The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 47

:welcome: Zack!! :grin:

:welcome: to the world of lucid dreaming Dream Is Destiny and I hope you have a wonderful experience here at ld4all.

hey Dream Is Destiny, welcome to Ld4all, it is 4 all here and there are plenty of LD 's to go around… so enjoy your stay :razz:


:welcome: hello Dream is Destiny :happy:

:yes: and the bonus of discussing them on the forum or keeping a dream journal here is that you can re-read about your dreams at a later date :boogie:

dreams can be a source of humour … but the trouble with testing out jokes on a dream audience (unless it is to get over the fear of performing infront of people) is that they will react in the way you expect them to do

there is a topic about Waking Life in lucidity centrestage :smile:

I hope you have fun here :content:

Hello Dream Is Destiny :wave:
Nice name by the way :smile:

I agree, it is always interesting to discuss what adventures somebody else has been on, and how their dreams are structured. It can be even more interesting to discuss with somebody who has had a similar dream experience to you, to see how they reacted to it. Welcome :content:

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Max but you may call me Windowlicker (could’nt really think of anything better, for you who doesn’t know that it’s a song by aphex twin :wink: ). Hopefully you will see alot of me around here as im very fascionated with LD (Though I haven’t experienced one yet). I was basicly inspired(but mostly informed) by Richard Linklaters masterpiece “Waking life”! Great now I feel like im showing off :neutral: well thanks anyway for what seems like a great community!

:welcome: to ld4all Windowlicker! There are many techniques that you can use to get you lucid for the first time, the easiest one I’d say is FILD/HILD (in pathways to lucidity topic). I hope you have a wonderful time in the world of lucid dreaming! :grin:

Hello Windowlicker :tongue: :wave:

What’s really good about the forum is that you are increasing your chances of having an LD all the time that you are reading and thinking about about them :smile: I’m sure it won’t take too long now before you get lucid. Welcome and good luck :smile:

i was researching lucid dreaming a day ago. and decided id give it a go that night. and when i woke up in the morning realized wow. i dont even remember having a dream. so any help on how to even remeber you were even dreaming?

For One: Welcome morant FTW :grin: :grin: :grin:

There are many ways to remember your dreams, the most common being:

keep a dream journal. Every night, if you remember a dream right it down in the morning, or more importantly after a dream you had in the middle of the night. After a while, you will remember them with ease.

i hope that help :smile: :smile: Have fun and enjoy your stay at LD4all

Welcome morant FTW :smile:

Keep trying, it’ll come soon. When it does, if you just remember small details, write them down. It’ll help improve your recall even faster :colgate:
You could also try telling yourself “I will remember my dreams” a few times before going to sleep.

Good luck!

:wave: hello Windowlicker and morant FTW welcome to the ld4all community :grin:

Windowlicker … you may like to post in our lyrics thread and Muzic topic in lounge, there is also a Waking Life topic in lucidity centrestage :content:
I hope you enjoy your time here.

morant FTW … there is a big topic in the stuff forum Sticky: the BIG remembering dreams topic part V
The main things to do are …

  • set the intention to remember your dreams before going to sleep.
  • keep a notepad and pen near the bed and write anything you rember from your dreams into it no matter how small (it will improve)
  • make sure you give yourself a few minutes when you first wake to just stay still in bed and try to recapture the dream thoughts
  • finally make sure you are getting enough sleep :wink:

Wow. Might be the lack of sleep? I also wake up quite a few times at night.

:welcome: morant FTW to the world of lucid dreaming!!!
Yes keep a dream journal up to date to increase your DR!

Hello! This is my first post here!

Lucid dreams always has been a natural thing for me had them very often as a younger child. But in later days i have them lesser often. But often get them when i think about it before i go to sleep and read topics here on ld4all before my sleep.
I have some problems when im trying to control my lucid dreams! I just cant do it!
Never tried anymore inducing methods than reality checks and before i knew what lucid dreams were i used them to determine if my dreams was a dream or “reality”.

Thats me.

:wave: hello mister12345, welcome to LD4all :happy:
:thud: never say, “I just can’t do it!”
I think a problem that may happen with natural lucid dreamers is that they have experienced lucidity from a young age but get used to just being aware in dreams and aren’t aware of what they actually can do. Since you can become lucid easily, you have a ready testing ground at night to develop your lucid powers. May be reading the monthly quest topics in the lucid adventures may give you ideas of what to try out.

I hope you enjoy your time here :smile:

:welcome: to ld4all mister12345!!!
I hope you find your stay here worthy of your time.

Thanks will try out this moons quest and trying to make music in my dreams! But later days i doesent have lucid dreams so often but i thhink thats becuse i doesnt think of them during the days. Becuse when i think of them much and try to do reality tests during the day, even if i dont do a reality test in my dream i usually get a lucid dream after a cuople of days. So i think ld4all can help me out on that point!

Hope you dont misunderstand something im from sweden so my english isnt to good.


Hello everyone! ^^ I am completely new to this forum, and I hope to be an active member here. I really want a lucid dream, and I have been practicing on having one for a long time now (maybe a year or so), but without satisfying results. I did have a few where I became lucid, but it was always so hazy and unclear, and I would stop being lucid a moment later. I desire at least one dream that is clear and vivid, and I can completely control and remember when I wake up. Then I would know what it’s truly like to lucid dream. :content: I am hoping this site can help assist me in my search for lucid dreaming! :happy:


:welcome: to LD4ALL Kandri
This forum will help you succeed in having a LD. It all just takes patience, practice, and devotion (right word?)

I hope you find your stay here worth your time.