The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 42

Hi, everyone. As you can tell my username is Angstyboy (by no mistake, of course) but you can call me Jonathan.

I guess I’m here because I really want to get into lucid dreaming. The site also looks great; really nice people, it seems.

For the most part, though, I do want to learn to lucid dream more often. I’ve only ever done it a few times as far back as I can recall, but those were fleeting moments. Dreams have always interested me…maybe because they provide an escape from a weary world (it’s no surprise then that I thoroughly enjoy writing, reading, and playing video games…just to escape).

I could never really get into it, though. I mean really get into it. Maybe because the enthusiasm died out somewhere along the way. But I’ve made a promise to myself now to really begin to utilize this ability that’s seemingly always been there, just mostly unacknowledged.

Besides that, I’m totally excited to improve more on my dream recall.

Hope I get a lucid dream soon…

Welcome, Jonathan! Glad you decided to join. Looking forward to seeing more of you around the site. =0)

Hey there dreamers! :smile:
I’m really interested in lucid dreams, had a few so far, so I hope to improve my LD skills and meet interesting people, you all seem very nice :smile:
My name is Joy by the way, and I’m lebanese.
I guess you can say I’m a new ager, I’m fasinated by spirituality, meditation, and all that’s related to the subconsious.
Excuse my english mistakes, my first language is french :razz:

hey Joy, by the way I’m interested in the subconscious too. I actually say stuff to send it messages, like “I will have a lucid dream tonight” …

have a good time here, and erm, good luck with your lucid dreaming.

P.S. nice english.

Hello Joyful, While I myself am not a new age person (I find it silly) I also enjoy meditation (relaxation :happy: ) and controlling my subconscious. Perhaps you can teach the members at this forum a thing or two.

:welcome: hello Angstyboy and Joyful26

well this is the right forum community to join in order to keep motivated :boogie:
anytime your enthusiasm wanes, we can help to get it back again :thumbs:
plus even in slight breaks from LDing, you will prob find it hard to take a break from your new LD4all friends too :grouphug: so you will be more likely to come back to it :smile:

you will prob like our beyond dreaming forum and you should take a look at the sealife waves projects in the lucid adventures forum since a lot of them are quite “new age” focused.
And as Li10 said your english is good :happy:

Thanks a lot for your warm welcome :smile:
I’ll check out the topics you adviced me to see moogle :smile:

Hi. I live in Central Ohio. I can’t remember when I found this site. I think it was sometime in 2005. I’ve been trying to ld since then. No success. I really want to. Also, I’ve haven’t posted in a forum before. So… be kind. Sayonara.

Hmm… I really should post in this topic one of these days…

Hi, my name is DAN I 33 i live in caracas, Venezuela.

Dreams have alwasy facinated me, i used to dream a lot. And did a lot of fliying! I never had a lucid dream until two days ago, doing some of the stuff in this page but it lasted for about 5 seconds because i waoke up at the moment i was thinking in my dream “Oh, I am going to wake up now” yesterday i could not even remeber anything…but I am strarting to write, i find very difficult to wake up inat 3 am and start writting! i just want to go sleeping and sleeping!

By the way I have just watched a new movie that deals with dreams and lucid dreaming is very new and very crazy, but i liked it. it is called science of sleep, or in spanish la ciencia del sueño, in german its anleitungzum Traumen (jesus!) and in french is la science des reves. Dont go thinking its a very deep movie it is funny, and has some interesting aspects, so i guess from 1 to 10 i will give it a 5. Being Vanilla skyes a 7 to me of course.

Well it´s nice to be here thanks to all, and excuse my spelling,


Hey-hey :happy: Welcome to MY forum Dan (no, really–it’s everybody’s :content: Actually, Q started it :uh: ). Anyway, I’m positive you’ll have loads of fun here and get on the fast-track (or slo–I mean ‘cruise-control’ paced :grin:) to lucid dreaming. My hame is Huey :cool: You can call me Huey :cool:
But, yeah–it’s cool to have you on the forum :happy: And if you’re still on the forum and I haven’t scared you off and you’re not doing this --> :help: I think you may have wanted to go HERE :wink:

Happy foruming :wave:

Hi Ryu! Welcome to the forums!

Don’t worry about never posting in a forum before. You’ll get the hang of it.

We don’t bite.

:wave: hello Ryu and danauli :grouphug:

this is a great friendly forum so you will soon feel at home … the only trouble is LD4all will spoil you for any other forum :tongue:
and the mods are nice too
( * moogle hides the :truit: behind her back :wink: )

you may like to have a look around our lucidity centrestage forum, there are quite a few examples of films/TV programmes that are linked to LDing in there :content:
it would be good if you made a post in our 30 years or older topic (we ‘seniors’ have to stick together :tongue: )

Huey :hugs: it’s good to see you back meeting and greeting again :boogie:

some of us do…
Welcome Ryu!

Hi, my name is Ryker, and I live in BC, Canada.

Although I rarely notice myself dream, I figure that if I’m going to sleep, I might as well have some fun doing it. I think that I’ve had a lucid dream once, but I ended up waking up too quickly to proccess it.

It’s nice to have found a nice forum, not to mention the cool lucid dreaming material.
Goodbye for now!


:welcome: hello Corcyn

:yay: well now you are here and reading and learning more about LDing, you should start getting lucid dreams sooner or later :thumbs:

Hello, my name is Lassi. It’s a Finnish name and no, I’m not a girl :content:

I’ve had a lucid dream once a couple years ago, and it was a fantastic experience. I had no idea one could learn to have those dreams, so I’ve just been waiting for it to happen again :neutral:

Well I recently found this site and here I am, I want to learn this great skill :cool:


:welcome: hello L :grin:
it would be great if you posted that first LD in our “My First LD Collection” topic in the dream diary forum :thumbs: This topic gives members who haven’t had a LD yet, a foretaste of what may happen in a first LD :smile:
I think it helps to have had a previous lucid experience before finding out about it because then you know it is possible and that you can do it :yay:

Hello L! Nice name you got there.