The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 47

Thanks alot, I hope so

:welcome: hello Nootupontheroof :happy:
what an unusual choice of name … I read “not upon the roof” and imagine you flying upto the roof in a LD :smile:
Good luck I hope you experience a LD really soon :thumbs:

Welcome Nootupontheroof

I hope you will like the Forum, and stay here for a while :happy: .

Hey, i’m new here aswell :hurray:

:smile: it’s good to see you are so excited at joining us :grin:
I hope you enjoy your time spent on the forums … and that you get lots of LDs and lots of new friends too :content:

:welcome: to LD4ALL Mihai

I hope you many lucid dreams and that you have a great time on the forums.

Well them Mihai,

Welcome :grin:

hey everyoneeee.

my name’s jeff and i’ve been interesting in lucid dreaming for awhile now ever since i had one about a year ago and wondered what the heck had happened to me. no luck since, but i’ve reached that point in my life where i’ve realized that i need to begin my journey inward and explore the depths of self. i’m really excited to be here amongst all of you interesting folks!

thanks for listening!

:welcome: hello makeitglow :happy: welcome to the forum
I’m sure that being a member of LD4all will help you to experience more LDs :thumbs:
Being able to share the ups and downs of our lucid quests really helps :happy: and there is also a lot of first hand advice and experiences to read while browsing here

:welcome: to LD4ALL makeitglow!!!

I hope you have a wonderful time on our fourms. I’m glad you found us!

Hi everybody,

just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Joe from Germany, currently doing a six months internship in Miami - the place to be… :smile:

I started to get involved with LD one week ago. I watched a poltergeist documentation on Discovery Channel and did some research about poltergeists on the internet afterwards. A few links later I read about LD and it caught my interest immediately.

The same day, I tried to WILD when I went to sleep. And it kinda worked on the first try! I saw my dream arms and counted the fingers at my hand. As my hand exploded I realized I was dreaming and got so excited that I instantly woke up. Ever since I haven’t had success anymore. Guess it worked the first night because I was unbiased and didn’t have any expectations. Now I’ll just keep practicing, read books, and start a dream journal. I really wanna make it into the world of LD!

All the best,


Welcome, Joe :happy:

Nice name, surprised its not already taken lol

Great progress with WILD, really well done :smile:! I wish I could do it that easily lol

:welcome: to LD4ALL JOE!!!

Great job on your first success! Yes when you get excited that much you will wake up. If you ever catch yourself getting that excited in your next LD either rub your hands or spin on your axis. They should get you back into the dream.

:wave: hello Joe welcome to LD4all and the world of lucid dreaming :spinning:
congrats on your first lucid experience :cheer:

Hi LD4allers!! :content:
I,m Mohammad and i,m from the beautiful city of Isfahan,Iran.I,m 21 years old(near 22 I guess! :tongue: )and i,m currently studying civil engineering here in Isfahan(sorry for my bad english,I know its annoyin :bored: )
well I loveeeee metaphysic and extraordinary stuff.I still havent experienced LD but I,m getting close i think :eh:
well one experience was about OBE! I was reading about having an OBE that I thought of givin it a try.wIt was my first time but who cares! I closed my eyes and imagined that i,m going out of my body verticaly.After a while I realized i,m spining fast and faster and atlast i was in my body with a shock in my arms! That was the first time i believed that these stuff are easy to reach so i searched about related topics.I found LD and after a while I found here :hurray:
Anyway the only significant thing that i can mention about my own experience is that in one of my dreams I saw a psychic looking at me and taking me up and analysing my brain(something like flying) and after that i fell down!
I remember I somehow knew that its dream
And another one was a method that I read from a site
I put a alarm clock beside my bead and programed it so it can play a small beep each half an hour! One time i was paralyzed badly and my hand and legs went fuzzy (is that the write word :eek: )
Anyway i,m just a beginner but i hope i can improve with your help(I checked the site you are all lovely change the site to love4all :uh: )
I,m very happy to find here…Thank God
Peace and God bless u all

:wave: hello messmanreturns, welcome to love4all :grin:
I’m glad you found us. If you want to talk about OBE and Astral Projection, we have a beyond dreaming forum. I have only experienced Astral (and that depends on how it is defined)
Your english is good, fuzzy is a word but I can’t tell if that is the word you wanted to use or not :eh:
I hope you continue to enjoy your visits to the forum and share your future LDs with us :content:

:welcome: to LD4ALL messmanreturns!!!

That is good to have an OBE it is hard for others to get it on their first try. We will help you get an LD with all of the techniques available to you. I hope you find your time here enjoyable. Please be safe in Iran. :wink:

Hello, i just found that forum and it seems to be a very nice community. I always being intrigued by the world of dreams and especially lucid dreaming. I had a lucid dream once back at least 15 years ago and i still remember it like it was last night. Up until recently i decided to start trying to get it again.

My first and only experience of lucid dreaming was totally random and unexpected. I think i must have worked during the night that day (something i was not used to do) and i was really tired and was trying to sleep during the day.

I remember i was dreaming and all of the sudden i heard a noise and realise that it was coming from outside my house, thus making me realize that i was dreaming. From then i realise that i could do anything, it’s 15 years or so ago, but i think i start flying around but unfortunatly it did’nt last long and i wake up for real.

Anyway, that was the only experience i ever had. Today i read lots of tips, like reality check and i’m gonna try to experience LD again in the upcoming weeks, hope i will be succesful.

Nice! Always nice to see new members to a great community. I’m new myself (a bit of self-boasting I guess :content: )

Anyhow, best of luck to you. As I said, I’m new here and I wish the best to everybody of course.

LDing is definatly worth the pursuit. I’ve been lucky enough to experience them just by the sheer will of desperatly trying WILD. Although it may be one of the more diffucult types, I’m definatly stuck on it. It’s lead me to meditation, which right now is mildly frustrating, but I’m working myself into it. I’m in the middle of some big changes in my life, so that’s a bit distracting. All in all, Dreaming has opened up alot of personal and mental doors in my life. Simply exploring the threshold of sleep has done alot for me.

As a young child I learned how to wake myself up from nightmares on my own to conquer them. I used to have them alot, and they used to be really bad. To the point where if I woke up from them, all I had to do was roll over and close my eyes, and I’d be back in them. From that point on I managed to figure it out in a sense, and know I was dreaming.

So anywho.

Goodluck! And we hope to hear from you real soon. Keep this thread open, if you want and let me know that you move it someplace else, I’ll stay active in it. I like keeping conversations open.

Heck, P.M. me if you’d like. <— sames goes for any of you.

Vivid dreams to all,

P.S. A note to the Grammar Police: Please, please, please, correct me. It’s a continual learning process. :happy:

Hi, I’m new on this forum, but not new to lucid dreaming…

The funny thing is that when I was a child I was lucid in almost every dream! I couldn’t control the surroundings in the dreams, but I could fly if i wanted to, and if something bad happened in a dream I would just concentrate to shake my head (this took quite an effort) as if to say “no, I don’t want this” and then I would wake up or the scenery would change into something else.
But as I grew older, this natural lucidity disappeared… But I’m sure it can be reawakened, and in some periods of my life where I’ve been working systematicly with my dreams and keeping a dream journal, I’ve started to experience lucidity and some prophetic dreams. I also had an out of body experience while dreaming a few years ago. It’s been a while since I’ve worked on this now because my life has been quite busy with little time devoted to sleep and dreams, but now I’m ready to start again, I think I owe that to myself since I once was a “natural born lucid dreamer”.

I look forward to get to know this forum better, and I think getting in touch with other lucid dreamers will keep me motivated :smile: