The BIG Remembering Dreams topic - Part III

This is part III of the BIG Remembering Dreams topic.
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Im having a problem with dream recall
I think i am forcing or overthinking the process of DR before i go to bed, granted i only started a couple days ago. I already have a DJ and my first night was mildly succesful at recalling but the next night i got so excited, meditaded, filled my thoughts with idea DR and got nothing for my efforts. Is this something i should just wait out (which i sould probably do anyway) or is there a way to differentiate between having the intent to DR and trying to force DR

Hi roman05,

This happens, and it’s only 1 night, so no worries. You can experience sometimes a week or so of bad recall. Continue to think before bedtime “I will recall my dreams upon awakening”, but dont overdo it or force it (dont ponder on it too long). Setting the intention is enough, and then just sleep and see what happens. So good luck with it :smile:.

I have remembered several more dreams since my last post. more than 1 per night on couple instances. now my problem is that i can remember the experience of dreaming only in the sense of watching of movie. i can’t recall my dreams as places ive been or things ive done, only in the sense of pictures i remember seeing and things ive heard of. it is very fustrating to have this lack of realness in these memories. Does the extent to which you can recall dreams also increase dramatically with practice?


Today I remembered 11 dreams. It was 6 or 7 big ones and the others were small ones.
That was great because I have had some problems with remebering my dreams.
I wrote it all in my dream journal.

I haven’t been lucid. Maybe one time, but then it was on a very very low level. So when the summer begins and the vacation starts I’m going to work much harder ti try to be lucid. But at the moment my first objectiv is to remember my dreams everyday.

hehe, sorry for my english :smile:

From my experience, yes. The movie-ness of your dreams might have to do with your recall being not so good yet. If you ever have LD’s, you will notice that these are much less movie-like when you recall them on wakeup.

Hello The_Dreamer, welcome to the forum. You seem to have a very good recall already. If you remember so many dreams each night, you should pick a technique and try to become lucid! Good luck :smile:.

Since it is exam time for me, my dream recall has disappeared completely. :sad: I WANT RECALL!!

Me too! :sad:

why cant i remember…i have had ZERO recall for about a month now!?

I haven’t remembered anything this morning, I’m quite worried…


It’s just one morning…

It’s just one morning…

The only thing I remember from tonights dream is smoking inside a strange room. The weirdest thing is… I don`t smoke.

Errrr… :eh: Seems incredible! What are you practising as a recall technique ?

You don’t have to worry. Just wait until tomorrow morning. :tongue:

It’s quite normal. When you’re stressed or give much importance to daylife events, dream recall decreases. It will be better as soon as your exams will finish.

Lately I don’t remember my dreams. But it will come back. I know :smile: I have too many thing on my mind.
Soon it will be vacation (more than a month) and I will be relaxed and will give more attation to my (lucid) dreams and I hope there won’t be that much things on my mind anymore.
But mostly when I lie in bed and I try to remember my dreams I forget them. I think I try to force them at that time. And the most of the time I don’t try it. When I know my dream I write it down and then there comes more from my dream back. I just know my dream or I don’t.

I never remember any of my ND’s or LD’s :sad: I also tried VILT incubation for 1 hour but I didn’t have the dream…
please help! :cry:

it seems like since i posted here my recall has improved,mabye i just needed to lower the fustration a bit,though im still only getting 1-2 a night. i write a dj and do intention setting, is there anything else i can do? :confused:

Not to move when you wake up (I suppose you already do that). Another good technique, when you don’t remember anything when you wake up, is thinking about random words “a plane… a camel… flying… a boat”, etc. until you feel one of them has to do with something you dreamt. Then you focus on this feeling and you can sometimes remember a dream fragment, from which you can rebuild your dream in the reverse order, wondering what happend before.

Following the advice I got from these forums, I was able to recall 4 dreams last night! This is a big deal- I have alot of trouble with DR.

I put a journal next to my bed and after each dream I woke up and jotted down key points. I used a pen that lights up so I what I wrote wouldn’t be completely illegible. When I woke up this morning I could barely remember my dreams, but when I read what I had scrawled in my journal they all came back to me.

I try not to just jot bullet points, but at least have a medium level of detail. But once you’ve gotten it written down, it’s harder for your brain to exorcise the details in the usual waking dream-amnesia.

Doesn’t keeping a DJ get chore-ish after a while? I really had to force myself today, not really having any interesting ones. (One vaguely horrorish, the other I can’t remember now, lol.)


What technique do you use in order to remember your dreams?

A good place to post this question should be the BIG VILD topic. :smile:

I think so. But it seems that stopping to keep a DJ is the best way of not having LD’s. :grin: Probably because it means that you’re no more interested in dreams. Thus the best thing could be finding a new interest in your dreams, for instance remembering them in order to draw them later, etc.

Hello, I have had excellent dream recall in the past (i.e. 3 or more a night.) but ever since I started keeping a dream journal, I am lucky if I get even one a night. Any answers?

Hi lehigh nagy!
I moved your post in the BIG Remembering dream topic.

When you say “in the past”, when was it exactly? Did you lose your dream recall a long time before you began your DJ?