The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 44

Hello guys. I stumbled on this site when I was doing what I love-Surfing wikipedia. And honestly, this might be the most intrigueing thing I have ever read. I’m mostly athiest, so I don’t feel the sort of “mystique” many get of things, and reading about LDing has made me feel so nostalgic.

I haven’t ever had a LD, but I’ve been reading lots of databases on the web about it soooo


Hi. I’m athiest too, errrrrrrr, hope you, Halfthought and Kromgol, enjoy yourselves here… inbetween my random outbursts of dodgyness…

Hi. I started getting interested in dreams when I had a dream of a friend I hadn’t see in a while. 3 days later I called her, and she said on the day I had the dream, a mutual friend had died.

I had the feeling then, something is going on that connects us that we aren’t aware of while concious.

I’ve had a few LDs and would like to have some more to look into healing knowlege.

It seems like a cool web world here.

Later… I LOVE those little Emoticons! :cool:

Welcome WDisme :happy:

You can probably find out more about this “Thing” you experienced with your friend here
That’s the Beyond Dreaming section here.

Hope I’ll hear (Read) more from you in the future, and may you have tons of lucid dreams.

Hi all ! I am new in the world of “Lucid Dreams” and i didn’t tried yet so if someone can guide me on which method i can try first i would very love it ! About me:
I am 15 years old and i live in Canada and my name is Nicolas.
I didn’t think there was so many people who are lucid dreamers ! :content:

:welcome: Welcome Nicpower to LD4all :happy:

Quest for Lucidity
Should be a good place to start for you, or there’s a nice long guide about choosing your technique, Here.

Of course there are plenty of people who lucid dream. Finding them all though, can be tricky :tongue:

:wave: hello Kromgol, Halfthought, WDisme and Nicpower :yay: welcome to LD4all

/me wishes Kromgol good luck with his FILD tech :thumbs:
/me blushes at being thanked :peek:

/me wishes Halfthought good luck too :smile: with his lucid quest

:content: WDisme, I remember you from Sealife :grin: I hope you enjoy being a member of LD4all

/me sends lucid vibes to Nicpower too :boogie:

Thank You Ysim and moogle ! :content:

:welcome: Nick!
I recommend MILD, it is the best method for a beginner :content:
Good luck with your lucid dreaming adventures, the first couple months are the best in my opinion!


Hi all, i’m Wilco

Well i orriginally started out in the dutch forum, and since i enjoy myself there i decided to join here too! so here i am :eek:
Anyway i haven’t got any LD yet, but i’ll get it one day.
So yeah, i’ll be lurking here from now on.

:welcome: hello Fiore, welcome to the international LD4all :yay:

:smile: well you have had a practice lurk between 17 april and 10 june :wink:
Good luck on your lucid quest :thumbs:
I hope you enjoy your time at LD4all :happy:

Welcome Fiore. Instead of saying “But I’ll get it one day”, try “But I will get it today” - That should do it :razz:

Thanks moogle and MovieMe :happy:
So, i’ll get three LD’s tonight! read more about them tomorrow.
(if i’m gonna do it i might as well do it good)

That’s the spirit! :razz:

Greetings to every fellow lucid dreamer (I’m not a lucid dreamer yet by the way :razz: haha, but I’m trying!) ! I’m new here, but I have already recognised the genuinety of this website and its contents! I’m not the one to say this, but great job pasQuale! I love it :happy:! Well anyways, nice to be part of the family :razz:! See you all around :smile:


Welcome Francis!

With that kind of post, it almost seemed like you welcomed yourself. :meh:

Good luck on your lucid adventures!

44 parts?! O_O

Hey Francis!

good luck with your Lucid dreams then :happy: .
You can allways ask questions or something… :tongue:

( First time I welcomes someone, :tongue: )

Hi all I’m new here. :shy:

Welcome, TEM.
*Genkai welcomes TEM to LD4all. :welcome:

'Ello everyone.

I’ve been researching lucid dreaming for some time (a few months?) and although I still haven’t gotten anywhere, my dream recall has improved a lot since I even startedbeing interested in dreams (like a year ago). I hope this forum is nice, I’m rather… known… for being argumentative and slightly irritating much of the time. :smile:

So yes. I’m glad I visit all the cool parts of this forum now.