the BIG remembering dreams topic part V

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even if I don’t have an LD though, I like to remember my dreams. Sometimes they are pretty moring but once in a while I get a really good one, that sort of makes sense.

And the ones where you wake up just as you know something awesome is about to happen… those are awesome, but waking up just as you near the good bit really annoys me!

I heard of a good tip… Before you go to bed, write down your daily events, conversations, and faces of people you have interacted with through out the day.

I can only remember dreams when I wake up 4-5 hours after I sleep. I’ve been trying to do that this entire 3 day weekend but it isn’t working. This sucks. How do I remember my dreams without waking up every 4-5 hours?

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Is it nessecarily such a bad thing to wake up every 4-5 hours? If you can’t get back to sleep I can see the problem, but otherwise it just gives you a chance to do an induction technique. Also to jot down a few words about the dreams you remember.

That’s true… the more you wake up the more chances you have to induce a LD by induction. Although, if you’re anything like me you won’t be bothered to. I suggest you start a dream diary. If you don’t remember any dreams without waking up during the night, wake up and record them… then later you’ll start recalling better during normal hours.

Ok heres an easy way to remebr dreams

1- Get dream journal

2-Get a pen or marker in your favorite color ( mines red :cool: )

3-write down wat ever u can, and if u can’t remeber anything at all sipmly put " i had a dream i just can’t remeber it" or make one up! this will program ur mind to making that dream( or u might remeber them in the afternoon) :happy:

4- place journal far away from bed, this’ll get u energized so u can remebr ur dreams easier

thats all

when do you do this? when you wake up?

This morning, I woke up (no alarm clock) and lay still, remembering bits of my dream from the end to the beginning. The trouble was that by the time I got back to the beginning, I’d forgotten most of it. When I realized this, I promptly forgot it all except a fragment at the very end. Any tips for remembering ALL of a dream without forgetting bits?

Record your voice telling the dream from the end to the beginning.

anyone have any tips?
okay im not that bad at remembering dreams, i can sometimes remmeber alot, and other times remmeber a little… but i was just wondering if anyone had any specifics for dream memory like… i tryed b6 vitamins to have more vivid dreams, it didnt work too well, but ill try taking them for a little bit.
anyways, recently i kepe waking up and remembering no dreams at all, then suddenly later in the morning ill begin to remmebre a bit of them, and write them and remmeber some more, but then the recall isnt great…
so anyways, any advice or what not?

I woke up twice this morning after 2 REM periods of sleep. I remembered 2 dreams, perfectly from start to finish. t’was awesome, sunny jims.

oxicle, perhaps try waking yourself up after your REM period(s) with an alarm or something - you’ll then just need to work out an estimate of the time you’ll need to wake up.

yeah i used to alwyas WBTB or… not always :razz: but since i started wanting to LD, but then i started working and they gave me crappy ass hours, so now ive just got more sleep. i have a few days off, ill try to get up on my game again

I just woke up, looked at my clock and decided to go back to sleep… awesome.

I got more of a problem with the alarm clock :tongue: When I get woken by it, I’ll have to move to put it out, but you’re all saying people shouldn’t move :eh:

XD I do the -move your eyes from side to side- ‘technique’ to remember any vague details needed to write or jot down my dreams…~ ^^ Works like a charm!

here is what i do for my wbtb. I use this computer software alarm clock. . I set it to start at like 4 am. You can set it to start an audio track at a specified time. You can set up a bunch of different alarms i have like 8 set, that i use on different days. Anyway, I set it to play a lucid hypnosis mp3 at 4 am. I haven’t had lucid yet but i’ve only been trying for about 5 days. So im not to worried.

Well anyway people with alarm problems should check out the software, it is free and you can set it to play mp3s, and you can set as many alarms as you want.

Lately, i haven’t been able to remember very many of my dreams, and when i do they’re very small fragments, or just disappear a few minutes after i wake up. I’m not sure what’s making this happen. :confused:

Can anybody tell me what’s going on, or how to start remembering them again? :help:

You could be going through what is sometimes called a dryspell where you cant remember any or very little of your dreams. It can be caused by stress so maybe you could try and be totally relaxed before you go to sleep. when you first wake up it could also be good to write doen anything you remember in a DJ, if you dont already. Also when you just wake up dont open your eyes straight away but try to remember everything you can about your dreams. I dont know much about it myself but it does happen to me :sad: and I find it passes eventually. I hope Ive been some help :content:

I have a lot of trouble when it comes to remembering dreams. Dream journal definitely aren’t helping. What should I do?

Well, I find it much easier to remember dreams id I am really tired and drop off quickly so you should try it :grin: