the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 52

at last I can give you an official welcome to LD4all :welcome: :smile:

:welcome: to LD4all Deimos & staroflife!!!

Thanks moogle and Miles! :wave:

It is nice to see moogle’s smilies again. :colgate:

welcome back staroflife … , yup moogles smilie usage skillz are exeptional :yes:

hello deimos , hope you like it here :smile:

Hey there… thought it would be good to post something in here to get started in this community.
So… should I introduce myself… I heard about LD about 1 month ago, and it fascinated me from the very first second… As you might think, I’m still tryin to get my first lucid dreams… I guess it some sort of pre-lucid dreams… But i’m still far away from gettin familiar with it… atm im still enjoing my normal dreams as well ^^
So, Im looking forward to share my experiences with you guys, and thank you for that sweet forum…

btw now I’m going to sleep ^^ baibai

:welcome: Jables!
Good thing that your fascinated by it and hopefully you’ll learn some new things on this website :wink:

Hello, I have been some months away but I’m still here.
I would like to welcome the new members as well, I believe they won’t regret getting in such a nice community.

:toilet: “Hey!”

:welcome: wake Up and Tggtt!

Hey Miles, thanks for the welcome! This forum looks very exciting! I’m glad I popped out of the toilet xD actually it’s a huge relief to find a forum that doesn’t show the time of the post in the preview window, because I tend to get very superstitious about that sort of thing!! :happy:

:wave: hello Jables and wake up Wake Up, welcome to LD4all :grouphug:

:yes: it’s always important to remember that normal dreams can be fun too and LDs are a bonus :yay:
Good luck with your LD quest :thumbs: - we have a dream diary forum if you would like to start your own DJ here :content:

wake up Wake Up, you forgot to mention if you had any LD experience or if you were totally new to lucid dreaming :dream:
/me pulls wake up Wake up out of the :toilet: toilet :tongue:

I hope you both enjoy your time here and I look forward to getting to know you both though your future posts :grin:

Hello! This is Hk Potku.

I found out about LDing in school, my friends told me about it. The first thing i needed to find out about LDs was ofcourse a guide, thats how i found LD4all, and its pretty awesome :smile:

I come from Finland and am 13 years old :wink:


hey there hk potku , there are a number of people your age on the board so i think you will find friends soon :happy: :welcome:
welcome to wake up and all I missed to welcome before :wave:

Thanks, Sakoda! Yes im sure i will find :smile:

:welcome: hk potku!
Good thing that you’re actually interested in it and believe in it. :happy:

Thanks, Miles :woo:

:wave: hello hk potku, welcome to LD4all :happy:
It’s a friendly forum so you will soon feel at home :content:
The knowledge base forum is a good place to browse after reading the guide :grin: … then if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to post in the quest forum :wiske:

Thank you, moogle. Its good to know :smile:

I’m Dryalantha, I come from LD4all NL :smile:
And… I’m Dream-addict :wink:
I come from Belgium and speak Dutch, so forgive me my mistakes here. :smile:

Nice to meet you Hk Potku and Dryalantha!!!
/me waves :content:

I hope that you will be very happy here, when I first joined one of the first things I noticed was how friendly and supportive everybody was…It’s just like one big happy family!!!