The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 47

My name is Riikka and I’m a girl in Finland. I am not really new here, as you can see… what brought me back? I think my life has gotten pretty boring as I’ve removed some old bad habits. I don’t have as many friends as I used to. I go to art school but most of my time I spend at home. I’ve started to remember more of my dreams. I really want to start having LDs and find out what kind of things I can do in them and how they can help me in my life.

This sounds a bit like me!

I’ve often been able to “rewind” in my dreams when something has gone wrong and then I do it again… or sometimes I can make the dream end by will. But I’m always following the “storyline” rather than breaking out and doing something that I really want to do. Especially last night! I was exhausted after doing a lot of annoying WORK in my dream. Writing something on a piece of paper for ages… and the text was changing so I had to write it again and again… So frustrating! :smiley:

Hello and welcome Valkyr! Thats exactly like me! Often im just follow the storyline. Not becuse i dont wont to break free, im always a bit dissapointed in the morning after a lucid dream which i followed the storyline in. Its just…yeah maybe to natural like moogle said!

Welcome mister12345!! :welcome: I think you will like it here. :smile: Good luck! :smile:

hi, im new here
im portuguese, i recently (2 months ago maybe less) read about LD 1st time, it was just by acident, but i got intrested in subject, 3 days ago (18 october) i had my 1st lucid dream (i think), it was weird, i just read about LD that 1st time and never bothered with subject again, but for some reason i made a RC in my dream (i looked at my hands and they had extra fingers and they moved in a funny way) so i tought “im dreaming i can do whatever i want” and then i decided to go have sex with a girl :tongue: (funny, was the 1st thing i remembered to do once i realized i was dreaming, sadly i lost consciousness sometime after, i remember some details tough, kinda “body structure”), after this i only remeber fragments (at some point i made other RC by looking at text more than once, i think i lost lucidity and then got it again) it was a LD right?

anyway, after this i searched on subject again and ended up on this site which seemed pretty cool.

im 15 year old by the way
oh, the LD was by unintentional WBTB, i wake up earlie every day to go to school which is 16km from my house. that day i only had classes much later, so i went sleep to my grandma house, the trip took about 30mins and i had slept 5:30 hours or so during night.

sry if i give many writing errors…

Hey all just joined an hour or two ago, I only read about lucid dreams this afternoon and will be trying some techniques tonight.
Made my first post earlier … highlight=

might give you a little insight of where my interest is driven from.

Im really glad to see the forum is very active was worried it might be another dead board forum with few active members, i’m really happy its not!

:wave: hello kandri, valkyr portuguese_dude and Irezumi :grin: welcome to LD4all

I’m sure you will get a great LD in the future kandri :happy: … just remember to have confidence in your abilities and to use commands and stabilising techniques when you become lucid :content:

welcome back valkyr, if you read some of the quests in the lucid adventures forum it may inspire you to do them in a lucid dream :thumbs:

:yay: congrats on your first lucid dream portuguese_dude :yay:
it is definitely a lucid dream if you are aware that it is a dream :happy:

:wave: Irezum, you posted at the same time I was posting :happy: … I did read your first post earlier :grin: :yes: we are active but the forum isn’t so large that members feel anonymous … if you post you soon make friends :happy:

I hope you all enjoy being members of the LD4all community :grouphug:

:welcome: to LD4ALL valkyr, portuguese_dude and Irezumi

I hope that we will be an assistance for you all and hope you all have a great stay here and worth your time.

You will get a LD if you practice and be patient.

Thanks KT and Moogle, looking forward to talking to you in the forum sometime soon!

I’m new to the site. I’ve been interested in LDs for about a year but not actively pursued them until the last month or two (many things happening in my life).
I had tons of lucid/precog dreams when I was a kid but it faded away around my teenage years.
A lot of the dreams I have now I’m partially aware that I’m dreaming. What I mean is I will go “Huh, must be dreaming” and then going along with the dream like it’s no big deal.
Unfortunately, I’m getting lucid. However, I can do simple magic, change my appearance, etc. One thing that seems recurring in most of my dreams is my instictual seach for a mirror if I need to escape a situation or move to another dream or area. I don’t always “know” I’m dreaming, I just think “I’ve got to find a mirror!!” Seems significant to me, although I don’t know why.
My crossroads at this point is finding the right technique for me. I’ve tried the “wake up early and go back to sleep” thing but all it does is give me insomnia for the rest of the night. (Once my brain latches onto the next day’s agenda…)
I’ve tried the “count myself to sleep” thing as well but end up snoozing heavily for about 30 minutes and waking with the feeling I’ve slept a whole night.

Am open to suggestions. I’m eager to have a lucid dream.

:wave: hello gemini, welcome to LD4all
since WILD

and WBTB don’t seem to work.
I would suggest MILD and RCs they should work well since you are getting low level lucid dreams naturally.
With MILD you can include the intention
“when I realise it is a dream I will …”
and set your intentions for what to do when you get that flicker of lucidity.
using commands should work…
saying “Increase lucidity
in your dream

if you wake briefly in the night … just reset your intentions of having a high level LD again

I need help with LD

Hey im new here, i ve been looking around the fourms for a few weeks and decided to join ^^ :happy:

:wave: hello kergan and ShadowStalk3r welcome to LD4all

kergan if you need help with LDs you are in the right place
I would suggest reading all the guide on the main webpage first link
then read choosing your technique link
followed by Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques link

I hoped you liked what you saw Shadowstalk3r :happy: … a good thing about registering is that you can browse more ld4all forums now :boogie:

Hey there eveyone waves. :content:

:welcome: [size=200] kergan and ShadowStalk3r[/size] to ld4all!

I hope you find your stay here worth your time and have many LDs!

/me waves back :wave:
hello colette, welcome to the LD4all community I hope you love being here :happy:

:welcome: :wave: colette to LD4all!

I hope you find your stay here welcome and coming to this site worth your time.

Welcome Kergan and ShadowStalk3r

I hope you both will have a nice time on the forum :smile: .

Hi, I’m Noot :smile: I’m very new to this and find it extremely interesting. Hope to learn to understand all of this and eventually experince it.

:welcome: to LD4all Nootupontheroof!

You will have a lot of lucid dreams if you just stay with it and have patience. I hope you have a fun time on this forum.