dream Diary. Darn. I have no records of my Lucid Dreams, but there were only 2, and I can remember most of my good one. I have about 2 or 3 dreams on paper, out of about 8. Well, i have my good dreams on paper, except the Lucid Dream, so no worries.

Anyways, Hello everyone!

:wave: hello micheal :smile:
I hope you make a new dream journal, (I lost my first dream journal in the same way :sad: ) you should be able to write a brief post about the lost LD :thumbs:

and welcome again to LD4all :grouphug: since I probably welcomed you last time too :wink:

Hello, I am just joining the site.
I have been keeping a journal reciently, and it feels the more I try, the better I can remmeber my dreams, so I joined the site for more things to do. I hope one day to be Lucid, but I know I must work hard for it.
As you might guess, I believe that wolves play an important part in my life, and I am hoping that through lucid dreaming, I can learn more. You can call me a werewolf, but I think of myself just as a wolf.
Well, I don’t want my post to be too long, so I’ll just end with another Hello, :smile: I’ll see you around the site.
-lsmfx1 (a.k.a. Frost)

hi frost!

I want to be a wolf / werewolf in Lds :cool_laugh:

that would be cool

in fact, it’s #1 on my list right now

hello lsmfx1 :smile:
ooo you should sign up the next time we play wolfgame it could help incubate some wolf/werewolf dreams :wolf:

hope you reach your lucid goal soon :thumbs:

hey hey HEY!!