The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 48

i’m glad to be here! had my first LD around the age of 10, when i got tired of this recurring nightmare and ventured right back into it armed to the teeth! :smile:
of course, i didn’t know back then that this was something special. since then i’ve had a number of LD, but not in any coherent form-- just whenever i stumbled into them. now, decades later, i find out you can control it! i’m sure i’ll be learning much from this fine assembly of minds. good to be joining you all!

Hey everyone, my name is angel and I just learned about lucid dreaming and im really interested in it. Ive read the guide and seen some videos about it and am excited to learn and experiment with it. I am gonna try some things tonight and i dont expect to become fully lucid or anything because im new to it but im gonna focus first on remembering my dreams and see where it takes me. im really excited yah! :woo:

wlcome flyer , dmbhaze & zero cookie :woo:

:welcome: to LD4all flyer , dmbhaze, angeldreamz & zero _cookie I hope you have a wonderful time on our fourm and get loads of info for your adventure of lucid dreaming.

wow four members in one day! :twirl: Nice LD zero_cookie hope more comes to you

thanks Kt4all, im looking forward to getting to know all of u and hopefully getting to know myself more through my dream state. Take care

:wave: hello Lizard King, zero_cookie, dmbhaze, flyer and angeldreamz :grouphug: welcome to the LD4all community

Lizard King, you may find the lucid warp is enough :happy: for you to experience LDs
Good luck with your quest for lucidity :thumbs:

zero_cookie :yay: just read your other post about when you became lucid [click to read] congrats on your LD :yay:
You could do a full account of what you did once lucid either in the “My first LD Collection” in the DJ forum or as a first post in your own personal dream journal in that forum :happy: … we would love to read it.

dmbhaze, I think you will particularly like the beyond dreaming forum. There are topics about spirit guides, OBEs and Astral Projection etc in there :content:
I hope you enjoy your time spent here and enjoy your lucid explorations :happy:


that made me really grin … I could nearly visulaise it. It would be great if you can remember enough to post about it in our “My First LD Collection” :smile:
I love your choice of avatar too :boogie:

good luck angeldreamz :thumbs: I will be routing for you :cheer: To motivate you with recording your dreams, you can start a DJ in our dream journal forum :content:

I hope you all enjoy your time on the forum and don’t be shy we are a friendly bunch :grouphug:

heya angeldreamz , from what i have seen of you in chat , you seem quite nice …

hello, everyone, im new to the whole “lucid dreaming” thing so if i sound kinda, dumb please bear with me.
Alright, Im desperate, i’ve read everything, tried it all
Wild, Mild, and all that other stuff, but i just can’t seem to become lucid,
and for those of you that may ask “what about a dream journal?”
When it comes to dream recall, i remember my dreams every night! And Yes, i do keep an accurate dream journal with date and time of the dream, and a very ditailed discription on the dream, but anyway, please please help me, does anybody have tips or tricks to help them get lucid? please any one im killing myself here! :ohno:

:wave: hello yamyam welcome to the forum :grouphug:
There is help and tips all over the forum therefore any introductions just asking for tips are placed into this intro topic :wink:
It sometimes takes time to get that elusive first LD so don’t get too stressed out by the waiting. have you read the choosing your technique and the inks and short descriptions to all new and known techniques in the knowledge base forum?
the biggest tip i can give is use WBTB with whatever tech you finally decide to use and don’t keep swapping and changing. Keep with the method for a while to give it a good chance of working.
Good luck :thumbs:

hello and welcome to jim, im from england and i would just like to make my presence known here and hope i can be of some useful input to this fantastic community

Hey LM, if you don’t mind me calling you that. Welcome to Ld4all. I am Ouvres tes yeux and perhaps i will be one of your many friends on your journey through the world lucid dreaming :smile:

:welcome: LevaithansMatter to LD4all Please have a good one here on our forum and have a wonderful lucid experience.

:wave: hello LevaithansMatter
/me waves the UK flag

I had noticed some of your posts already :happy:
:eh: I just checked your kin and you are actually a blue overtone night (kin 83) what a wonderful kin for someone interested in dreaming :boogie:
The statement for this kin is…
I empower in order to dream,
commanding intuition.
I seal the input of abundance
with the overtone tone of radiance.
I am guided by the power of magic.

And everyone has an input on our community it is so easy to make yourself a place on the forum :smile: … I love it how easily new people are accepted here and before too long just thought of as a friend :happy:

I’m new to the concept of lucid dreams (read about them three days ago) and I am really interested in the world of dreams. My dream recall is essentially AWOL :neutral:, and I am looking forward to getting back in touch with my dreams.

:welcome: To the forums ScourgeOfTheWind.

To improve your recall it is best to keep a Dream Journal(if you don’t all ready have one).

More on DJ can be found here: [Dream Journals - The more you use them, the better!)

:wave: ScourgeOfTheWind, welcome to the forum :happy:
just giving importance to your dreams again can result in an improvement in recall :yes:
We also have a big Remembering Dreams topic in the stuff forum :happy:

:welcome: ScourgeOfTheWind to LD4all!

Yes just keep a Dream Journal and your dream recall will sure to come back alive!

Hi. I’m Orsa. I’ve been visiting forums for about 4 years, and have been interested in paranormal activity since then. The S&D boards on gamefaqs led me here, so…hi.

:welcome: To the forums Orsa, hope you have fun Lucid dreaming. If you need any help just ask.

He yeveryone, i have been trying to lucid dream on and off for the past 2 years now. The closest i got was in the first 4 months of experiments so long ago. I have visited the site many times reading the tutorials. I have had the greatest succest with the WILD technique and on friday began my campaign again. This time i have decided to post here to get some encouragement, guidence and freindship to help me along the way.

I would be very greatfull to anyone who would offer their hand of freindship and tutor me in the art of dreaming. I realy dont want to give up again.

Thank you